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 Listen up all Website owners!
Listen up all Website owners!

dwergs says ( 06 Aug 2004 ):


link and win sonic the hedgehog on your televisionWe're soon picking our 2nd winner of the Link to & Win! competition. Everyone who links to us correctly according to the guidelines, has a chance to win a $45 Firebox gadget, just like Chris Colden, owner of the aptly named in May (you can still read his thank you note on his site). Chris chose to receive the Sega Mega Drive 6-in-1 Plug 'n' Play ("It has Sonic and Golden Axe on it, two of my favourite games"), but you can also chose one of these...

- Atari-10-in-1-Ready-To-Go-Game-Console
- Namco 5-in-1 Arcade Classics
- Namco Classics II - Ms Pacman
- Space Invaders 5-in-1 Plug 'n' Play
or Tetris Two-Player Plug 'n' Play

Just make sure you use one (or more) of our suggested linking codes and -if you haven't done it yet- fill out the form here (do not resubmit if you've already filled out the form). As I already mentioned, the winner is picked at random and it doesn't matter how many hits you send us!

Additionally, if you're interested in making money with your website then I've got a HOT tip for you: this month InfinityAds is offering $5.5 per 1000 entry or exit popups. That is an 183% increase of their regular rate $3.00 (which is still huge), so sign up today and start earning. InfinityAds pays bi-weekly by check or PayPal and comes highly recommended by thousands of webmasters.

 Can you feel the MSN Messenger 7 fever?
Can you feel the MSN Messenger 7 fever?

dwergs says ( 06 Aug 2004 ):


True Messers are being very alert these days. Starting last week with our MSN Web Messenger find (now officially released), details on new versions of Microsoft's instant messenger are slowly emerging. One of our visitors, the andyman, noticed "MSN Messenger 7.0" already being mentioned in an official Knowledge Base article. While this is an obvious typo, many disinformation is being given elsewhere --even by respected sources and journalists. Some online outings, however, are real and authentic. I'd like to take a moment and discuss a few of the frequently asked questions I received as of late:

#1. Was the MSN Messenger 7 screenshot posted on Monday fake?

A couple of people claim it pictured MSN Web Messenger instead, but we used the web-based service last week already and it didn't look similar to the newly found screenshot at all (check the tabs, just to name one thing). Another possibility is that it was just a demo client used by Mehdi to illustrate "orchestrated advertising". But surely that demo would have to be based on *something*, right?

Even Windows & .NET Magazine's Paul Thurott agreed with us and wrote "Mehdi demonstrated a prototype of MSN Messenger 7" in one of his articles. Then again, Mr. Thurott has based an article on news before, blindly claiming accuracy. The same WinInfo article even states "[MSN Messenger] often peaks at 120 million simultaneous online chats" while it's in fact 12, so don't just believe anything you read.

In the meantime we can't confirm nor decline the authenticity of the MSN Messenger 7 screenshot. All we can do is hope for spectacular improvements in our favorite IM software, and maybe, just maybe, it'll look something like this (courtesy of Timothy based on the blurry screenshot earlier).

#2. Will we have to pay for MSN Messenger 7?

This question's definitely not new (see one of our FAQs), but with articles published and subheaded with "Avatars, skins, more games and custom options are in the works--for a fee" people come to think their entire MSN Messenger experience will get a pricetag. Once and for all, using MSN Messenger will be cost-free for a long, long time. These articles actually refer to subscription-based Fun & Games and paid custom avatar services similar to those already around, so in fact there's nothing new...

#3. Is MSN Messenger Concept real?

Frankly, it's nothing but a user interface suggestion designed by MSN Messenger fanatic, Jose Francisco. You can now view a clearer image here (thanks StevenAFC & Trevor Robinson for notifying me) but keep in mind that it's not an existing application. If you want to, you can share your comments on MSN Messenger Concept here.

#4. When will MSN Messenger 7.0 be released?

While it's safe to assume version 7.0 will be released mid-2005, Timothy has come across a quote from Bruce Jaffe, Corporate Vice President and CFO of MSN:

We have a new messenger coming out this year. I can't talk too much about those features other than to say the messenger and your buddy list and your community represent a really powerful ecosystem that goes beyond just who you instant message with. If you think about taking this community and saying, "well, I can go hit the Web and find out what the general population thinks about, say, Harry Potter. But what I really want to know is what my qualified friends and friends of friends in my circle who happen to be my buddies, what they think about Harry Potter because they are all in that same social circle. The power of taking community along with the address book and the calendar and all those functionalities that we have with messenger and the related products and bringing them together into some social network is really powerful. We're just at the tip of that because that's a little bit more visionary than what's all going to come out next year. But certainly some innovations on messenger. [June 8th, 2004, Read More...]

