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 Worldwide Messenger hiccup
Worldwide Messenger hiccup

dwergs says ( 16 Mar 2007 ):


As you might have noticed, the .NET Messenger Service has been experiencing problems for at least 3 hours already, preventing lots of people worldwide from logging in (error codes 81000306 and 81000314).

>> Ventilate your sign-in frustrations here.

UPDATE: The latest reports indicate everything's back to normal.

 SideMessenger for Windows Vista Sidebar
SideMessenger for Windows Vista Sidebar

dwergs says ( 15 Mar 2007 ):


Here's another Sidebar gadget for Windows Vista that shows your status, nickname, display picture, and allows you to immediately initiate a conversation by clicking one of your contacts. Unfortunately, I couldn't test or take a screenshot for you guys because I'm not running Vista (yet!).

>> Install SideMessenger 1.0 from here (comes in both English and Portuguese).

UPDATE: Like I said, I wasn't able to test this gadget and assumed it was ok because it had been added to the gallery. But according Steve S it's got many flaws (see his screenshot).

UPDATE #2: The gadget's developer has asked us to stress the fact that it requires the final version of Windows Vista. The screenshot above shows how it'll look in Windows XP with a patched Sidebar or Vista pre-RC2.

When you send your bugs and suggestions for this gadget to, make sure you include your language and version of Windows Vista.

UPDATE #3: Here's a combo of screenshots sent to me by Karmaimages and the gadget's developer.

[Thanks to: Cardg]

 Updated: MessengerDiscovery Live 1.2
Updated: MessengerDiscovery Live 1.2

dwergs says ( 14 Mar 2007 ):


The MessengerDiscovery add-on officially upped to v1.2 yesterday, and it has been expanded with a really useful Display Picture Manager and about a dozen of other new features. Other novelties are complete Windows Live Messenger 8.1 compliance, a redesign of the tray menu and popups, compliance with all firewalls and over 50 bugfixes.

>> Download MessengerDiscovery Live v1.2.0211.

Matt's already talking about releasing 1.2.5 as a "bug fix release with a few minor new features", such as "Save as" and "Copy to clipboard" options for Display Pictures. Yup, MessengerDiscovery is alive and kicking!

PS: Sorry for the lack of posts... An explanation will follow later.

[Reported by: GiveItDeath & Sheep454]

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