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 Martha did it again...
Martha did it again...

timothy says ( 16 Jul 2004 ):


It seems the MSN Messenger games are becoming more attractive to brand. Checkers has been transformed into a little pink to billboard for the movie a Cinderella Story. And Bejeweled is advertising the new Venus line from Gillette. But if you cant stand this large amount of pink in your games, you can always use our MSN Messenger 6.2 game-launcher to start the non-branded versions.

pink PINK pink

 Allow list limits introduced
Allow list limits introduced

Zero1 says ( 15 Jul 2004 ):


We have just recieved information that microsoft have introduced caps to the allow list of MSN Messenger.
Users that have an allow list of over 600 contacts already may experience contact list issues. If you have gone over this limit, you may recieve messages stating:
'contact name could not be unblocked, please try again later'
When microsoft were queried about this problem, they supplied us with a temporary fix.

View Microsoft's Response & Temporary fix
Thanks to Greenboy & Nick @ msnfanatic

 Chat with the MSN Messenger team
Chat with the MSN Messenger team

timothy says ( 14 Jul 2004 ):


Yesterday Microsoft offered the users of MSN Messenger the chance to chat with the MSN Messenger team. Mess joined the chat, in which nothing really new was said. But nonetheless we have put the transcript online (thanks to Huuf !)

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