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 Monetize your Messenger Bot$ and Activitie$. You may!
Monetize your Messenger Bot$ and Activitie$. You may!

dwergs says ( 25 Mar 2006 ):


At the start of the week we introduced you to the bot toolset provided by IMProv, annotating briefly that you weren't allowed to integrate ads into your bot. Well, forget about that because here's Kanoodle!

make money from your messenger bots!Not only has Microsoft opened up Messenger and is the company actively promoting the development of third party bots and activities (just look at the competitions and free tools), now programmers are even allowed to directly monetize their efforts! MSN has partnered with Kanoodle -an ad agency that survived the Internet bubble and is now specialized in targeted sponsored links- to provide developers with an advertising solution called BrightAds, which allows them to make money from their MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger-based applications while meeting Microsoft's licensing requirements.

The solution makes it possible to display contextual or text ads within bots and activities (and maybe even alerts?) with a revenue split of 80/20 between the developer and Microsoft, after of course deducting Kanoodle's fees. Signing up is very easy (via this form) and it takes about a week to get approved. Unfortunately for many of us, they currently seem to be accepting US-based developers only.

Finally, here are some interesting snippets from the official announcement:

"Developers should read the full licensing terms and contact with any specific questions before starting a project. In addition to compliance with Microsoft license terms, MSN Messenger applications that meet the following terms will in most instances be approved by Microsoft for use with MSN Messenger:

Applications must comply with the terms of use for the Microsoft .NET Messenger Service, which among other things limits the types of content that may be included in applications when used with the .NET Messenger Service.

Applications must not integrate with a non-Microsoft search service, non-approved third-party advertising solution, or compete with Messenger, Hotmail, or Spaces when such application is used with the .NET Messenger Service."

[Reported by: Todd Biggs] proudly presents: Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger
<b></b> proudly presents: <b>Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger</b>

dwergs says ( 24 Mar 2006 ):


mess patch for windows live messengerHear, hear, all ye good people, Mess Patch is BACK! With Windows Live Messenger now publicly available, it's time again for some good ol' tweakin' & patchin'. Mess Patch 8.0.0566 brings you the usual tons of features like polygamy, add extra games, remove ads, cosmetic and layout changes, and... man, why am I even trying to sum the best up, there are so many?!

Naturally, Rolando provided some new stuff. First of all, internal changes make this patch much faster. Also thanks to wtbw for his tip on how not to disable the Sharing Folders feature. In the new features division, we find an extra text ad remover (for the Sharing Folders windows) and the option to remove the "My Sharing Folders" presence from My Computer. Also, did you miss the verbal indication of one's status? With this Mess Patch you can put back the (Away), (Busy), etc. behind display names. A cool new feature as well is the ability to change your sign-in status WHILST signing in, for those last minute changes of mind. Finally, you can tweak the look of Windows Live Messenger even more by removing the Contacts Manager bar (with the Word Wheel), centering the formatting toolbar buttons and automatic Display Picture hiding, a classic feature which returns together with song link disabling.

We're always eager to improve Mess Patch and you can help us with that!

- We're looking for serious translators, for the following languages: Czech, Estonian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Finnish, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. Eloquent Messers can let us know they're interested by sending an e-mail to

- Do you have great ideas for useful features? Send them to Due to high e-mail traffic we won't be able to respond to all of them, but assimilated suggestions will be credited in a news post on

>> Download Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 (direct download here).

>> Also available through auto-update in your current version of Mess Patch.

Wait, it's not over... COMPETITION TIME!! I have one gift certificate worth $50 US and I'm going to allot it randomly to someone who raves about the new Mess Patch on his or her site or blog or Space or whatever. Mention your favorite features, link to, tell your visitors and readers how Mess Patch changed your life! ;) As soon as you've posted, send the link to and you'll be added to the lottery. The winner will be announced in two weeks.

 Microsoft's mobile Messenger strategy thwarted by telecom carriers
Microsoft's mobile Messenger strategy thwarted by telecom carriers

dwergs says ( 24 Mar 2006 ):


From DigiTimes:

"According to industry sources, Microsoft has almost completely stopped offering solutions featuring MSN Messenger to handset makers after telecom carriers complained about the function undermining their revenues generated from voice and data transmission services.

Microsoft was actively promoting the MSN Messenger function to handset makers, but telecom carriers did not want the service to be included in the handset. If the application was to be offered, the telecom service providers wanted it to be an additional feature that they could provide and collect revenues on.

So, Microsoft is now offering the MSN Messenger service through telecom carriers, the sources said, adding the market will not see any new handsets with built-in MSN solutions in the near future.

Motorola recently launched two handset models with MSN Messenger the V3x and Ming. But Tom Hsiao, president of Motorola Electronics Taiwan said today because of contract terms with Microsoft, the two models will be the only Motorola handsets to have the functions.

Sources with handset makers indicated that high-end and mid-range handsets using the Windows Mobile platform will not be affected by the Microsoft strategy change because the segment is a niche market and telecom carriers do not feel threatened by it. It is Java-based handsets that will be affected, the sources added."

