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 WARNING: Spyware installer hides in Messenger ad banner
WARNING: Spyware installer hides in Messenger ad banner

dwergs says ( 16 Feb 2007 ):


One of our longtime Messers has reported a worrisome issue with a peculiar ad appearing in MSN/Windows Live Messenger.

The banner itself appears to advertise and link to a download called Free PC-Secure (which is unfamiliar to us) but the real problem is that its appearance automatically launches a Windows dialog box telling you that "Your system is not clean" and asking you if "you want to download System Doctor to improve it." You know, the typical hoax message that tries to download a malicious ActiveX control even though you click "Cancel" in a fruitless attempt to ignore it.

The conclusion here is that a nasty spyware ad seems to have infiltrated into Microsoft's banner advertising network because one of their clients is making use of some html code trickery.

We advise everyone to pay strict attention when they receive such a message window out of the blue. Cancel any initiated downloads and close the pop-ups/browser instances it launches. The animated banner in the screenshot below (showing two random frames) is the cause of the unsolicited Windows prompt. The bottom image shows the deceitful message on the page that is automatically opened no matter your choice in the dialog window.

Please don't hesitate if you can share any more details with us about this occurrence.

spyware hidden in windows live messenger ad

 3's Windows Live Messenger awarded Best Mobile Messaging Service
3's Windows Live Messenger awarded Best Mobile Messaging Service

dwergs says ( 16 Feb 2007 ):


three windows live messengerThe Global Mobile Awards '07 were announced last Tuesday at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, and Windows Live Messenger from 3s X-Series was the winner in the "Best Mobile Messaging Service" category. A comment from the judges: "One of the most difficult categories to judge. This choice of winner sends a message to the industry about the best use of Internet and brand good for the user and good for the industry."

The X-Series was launched in the United Kingdom last year and has since then received 350,000 downloads with over 1 million messages sent per day on average in the UK alone.

 Future features: the Messenger team is listening
Future features: the Messenger team is listening

dwergs says ( 15 Feb 2007 ):


In a quite syrupy Valentine post, the Messenger team has listed a dozen of roses feature requests gathered from your feedback. Although the wish list is officially acknowledged, there is absolutely no guarantee they'll ever make it into Windows Live Messenger. It's like they write: "feature selection for Messenger takes into account many, many factors including customer input, business needs, available resources and level of effort estimates. It's a complicated process but one we know will ultimately produce the best possible Messenger we can build." Now on with the list, copy-pasted (almost) integrally:

  • Contact/group unique behaviors, such as playing a unique sound when a specific contact or group member signs in or out.
  • Support for multiple accounts at the same time. For instance, someone could log in with their work email account and their home or social email account and send/receive IMs from both groups of contacts at the same time!
  • A spelling/grammar checker for conversations. An optional feature to make sure IMs are spelled and worded properly before sending.
  • Tabbed chat. Conversations are in one window with tabs allowing you to select individual conversations to be brought forward. (Similar to tabbed browsing in IE7)
  • A way to automatically install Messenger updates and fixes without downloading a whole new messenger (like Windows does).
  • The ability to appear offline or have different statuses for different groups or contacts. For instance, you might appear offline for group A, busy for group B and yet let 2 or 3 other contacts see you as available.
  • An easier way to invite friends and family to download and install and join the Windows Live Messenger community.
  • Animated Display Pictures or custom avatars (or other enhanced personalization/online presence features).
  • Stored and searchable chat history.
  • Better formatting of text within individual IMs bold, underline, colors, fonts.
  • Easier/better search for contacts - maybe a directory of messenger users or better integration with spaces for finding WLM users there?
  • N-way audio/video conferencing.
Obviously we have seen a lot of these lists pass by here at and polygamy, tabbed conversations, animated display pictures and group-specific statuses are included in nearly all of them. Complete skinning and single file transfer resuming, surprisingly not on this list, are other requests I hear often. UPDATE: Thanks to the attentive Steve they're now officially "on the list".

Anyway, I've opened a topic/poll at our forums so you Messers can contribute to the discussion, and I suggest you do so because they're definitely listening!

