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 Danish Messers, meet WeeHii Game Bot
Danish Messers, meet WeeHii Game Bot

dwergs says ( 17 Jan 2004 ):


There's a new intelligent chatbot and it's called WeeHii Game Bot. It's a danish version of Trivia bot and you can add it with The bot is usually online from 08:00 to 22:00 CET.

[Reported by: A. Madsen] [Homepage: Weehii]

 Master your tabs with TabMgr
Master your tabs with TabMgr

dwergs says ( 16 Jan 2004 ):


Tabs are those icons to the LEFT of your main MSN Messenger window, linking to .NET Alerts, Ebay, MSN Entertainment,... and thanks to TabMgr by Daniel a LOT more actually. TabMgr is a web based application for MSN Messenger 6.1 that allows you to manage and control your tabs. Download the TabMgr patch and then visit the management page to register your account.

At the moment you can't create custom tabs yet, but you can of course choose from the collection of available tabs, move them up or down and delete them.

More information here...

 Freemoticons for ALL! Freemoticons for EVER!
<b>Freemoticons</b> for ALL! <b>Freemoticons</b> for EVER!

dwergs says ( 15 Jan 2004 ):


freemoticonsToday we're launching Freemoticons! We're talking completely FREE automatic emoticon installers. Yes, no more browsing, naming & shortcut entering over and over again, but instant satisfaction guaranteed at absolutely NO charge, NO dialers, NO pincodes, NO adware! With just a couple of clicks and with the ease of installing freeware software, our Freemoticons add emoticons directly into your MSN Messenger 6. Eat your heart out webmasters charging for lousy zipfiles ;)

Our very first Freemoticons are four emoticon fonts designed by Messers Andy Smith, weirdal27 and =[ACO]=Haggard!!!. Click here if you want the HIM, Rainbow Butterfly, Deep Sea and CounterStrike fonts in your MSN Messenger. You can choose your own keyboard shortcut when installing, or keep the default ones. Here's an example:

counterstrike emoticon font

Our BONUS Freemoticons, a "little" extra to celebrate the launch, are MNeMoNiCuZ's Valentine 69 Emoticons. Yes, that's 69 luuuuuuvly emoticons available one month ahead of February 14th so there's absolutely NO EXCUSE not to send these cute emoticons to your loved ones.
Please also take your time to visit the MNeMoNiCuZ homepage, updated almost daily with tutorials about coding, HTML, 3D... Yes, even making your own MNeMoNiCuZ-style emoticons!

Anyway, when you're installing Freemoticons, make sure you read the instructions carefully. During the beta-period, they worked on 99% of the systems, so there's always a small chance it doesn't work out for you. Please report as much details on your system & configuration as possible to freemoticons (bug reports ONLY!).

Oh, in case you're wondering, automatic UNinstallers are on their way...

Huge thanks to Huuf and also Timothy for their awesome work on this project. And let's not forget the 100 beta-testers who were so kind to help us out! THANKS!

>> Download our first Freemoticons

>> Download the Valentine 69 Emoticons

UPDATE: Deep Sea emoticon font download link now FIXED tnx to Shel, James & Cody

 Updated: Xbox MSN Skin for 6.1.0207
Updated: Xbox MSN Skin for 6.1.0207

dwergs says ( 14 Jan 2004 ):


I finally got to update the Xbox full skin by Shady for MSN Messenger 6.1.0207. Sorry for the delay, Xbox fans!

>> Xbox MSN Skin download & screenshot

 Beta Release: TabMSN 0.1b
Beta Release: TabMSN 0.1b

dwergs says ( 14 Jan 2004 ):


TabMSN by Gildan is a program which combines all chat conversation boxes to tabs in one window. No idea what I'm rambling about? Then take a look at this screenshot. It has been designed for MSN Messenger 6.0 and up, and Windows XP, but seems to work OK on different configurations as well.

>> Download TabMSN (beta).

[Reported by: Monica] [Homepage: TabMSN] [Feedback: here]

 Galleri Messenger: an emoticon competition from MSN Sweden
Galleri Messenger: an emoticon competition from MSN Sweden

dwergs says ( 13 Jan 2004 ):


I don't speak any Swedish, but I believe MSN Sweden started an emoticon competition last month, and since the submission period is finished you now have to vote for the 3 best out of over 150 MSN emoticons in this gallery (click Förtsatt) by dragging awards to your respective favorites. Of course, you can just go there, download the ones you like and import them into MSN Messenger. If you're from Sweden and this info is wrong, just correct me through's news submission form.