You may think what you want but I'm not changing my bets...

 MSN Mobilizes Messenger for Verizon Wireless Customers
MSN Mobilizes Messenger for Verizon Wireless Customers

dwergs says ( 06 Aug 2004 ):


MSN and Verizon Wireless, the nation's leading wireless service provider, today announced that MSN Mobile is now available to Verizon Wireless customers with select Get It Now-enabled phones. The new MSN Mobile offering brings together mobile versions of MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger services in one easy and familiar application, keeping subscribers connected with the people and information that matter most via their mobile phone.

[Further reading: Microsoft PressPass]

 Mess Exclusive: New MSN Blogging service!
Mess Exclusive: New MSN Blogging service!

Sean says ( 06 Aug 2004 ):


We've just been informed that a new free blogging service has been unveiled by MSN to the public for beta testing just a few hours ago. Named MSN Spaces, the blogging service boasts to be accessible via cell phones as well as your favourite web browser (however still under development)

MSN Spaces is currently being tried out in Japan and is soon due to be released in America.

It is possible to preview the service in early beta stage via the MSN Spaces website, but as it is currently only featured in Japanese, you may want to use an online translation service such as Altavista's Bablefish to view it.

[thanks go to viksra for reporting]

 Chatroom updates
Chatroom updates

Sean says ( 05 Aug 2004 ):


Due to a recent server link, the chatroom channel can now be found at You can connect to this network using any IRC client such as mIRC and the channel is the usual

To connect, for example, using mIRC, you would type the following:

/server -j

There are also other channels available for help and the such, notably: #msgplus

The IRC chat link will be updated to the new webchat page as soon as possible.

 Added: Spongebob Squarepants display pictures
Added: Spongebob Squarepants display pictures

dwergs says ( 05 Aug 2004 ):


It's about time we offer you some Spongebob Squarepants display pics. Feel free to upload your own (and don't forget to tag them to win).

 MSN Web Messenger Released
<b>MSN Web Messenger Released</b>

timothy says ( 05 Aug 2004 ):


Just a few days after our preview of MSN webmessenger the new browser based MSN Messenger has been released today. It also brings a new update to your local MSN Messenger client, because web-messenger users will show up with a little globe in their status icon.

Webmessenger shown in MSN Messenger 6.2

Features of MSN web-messenger:

- Its browser based, so it will work on any operating system.
- No need to install anything, only javascript has to be enabled
- Send emoticons, customize fonts
- Add new users to your contact list

Check it out at (link now works)

[thnx to Huuf for alerting us]

 And what the devil do we have here?
And what the devil do we have here?

dwergs says ( 03 Aug 2004 ):


"MSN Messenger (Prototype)", reads the application title in this screenshot hosted over at And boy, do we just *love* blurry screenshots lately! ;)

The image pictures the sign-in page of what is called MSN Messenger Concept, which apparently is "Coming soon...". To me, it shows similarities with Windows XP's welcome screen, which, when correctly translated to MSN Messenger, could mean you will be able to log in with different accounts simultaneously (polygamy).

But the question is: is it fake? Or is it a really twisted skin? Maybe it is an MSN Messenger compatible third party client? Well, we'll try to find that out for you...

[Found at the Neowin forums]

 Behold! A first *blurry* glance at MSN Messenger 7.0
<b>Behold</b>! A first *blurry* glance at MSN Messenger 7.0

dwergs says ( 02 Aug 2004 ):


We have informed you earlier that MSN Messenger 7.0 is in development as we speak and we're expecting information about new features soon. But we think that one of our messers, Roy, might have captured a first and exclusive screenshot of Microsoft's next version IM client

The screenshot was taken from a webcast presentation at the Financial Analyst Meeting 2004, in which msn messenger 7MSN Messenger 7.0 is described as "a big upgrade". While MSN's Corporate Vice President, Yusuf Mehdi, is demonstrating what he calls "orchestrated advertising" (a combination of rich media and personalization), a screenshot is shown of a Halo banner ad in what looks like an unusual version of MSN Messenger.