>> Vote and discuss ideas for future Messenger versions.

 Soapbox beta goes public, video over IM for everyone
Soapbox beta goes public, video over IM for everyone

dwergs says ( 15 Feb 2007 ):


Microsoft's answer to YouTube, MSN Soapbox, went into public beta earlier this week. Now everyone can upload and share their videos with others, including over Windows Live Messenger as we described here.

While browsing Soapbox, I ran into this video which seems to be a sequel to the previously posted Brazilian Windows Live ad. Again, if anyone feels the urge to translate...

As you can see the embedded player is HUGE. And too bad its "Share" function doesn't allow you to share over Messenger (yet?).

 One emoticon says to the other, "I heart you!"
One emoticon says to the other,

dwergs says ( 14 Feb 2007 ):


Just for the occasion, our emoticon speech bubble generator gets a little Valentine makeover for the rest of the day. Some "charming" examples:

love emoticonsvalentine speech bubble     love emoticonsvalentine speech bubble     love emoticonsvalentine speech bubble

google or googe?>> Make your emoticons smoochy, create Valentine speech bubbles.

>> Browse our Love & Romance Emoticons
(or for Anti-Valentines: Diss & War Emoticons).

>> Browse our Love & Romance Display Pictures
(or for Anti-Valentines: Violence & War Display Pictures).

 At least CustoMess <3 you!
At least CustoMess <3 you!

dwergs says ( 13 Feb 2007 ):


Lover or hater? Couple or single? It doesn't matter, because CustoMess comes with the right goodies to make it through February 14th either way.

Look for the special Valentine's Day link under "content generators" for our Love O Matic compatibility calculator and the sweet or bitter (you decide!) Candy Machine. And back in the main menu under the Display Pictures tab, you'll find packs with both the best Valentine and anti-Valentine Display Pictures. So what's it gonna be, Cupid?

valentine messenger valentine messenger valentine messenger valentine messenger

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.

 Free Winks, Packs and Backgrounds for lovers
Free Winks, Packs and Backgrounds for lovers

dwergs says ( 13 Feb 2007 ):


In the mood for love already? I ploughed myself through the well-known Kiwee site to find you all the free content related to tomorrow's Valentine's Day. Here we go:

free love windows live messenger winks>> Browse 37 flirty Winks.
>> Browse 13 Winks with hearts.
>> Browse 17 hugs & kisses Winks.
>> Browse 36 love Winks.
>> Browse 12 naughty Winks.
>> Browse 16 flirty "Make Your Own" Winks.
>> Browse 5 flirty Audio Winks.
>> Browse 11 flirty emoticon packs.
>> Browse 9 heart-shaped emoticon packs.
>> Customize an Add a photo dynamic background.
>> Get 3 Winks with pack #1.
>> Get 3 Winks, 3 display pics, 1 background & 4 animated emoticons with pack #2.
>> Get 3 backgrounds, 3 display pics & 6 animated emoticons with pack #3.

Just like before, this content is only free when you get it from the Canadian Kiwee site using the links above.

I'll be posting more "lovely" content when I get the chance...

 Vodafone and Microsoft to launch enhanced PC/Mobile IM
Vodafone and Microsoft to launch enhanced PC/Mobile IM

dwergs says ( 13 Feb 2007 ):


Microsoft and Vodafone to launch enhanced instant messaging service for PC and mobile useVodafone and Microsoft today announced a "co-branded and seamless IM service that can be accessed from both the PC and mobile phone [and which is] based on the Windows Live Messenger platform."

It will be launched in select European markets later this year and will be available on a wide range of Vodafone consumer handsets, including those on the Windows Mobile platform.

[Source: Vodafone]

 Vista-compatible Messenger Plus! Live 4.20 by end of month
Vista-compatible Messenger Plus! Live 4.20 by end of month

dwergs says ( 12 Feb 2007 ):


In his monthly news update, Patchou announced Messenger Plus! Live 4.20 and its estimated release by the end of February. The new build is intended to run smoothly on Windows Vista (and XP too of course) and will be bundled with the nine winning Plus! scripts.

[Reported by: Trunten]

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