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 Happy Birthday, Alice!
Happy Birthday, Alice!

dwergs says ( 17 Feb 2006 ):


Alice, a Dutch chat -& infobot available on MSN Messenger, blows out a candle today. alice msn messengerAnd the virtual girl has become quite famous, at least for a one year old! Since the first time I mentioned her back when she was still in Beta, Alice has expanded her userbase explosively to 250000 people, who account for 40000 daily conversations.

If you want to know what drives these people, why don't you invite her on your contact list yourself? You can find her address right here and her commands here. Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday! By the way, that's "gelukkige verjaardag!" in Dutch.

 Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0562: unofficial Dutch translation
Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0562: unofficial Dutch translation

dwergs says ( 14 Feb 2006 ):


And again PoTaToX delivers a custom-made Dutch translation for the latest Windows Live Messenger Beta. Not recommended if you do not speak Dutch, or if you're really serious about Beta-testing the product. Otherwise, here you go!

>> Download Unofficial Dutch translation for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0562.

 My funny valentine, sweet comic valentine...
My funny valentine, sweet comic valentine...

dwergs says ( 14 Feb 2006 ):


Deeply in love? Good for you! Because today's that special day when people all over the world express their love to each other in a special way (well, think "cards, flowers and candy"). It's also the most valentine MSN display picturespopular day for marriage proposals (not trying to encourage you or anything!). And did you know that in Japan, only women give presents to their men?

Naturally, Messers express their love via their MSN Display Pictures. You can create a customized avatar with the Love O Matic & Candy Maker Generators inside CustoMess, or if you're not feeling that creative, you can just quickly import our "Best Of" Love & Romance Display Pics category. Don't forget to install the Love Word Font for whispering sweet words over MSN & WL Messenger.

antivalentine avatarsThose who hate February 14th probably take pleasure in the fact that Saint Valentinus was put to death by Claudius II because he was performing secret marriages for the emperor's soldiers. Enough with the history lesson, but we did not forget about all the singles and the (recently) dumped out there! In the same Valentine's Day category in CustoMess, there's an Anti-Valentine set of MSN Display Pictures as well. Admit it, you'd almost love us for these! ;)

>> Download CustoMess for MSNM & WLM.

>> Launch Bejeweled's Valentine Edition's (fifth one down the list).

>> Send Love & Friendship Emoticon Pictures.

Some special Valentine offers from our sponsors:
candy heart maker & love o matic
>> Download YakForFree, a free vitual voice/video phone.

>> $5 OFF your next purchase from Spreadshirt Designer. Just enter coupon code: SPREADSHIRT3000.

>> Last minute gifts:, X10 Hot Deals (free shipping) and (free thong and worldwide delivery on orders over 25).

 New in CustoMess: Candy Machine & Love o matic!
New in <b>CustoMess</b>: Candy Machine & Love o matic!

dwergs says ( 13 Feb 2006 ):


Get ready for Valentine's Day 2006 with the two amazing new Display Picture generators that Timothy just added to our free CustoMess software. Start creating those love-inspired, customized MSN Display Pictures by clicking the Valentine's Day link under "content generators" inside the program.

love msn display pictures generatorThe Love O Matic calculates the love factor for the two people of your choice and puts the score on an MSN Display Picture. If the result is over 90%, this couple should be making kids. Even a blind man can see the fire between those who score between 76% and 90%! With a love rating between 51% to 75%, a little effort is required but things will work out eventually. 25% to 50% are likely to stay "just friends". When the score drops below 25%, you should hide the kitchen knife and other sharp objects ASAP.

love msn display pictures generatorThe Candy Maker allows you to manufacture your own, personalized virtual candy hearts. Think of a short message for them to say (eg. "I <3" or "U R A GR8 GF!") and start crafting in one of the six colours. The yummy result can be instantly imported into MSN or Windows Live Messenger (8.0.0365).

>> Download CustoMess for free quality emoticons, backgrounds and display pics!

 Added: Lost Lots of MSN Display Pictures
Added: <s>Lost</s> Lots of MSN Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 13 Feb 2006 ):


jessica alba msn icons avatarsThanks to gardinetti, bad_ass_treva, adamj and gh0st.v11 for responding to the Lost DP's request last week, which yields them a free Windows Live Messenger Beta invitation. These categories are the biggest growers after today's approving session:

>> Browse 432 Lost MSN Display Pics (check the subcategories for your favorite characters).

>> Browse 176 Jessica Alba MSN Display Pictures (also check out Sin City).

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