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 The Dark Knight (aka Batman Begins 2) Animated Display Pictures
The Dark Knight (aka Batman Begins 2) Animated Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 19 Jul 2008 ):


I told you before that I was really looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight and I still have to wait too many days until the new Batman movie hits theatres here in Belgium. Ok, maybe just four days, but The broken preview record and rave reviews are making it hard...

That's why I killed a bit of the wait by chopping up teaser videos and posters, turning them into display pics for those who've already seen the movie and love it, or those in the same boat as me and anticipating the movie. There are almost thirty animated display pictures which can be used with the Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta, but there's also a set of static avatars for those using an official client (8.5 or lower). Enjoy, especially the really creepy ones of the late Heath Ledger as The Joker!

batman the dark knight display pictures avatars for windows live messenger batman the dark knight display pictures avatars for windows live messenger batman the dark knight display pictures avatars for windows live messenger

>> Browse 19 Batman - The Dark Knight static display pictures.
>> Browse 29 Batman - The Dark Knight animated display pictures (WLM 9.0 Beta required).
>> Browse all Heath Ledger (RIP) display pictures.
>> Buy The Dark Knight posters here (use promo code LOWE for 25% off your order).

[Big thanks to: Rezzo, StillTheKing and SeriousDuke]

 Italy in need of Windows Live Messenger Product Manager
Italy in need of Windows Live Messenger Product Manager

dwergs says ( 18 Jul 2008 ):


Microsoft never asks me to put up their job ads. I just post them in hopes that loyal Messers apply, get the job, and then feed me information from the inside. Seriously, it has happened. We've been around for almost seven years, so almost the entire first generation of Messers is or has been in the job market by now.

At the moment, Microsoft Italy is looking for a Windows Live Messenger Product Manager who'll be responsible for Messenger's audience growth, engagement and financial performance. Even if you're not interested in a career at Microsoft, the job ad includes an interesting breakdown of how a WL Messenger PM spends his time. Good luck to Italian Messers should they apply, and don't forget where you heard about the job first! ;)

>> View the Windows Live Messenger PM for Italy job ad.

 I'm your Mini-Me. Come and get me!
I'm your Mini-Me. Come and get me!

dwergs says ( 16 Jul 2008 ):


Minimise Me is a newly launched Microsoft website that allows you not to make midget-sized clones of yourself, but smiley faces that look like you, and turn them into a display picture and four custom emoticons.

Here's what it says on the tin:

Is your rubber duck looking all quacked out? Your football less than kicking? (In case you're wondering, they're referring to the default display pictures that come with Messenger).

Then Windows Live is here to help! Sort your profile picture and impress your mates with new mini characters and emoticons, available exclusively for Windows Live Messenger.

Either create your own character, or turn famous with one of our celebrity lookalikes. The choice is yours!
I can hardly identify the fifteen British celebrities in the gallery. Let's see... Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty, her Majesty the Queen and err, maybe Noel Gallagher?

Anyway, I think the creation your own characters using the plethora of shapes, items and colors is the biggest attraction here. The generator bears a lot of similarities to the Mii creator on the Nintendo Wii, which increases the customizability even more.

When finished, you can directly import your creation as display picture and emoticons into Windows Live Messenger by running the MSNMinimiseMeSetup.exe installer Minimise Me creates for you. Or you can download your character as a jpg (96 by 96 pixels) by clicking the "Help with download" button and then choose "Save character". This way you can store the image on your hard drive or share it on Facebook, MySpace and whatnot.

Minimise Me - Create your own smiley character

>> Make a mini you at Minimise Me.
>> We recommend following these instructions when using the Minimise Me installer.
>> If you like this, check out our own MessDudes creator!

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 MessengerDiscovery Live 1.5 adds webcam features, alert skins and plenty more
MessengerDiscovery Live 1.5 adds webcam features, alert skins and plenty more

dwergs says ( 15 Jul 2008 ):


messengerdiscovery live windows live messenger addonI'm really impressed with the new features of yet another MessengerDiscovery Live update. Version 1.5 introduces webcam recording and webcam snapshots (send a webcam picture to a contact or set it as your display picture in one click). It allows you to skin the alerts, pin contacts and encrypt messages between you and another MessengerDiscovery Live user. The new version comes with a brand new "Settings" interface and supports Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta. And that's not all, just check out the changelog for 1.5.0720 and 1.5.0700.

And if you upload your home-made alert skins before the end of August 5th, you have a chance to win MessengerDiscovery t-shirts (for the most popular skin and for Matt's perosnal favourite) or to be included in 1.5 by default (for the top 5 on August 5th).

>> Download MessengerDiscovery Live 1.5.
>> Browse the alert skins database.
>> Visit the home MessengerDiscovery Live (BEWARE of some download-initiating ads and popups on the site).

[Reported by: warmth and The Pwn3RT]

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