We've added our comments and speculations on the curious bits in the layout of, presumably, MSN Messenger 7.0. Our premature conclusions:

- The application's title now pictures the MSN logo with the butterfly, followed by "Messenger".

- Extra icons and links underneath your display name. Possibly for Hotmail, the MSN portal and other MSN services.

- Not one but two icons are positioned in front of a contact's display name (comparable to when you hover your mouse over a contact with Messenger Plus! 3, but then permanent). Not all of them look like the MSN Buddy icon, so this means that either there are new status icons (and/or new statuses) or otherwise a small thumbnail of one's display picture is shown in the contact list. Our third guess is a personal, custom (emot)icon that can be set instead of the default "little green men".

- The image in front of your own display name looks odd too. This could be a thumbnail of your current display picture.

- At the location of the current "I want to..." menu (which in the screenshot is either turned off or completely removed) you'll find a text entry field. We reckon this is an integrated MSN Search box, because with 120 million users of MSN Messenger already that's a brilliant step into getting people to use Microsoft's search engine and nothing else.

Please also take a look at the larger screenshot.

Mehdi claims MSN Messenger 7.0 will be released somewhere along 2005. Of course and similar to previous releases, we'll keep you fully informed of all the details we discover until then!

[Reported by: Roy]

 Ads replace weird images in Hotmail
Ads replace weird images in Hotmail

dwergs says ( 02 Aug 2004 ):


Lately I noticed four identical but strange, cut-off images below my e-mail folders in Hotmail. Maybe you've seen this yourself, just take a look here). Apparently, these are in the process of being replaced by text ads, reports STR8 JACKET. The page estate underneath his Hotmail maps now look like this. These ads are probably being enabled step-by-step per region and only on free Hotmail accounts.

 Bot2k3 back in public
Bot2k3 back in public

dwergs says ( 01 Aug 2004 ):


bot2k3Bot2k3 officially returns to your MSN Messenger contact list. With features like image to ascii, ink, display pics and custom emoticons, file transfers, games, etc., Bot2k3 is considered one of the biggest and most advanced intelligent chatbots currently available.

Since the birth of the chatterbot in August 2003, exactly one year ago today, it was added by over 15,000 people to their contact list and an amazing 70,000 people have talked to it. That pretty much means it's HUGE!

To stop Microsoft from banning email addresses and to keep under the 600 contacts limit of the Allow list, about 17 "mirrors" have been created. To use Bot2k3, go to its homepage, click Mirrors and add one of those addresses.

 msn:wh magazine has launched!
msn:wh magazine has launched!

dwergs says ( 01 Aug 2004 ):


msnwh magazinemsn:wh magazine is a monthly MSN Messenger related online magazine that offers different articles, reviews, interviews and resources. The first issue was released today and reviews MessengerDiscovery, covers alternative MSN clients and using MSN @ work, games in MSN Messenger, a how-to on creating tabs and more. In an exclusive deal with, the digital mag comes with 10 display pics and 10 custom emoticons taken from this site with our approval. Oh yeah, my favorite section is the "File of the Month" so be sure to check that one out!

>> Download the first issue #0804 (Requires Adobe Acrobat v5 or higher).

>> Visit the msn:wh homepage.

 Added: Brad, Keira & Hilary Display Pictures
Added: Brad, Keira & Hilary Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 01 Aug 2004 ):


brad pitt display picturesMore Hollywood content from champion uploader lpchick:

>> 74 EXTRA Hilary Duff display pictures (total: 181).

>> Browse 137 Keira Knightley display pics.

>> Browse 52 Brad Pitt display pictures. celebrates 5 years of MSN Messenger celebrates 5 years of MSN Messenger

dwergs says ( 01 Aug 2004 ):


Finally, at least one official MSN site decided to pay some attention to MSN Messenger's 5th birthday, although it comes over one week too late. With the help of Cube New Media, MSN Belgium created a 35 second so-called "party" movieclip of a girl eating a birthday cake in front of her MSN Messenger while forgetting her webcam is still enabled.

5 years of MSN MessengerThe rest of the Dutch page reads the following number facts: in June 2004 MSN Messenger counted over 130 million users (of which 2,2 million in Belgium, that's more than half of the Belgian Internet population); until last month 1 billion webcam sessions were held through MSN Messenger (as we mentioned in the news already) and two and a half billion Instant Messages are being sent DAILY.

>> Watch the Belgian 5 years of MSN Messenger birthday movie.

>> Read our 5 years of MSN Messenger news item (posted: 22nd of July 2004).

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