You got to admit the overall quality of that gallery kinda s*cks and maybe that's because it lacks some contributions of Sweden's best emoticon designer MNeMoNiCUZ who gave us quality packs like the Cyclop/One-Eye pack and the Counterstrike/War pack.

Update: Ok, we now know why the quality of the emoticons in Galleri wasn't that good. Apparently people had to draw emoticons using an online tool even worse than Paint. If you look at it that way, they're pretty well done ;)

 Talking Clock's little brother and Tha Meulbot
Talking Clock's little brother and Tha Meulbot

dwergs says ( 12 Jan 2004 ):


"There was 1 on the phone so there should be 1 on MSN!", Ashley was thinking and in an instant MSN Talking Clock was born. Don't expect anything else but a Plus! automessage telling you the current date and Greenwich Mean Time after you send it a message, but maybe the future holds some extra stuff for

Thanks to Heddock for reporting another bot I've talked to today: the completely Dutch-talking Meulbot. Included are a dutch TV guide, news from various sources, weather forecasts and traffic jam alerts, Dutch teletext, an Dutch-to-English dictionary and more. It's addy?! Definitely worth checking out if you live in Belgium or The Netherlands!

 Top Display Picture & Emoticon Uploaders
Top Display Picture & Emoticon Uploaders

dwergs says ( 12 Jan 2004 ):


Thanks to all of you wonderful Messers, we have an incredibly large collection of MSN Display Pictures & Emoticons which is still growing DAILY. Extra props go to these members who contributed most of them:

1) ScOnE (312 images)
2) oblivion (178 images)
3) WolfyJames (157 images)
4) SLim Shady (155 images)
5) mathibus (118 images)
6) MNeMoNiCuZ (112 images)
7) kennetjuh (86 images)
8) yukky (79 images)
9) nicc15 (77 images)
10) Zero Cool (74 images)

Honorable mentions go to follow-ups Skaila, KeyStorm, Ronylo, o0oMatto0o, JIMCaRrEy, Ba Ra Dur and Vaitork!

You guys sure have nerves of steel, taking all the time to upload so many pics!

 Lucida returns to your contact list
Lucida returns to your contact list

dwergs says ( 12 Jan 2004 ):


You may remember intelligent chat bot Lucida. Well, he is back! After a full recode, mainly done by Keenie. Still in beta stages, a lot of commands will be added along the way, but the old ones are still there too. Microsoft seem to have blocked his old email, so add and start talkin' still evolving... still evolving...

dwergs says ( 12 Jan 2004 ):


The 1st of December 2003, MSN restyled their free Hotmail service. But judging from recent minor changes that version wasn't final at all. For example, navigation and deletion icons were added underneath the e-mail body. According to jackass_wanabe virus protection has been improved too. At first the new look was a big change for all of us but you got to admit you already got used to it, haven't you?

Meanwhile, MSN has rolled out new subscription options for Hotmail which it is heavily promoting in Europe. You can now get a 10 MB Inbox and send or receive 3 MB attachments for €19.99 per year, 25 MB / 10 MB for €29.99, 50 MB / 15 MB for €39.99 and 100 MB storage plus 20 MB attachments for €59.99 per year.

 JustYak Chat Instant Messaging
JustYak Chat Instant Messaging

SLim_Shady says ( 11 Jan 2004 ):


Visit JustYak Chat homepage
JustYak Chat Mobile Instant Messaging is an application that enables instant messaging for mobile users using Java-enabled mobile phones and General Packet Data Radio Service (GPRS) networks. It now supports the popular Sony Ericsson T610 and the new Z600. JustYak Chat is also the first mobile instant messaging service that supports Nokia’s Series 30 and Series 40 phones. Other Java-enabled phones from Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Siemens have already been supported since the introduction of JustYak Chat.

JustYak Chat allows mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-PC instant messaging across international borders. In addition, users could send text messages from their mobile phones to their Internet IM buddies on ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.

JustYak Chat currently supports the following phone models: Motorola T720/T720i, Nokia 6108, 6800, 7250, 7210, 6100, 6610, 5100, 7650, 3650, Siemens S55/S56/S57, Sony Ericsson T610, Z600 and P800. More Java-enabled phones will be supported as they are being introduced to the market.

>> JustYak Chat homepage


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