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 MSN Messenger in deal to back MTV Europe Icon series
MSN Messenger in deal to back MTV Europe Icon series

dwergs says ( 18 Aug 2004 ):


madonna and britney exchanging salivaMSN Messenger has struck a broadcast sponsorship deal by backing the new MTV Europe show MTV Icon, which will run across 11 regional channels.

MTV Icon is a European-made series that honours bands or individual artists. The first show will feature The Cure and be shot in London's Old Billingsgate Market on September 17. The deal includes exclusive pan-European sponsorship, billboards, promotional spots and extensive branding at the event.

In addition, MTV Europe's 11 regional websites will feature sponsorship and exclusive competition prizes such as an MSN Messenger chat with The Cure (just imagine the look of Robert Smith's display picture in your conversatio window!) Microsoft will give away the last 100 tickets to the event through MSN Messenger. And in five European markets users will be able to download The Cure's 14 albums from MSN Music Club.

>> Check out the Dutch MTV Icon page on MSN here (added 19 Aug 2004).

[Source: Brand Republic]

 Updated: SpeedyMSN 6.2.0137
Updated: SpeedyMSN 6.2.0137

dwergs says ( 18 Aug 2004 ):


SpeedyMSN, the lightweight-stripped-down-to-basic-functions-only MSN Messenger mod by Speedy_Kevin, has returned in an all new (and English) 6.2.0137 version complete with (un)installer. Its creator stresses that it is compatible with Plus! and just about any other addon.

>> Speed-download SpeedyMSN v6.2.0137.

 Added: MSN Messenger for mIRC
Added: MSN Messenger for mIRC

dwergs says ( 17 Aug 2004 ):


This mIRC plugin by Andy Carvell allows you to log into your .NET Messenger account inside the mIRC client. Most basic features, like file transfers, group conversations and contact list management are supported.

msn messenger for mircIt's been around for a while already but I only just discovered it. The last update (3.25) of the beta-version has been released in April already and the absence of site updates and lack of admin activity on the forum make me think the project has been abandoned. But maybe adding it to our extensive download collection will fuse the development again?

>> Download MSN Messenger for mIRC.

>> View screenshot #1 and screenshot #2.

 Please send bags with sense of humor to MSN Taiwan
Please send bags with sense of humor to MSN Taiwan

dwergs says ( 17 Aug 2004 ):


What pills are they on at MSN Taiwan? Or maybe it's just my Western European misinterpretation of their four advertisement movies for MSN Messenger:

msn messenger taiwanese ads
1) MSN Buddies make excellent shopping bags;
2) Don't take a seat behind giant flowers at the movies (or light bulbs will grow out of your head);
3) When your car gets a flat tire you will hear a Game Over sound (and MSN Coffee does exist!);
4) MSN Buddy can spray himself into Neo.

And the general conclusion here is: Beware, MSN Buddies can spread SARS! So protect yourself with the SARS-protected Smileys.

[Source:] [Reported by: Timothy]

 Receive .NET Alerts directly to your MSN Messenger
Receive .NET Alerts directly to your MSN Messenger

dwergs says ( 16 Aug 2004 ):


The last couple of days I've been beta-testing the new MessageCast service for bloggers on my dwergs says domain. Of course, the news value of my personal blogs is small and the demand for being instantly updated of them even smaller.

So I'm taking it to the next level and I'm providing all you hardcore Messers with free .NET Alerts appearing through toasts within your Messenger everytime we post an update.

Be very aware that this is still a BETA: alerts can be delayed minutes if not hours and an occasional test alert may come from Timothy's mom telling him dinner is ready. I'm also unsure if we will be able to continue to deliver alerts, but why the heck don't you just sign up now?

And to all webmasters who decide to jump in the hype after me, don't forget who told you about this ;)

 Updated: StuffPlug-NG 0.7.39
Updated: StuffPlug-NG 0.7.39

Sean says ( 16 Aug 2004 ):


stuffplug by the blasphemerTheBlasphemer released a new version of his highly popular Messenger Plus! plugin StuffPlug-NG today.

This version 0.7.39 is still a development release, but nevertheless stable enough to be released. The most noteworthy new feature will be Oversized Custom Emoticons combining perfectly with your already giant display picture!

Other things that changed:
- Added /xfakeinvite;
- Grouped Chat-only name and AutoTalkers in one hook (Message Hook), AutoTalkers should now be more stable, and emoticon bug fixed...;
- Expanded Easter Egg;
- Added open button to ignore option;
- Tab window remembers size;
- Added option to install other plugins to the installer;
- Installer will automatically try to install newest Messenger Plus! if it is not detected;
- Added TimeStamp feature;

Installing is extremely easy, it will even install the newest Messenger Plus! for you if you haven't done so already! So what are you waiting for?

>> Download StuffPlug-NG v0.7.39.

 Updated: MessengerDiscovery 2.1
Updated: MessengerDiscovery 2.1

dwergs says ( 16 Aug 2004 ):


effekt recommends all users of his addon MessengerDiscovery, to download and install this updated version 2.1.0, especially to avoid the annoying sign in bugs. Remember to use the !forceexit command before upgrading. The changelog reads:

- Added override patch "sign in offline" settings (so you can sign in with any status with a loader/patch);
- Added 6 new API functions;
- Action dependant popup colors;
- Added "delete and/or block and/or sign out" option for flood protection;
- Added option disable !command typo;
- Added no popups while "away" option;
- Added "sign in offline" detection for contacts;
- Fixed !command bug that may arrise for some users (so !commands should work 100% now);
- Improved multiple instance running detection/handling (will help a lot of users having trouble launching MessengerDiscovery);
- Fixed sign in bugs properly;
- Fixed "Don't format timestamp" bug;
- Fixed inverse popup time control;
- Fixed statistics reset bug;
- Fixed "Out of memory" error;
- Fixed login manager bug;
- Fixed invisible talking manger;
- Added invisible/visible to all;
- Upgraded installer to properly shut down MessengerDiscovery on uninstall.

Looking ahead already, effekt promises "MessengerDiscovery 2.5 will be the best release yet, completely bug free... and completely awesome!"

>> Download MessengerDiscovery 2.1.0

 Instant Games Club now accepting international members
Instant Games Club now accepting international members

dwergs says ( 15 Aug 2004 ):


msn messenger chessEarlier we reported new "Fun & Games" were added to the Australian launch menu, today we can tell you that the same two subscription-based games (Chess and Bankshot Billiards) have become available in the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, the UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, Sweden and Switzerland.

These games were completely translated into the appropriate languages (Dutch, French, German, etc.). That's most probably the reason why the two other, heavily language-based, member games (Wheel of Fortune and Upwords) have not been introduced worldwide yet.

msn messenger chessThe games can be found in the Fun & Games menu inside your conversation windows. You can enjoy a 14 days FREE trial and afterwards you'll have the option to pay 4,99 per month or 19,99 per year and per game (that's in Euros, the price in other currencies may be different).

Note that these games were available for months already through our MSN Messenger Games Launcher and the Custom Games Patch.

[Reported by: Timothy]

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