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 Windows Live Messenger module for Drupal
Windows Live Messenger module for Drupal

dwergs says ( 06 Feb 2009 ):


Windows Live Messenger Module for Drupal CMSAfter attending Microsoft's Web Hosting & Developer Roadshow last December, Belgian web development agency Coworks decided to build a Windows Live Messenger module for their favorite CMS, Drupal.

The free module enables Drupal users to integrate their Windows Live presence on their websites, and allow visitors to interact with them.

>> Download the Windows Live Messenger module for Drupal 5.x and 6.x from

>> Visit Coworks and the live demo of their module.

 MSN Taiwan launches own Windows Live Messenger web client
MSN Taiwan launches own Windows Live Messenger web client

dwergs says ( 03 Feb 2009 ):


In October last year we previewed a dog food build of Windows Live Web Messenger, the new version MSN Web Messenger which will soon become part of Windows Live Hotmail and the Windows Live experience in general. MSN Taiwan isn't holding its breath till that release, and has built its own browser-based Windows Live Messenger client using the Windows Live Messenger Library.

Windows Live Web Messenger in TaiwanThe Taiwanese web client's user interface (eg. the green buddy pawn) and status labels (eg. "Be Right Back" is still here) share more with version 8.5 than with the latest installment of Windows Live Messenger. It also doesn't come with features like Display Pictures and nudging, that will be available in the upcoming Windows Live Web Messenger update. However, contrary to the current version of MSN Web Messenger, it does support MPOP (multiple points of presence) so you can be signed into the web-based client as well as your desktop client simultaneously and see the conversation at each location.

Although entirely Chinese, anyone can give the Beta-version of this one-page web client a go. Just visit this page, click the blue Windows Live Messenger button and enter your Windows Live ID and password.

>> Visit Windows Live Web Messenger Web Taiwan.
>> View a screenshot of Windows Live Web Messenger Taiwan.

 Updated: Messenger Plus! Live 4.80
Updated: Messenger Plus! Live 4.80

dwergs says ( 01 Feb 2009 ):


According to the plan, Patchou has officially released the update of Messenger Plus! Live which is "entirely compatible with the final version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 (build 1202)". Check this page for the complete changelog.

>> Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.80.

[Reported by: warmth & fr3ako]

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