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 Improved eBuddy Mobile Messenger
Improved eBuddy Mobile Messenger

dwergs says ( 24 Jan 2009 ):


eBuddy Web MessengerThe eBuddy boys have released a new version of their free Mobile Messenger client, which is compatible with a whole lot of popular handsets.

One of the new features is a list of up to five of your "most recent chats" at the top of your buddy list. Since those are usually the people you chat the most with, you could compare it to an automated Favorites list.

Another welcome improvement is that you can now enter your text on the same screen as where your conversation is displayed, allowing a true instant messaging experience. Remember to enable this feature in your settings first.

Finally, they've managed to push back heavily on battery usage, so the application won't drain your phone's battery as quickly as before.

The web-based version of eBuddy on the other hand has been bettered with performance and stability improvements for AIM, ICQ and Google Talk. It'll also support Facebook Chat again soon.

>> Visit the eBuddy Mobile Messenger homepage or point your mobile to

>> Visit

 TBot translates to/from Russkiy and Polski
TBot translates to/from Russkiy and Polski

dwergs says ( 23 Jan 2009 ):


TBot - windows live messenger translation botSince we last mentioned TBot, it has learned two additional languages: Russian and, more recently, Polish. This means it can now translate English to a total of 13 languages (and vice versa) for you. Good to have the fella on your contact list, methinks.

>> Add to your contact list or try the web widget here.

 Lost Season Premiere goodies: Animated Display Pictures, Skin and Messenger Scene
Lost Season Premiere goodies: Animated Display Pictures, Skin and Messenger Scene

dwergs says ( 21 Jan 2009 ):


Mystery television series Lost returns this evening for its fifth season (at least in the States). What on Earth happened to the island? How did Locke become Jeremy Bentham? And who the hell is Jacob? These and more questions might finally get answered this second-to-last season... or not. With Windows Live Messenger 2009 now out and all, I've added a few animated display pictures to the already massive collection of Lost Display Pics. Enjoy tonight's episode!

Lost Animated Display Pictures for Messenger Lost Animated Display Pictures for Messenger Lost Animated Display Pictures for Messenger Lost Animated Display Pictures for Messenger

>> Browse 11 Animated LOST Display Pictures (Windows Live Messenger 2009 only).
>> Browse over 500 Lost Display Pictures.
>> What have you lost...?
>> Download the Lost skin for Messenger Plus! by Coolzee (Windows Live Messenger 8.5 only).
>> Right-click and download our Lost Messenger Scene (Windows Live Messenger 2009 only).

 Typo or emoticon: ;) found in 1862 newspaper
Typo or emoticon: ;) found in 1862 newspaper

dwergs says ( 21 Jan 2009 ):


Did The New York Times invent the emoticon? Bryan Benilous, a historical newspaper specialist has found a sideways winking smiley face in The New York Times transcript of an 1862 speech given by President Lincoln. This could spell bad news for entrepreneur Oleg Teterin, who claims the ;-) emoticon was granted to him by Russia's federal patent agency.

;) emoticon found in Lincoln speech transcript

Scott E. Fahlman, credited with originating the first smiley emoticon in 1982, believes it's a typo. But back in the era of Abraham Lincoln, type was still set piece by piece. So the typesetter had to manually pick up the semicolon and set it in the line, then pick up the closed bracket and set it next. Did he simply transpose the two characters? Or was he having his own little joke?

"I can say this is unique. I scrolled through hundreds of results (...) and this is the only one I found with the semicolon parenthesis," says Bryan Benilous. "Ultimately, it is not just one typo but multiple typos that makes it more than a coincidence".

Like the writer of the article concludes, perhaps the typesetter should have embedded ==|;o)> leaving no room for doubt.

>> Source: Is That an Emoticon in 1862? (

 Obamicons, not Obamaticons
Obamicons, not Obamaticons

dwergs says ( 20 Jan 2009 ):


Undoubtfully, you've heard of our own Obamaticons by now, but earlier this month the people of Paste Magazine launched It's a site that allows you to upload a picture or take a webcam snapshot, and then turn your image into an iconic poster in the veign of Shepard Fairey's iconic "Obey" and "Obama" illustrations. With a bit of photo editing, you can use them as your Messenger display picture.

Obamicon me>> Obamicon yourself here.

>> Browse 24 Obama Display Pictures (including some animated display pics).

>> Get our 10 animated Obamaticons.

 Happy Happy Joy Joy?
Happy Happy Joy Joy?

dwergs says ( 19 Jan 2009 ):


Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Psychologists call it Blue Monday, and its the result of different factors culminating on the third Monday of each year: bad weather, shorter days, debt, time since Christmas, time since failing New Year's resolutions, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take action. So for those of you feeling a bit gloomy today, here's a selection of "think happy thoughts" emoticons and display pictures to fight away the blues.

happy emoticons cheerful emoticons happy emoticons overjoyed emoticons happy emoticons well emoticons
happy emoticons laughing emoticons smiling emoticons happy emoticons laughing emoticons smiling emoticons

Thanks to uploaders bolwol, boyuk, Ronin-x1, Wayne, jorgeticoboy, Amazingj, frogsgs, Hopper91788, Applez, smoky_red & mohini kangan!

today I feel great display picture if you're happy and you know it clap your hands the dark knight joker avatar happy display picture mr. happy display picture
happy status display picture happy mac display picture happy display picture happy display picture
happy mood display picture happy mood display picture

Thanks to uploaders mattmackie, yukky, Vixi_Vampiress, oblivion, DazaX, IloveLinkinPark, Tony Tran, Selecta-X & teknorocker

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