 Life just got easier for Messenger skinners
Life just got easier for Messenger skinners

dwergs says ( 22 Mar 2006 ):


One of the changes in Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0562/566 we didn't tell you about before is the total separation of the user interface resources into the new msgsres.dll. No big deal, you might think, but Messers who ever had a go at skinning MSN Messenger know better. This means Windows Live Messenger has become a whole lot easier to skin, although still not simple enough for the average user (as we'd like it to be).

But especially for the practiced skin creators, TB has made a Messengers UIFile Quick-reference giving you all the details about elements, properties, images, etc. So, skinners united, head over to Messenger Blog, download the .RAR archive and enjoy the CustomElements.xml inside!

 Fake Messenger Plus! Live download causing havoc!
Fake Messenger Plus! Live download causing havoc!

dwergs says ( 22 Mar 2006 ):


Watch out for fake versions of Messenger Plus! Live currently circulating on forums, filesharing software and sites like Rapidshare. According to reports, a certain file named MsgPlusLive 4.0.2006.0566 is nothing more than a virus with destructive effects on your contact list. UPDATE: The fake also goes by several other names (including MSGPlus Live Patchou Edition).

With the beta of Windows Live Messenger now public, I'm sure a lot of you would like to get their hands on the WLM-compatible successor to Messenger Plus!. Fat chance, because it's currently being heavily beta-tested in private by a selected few who aren't so stupid to leak it.

Patchou has told us work on Messenger Plus! Live is progressing well, but the first public version of the addon definitely will not be released until Windows Live Messenger loses its beta-tag (presumably towards the end of April). Hang in there, Plus! fans, you'll read it right here as soon as it's finished...

 Now it's public, now it's not. Now it is. Seriously.
Now it's public, now it's not. Now it is. Seriously.

dwergs says ( 22 Mar 2006 ):


Confusion over whether the Windows Live Messenger Beta is really public or not! Short answer: YES, IT IS! So stop arguing.

At the start of the week anyone was able to just download the Beta in the language of his or her choice via the links we published. Then, I think it was about half a day later, the freeloading was put to an end and uninvited passports were blocked again (as reported by Messers poodoo*, King Antonius, The_Sickness_14 & Marko). Some people believe it was a temporary server glitch that accidentally let the door open and got fixed as soon as our news spread, but we think Microsoft just added an extra step to their public beta enrollment, to be on the safe side. See, you can just as easily download and use the Windows Live Messenger without being invited, provided that you agree with the Beta's Terms of Agreement first.

1. Sign into your Passport with the account you want enabled for the Windows Live Messenger Beta (eg. by logging into Hotmail). TIP: Use Internet Explorer. Firefox won't work.
2. Click here and click "I agree".
3. Click the "Download now" button on the next page or download the Beta in another language.

The Messenger team has stated that they may reintroduce the waitlist in certain countries if people start signing up at some speed racer pace.

 IMProv Center to allow easy development of Messenger bots
IMProv Center to allow easy development of Messenger bots

dwergs says ( 21 Mar 2006 ):


IM Interactive and Akonix have announced IMProv Center, a development and hosting portal for creators of MSN Messenger bots built upon Akonix's real-time and presence-based communications development platform, L7 Builder.

IMProv Center will enable developers to quickly and easily create new bots that are automatically licensed to be deployed over MSN Messenger. The only condition is to agree with the MSN Messenger Network Agreement, which covers such basics as no SPIMming, no ads, no payment processing, etc.

msn botsAkonix L7 Builder provides developers a complete set of tools to quickly create IM bots. The bot development platform provides a Microsoft .NET (C#) SDK that includes an intuitive set of API's, session management and an IM Markup language. MSN's Activity API extension for MSN Messenger will also provide developers the ability to add rich interactive content inside of an instant messaging session, further leveraging real-time interactivity.

The IMProv Center will be available April 1st as a subscription license, but you can already pre-register today. IM Interactive is offering six-month evaluation licenses for the service free of charge.

>> Visit IM Interactive Corp. (Bot Services page).

>> Pre-register here to be one of the first developers to have access to the bot development platform.

[Source: IT News Online]

 Three to offer Hotmail and MSN Messenger on the move
Three to offer Hotmail and MSN Messenger on the move

dwergs says ( 20 Mar 2006 ):


three msn messengerThree (or "3"), the mobile media company that brought Critters to our MSN Messenger last year (check the Display Pics), is building further on its existing relationship with Microsoft. A new agreement will enable their customers to access Hotmail and MSN Messenger by browsing the 3 portal or by downloading a software client.

The service will be available in the second half of 2006, to 5 million users in the U.K., Ireland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Australia, with plans to expand to other markets at a later date. There will a monthly subscription rate for frequent chatters/e-mailers, and a per message fee for the occasional user. 3 will also launch more advanced Microsoft services later this year, including the next generation Windows Live Messenger & Mail.

A couple of days ago, the same company announced a deal that links the worlds of online blogging (MSN Spaces) and their mobile TV offering (SeeMeTV) through a joint brand promotion.


 EXCLUSIVE: Windows Live Messenger Beta goes public, multilingual
<b>EXCLUSIVE</b>: Windows Live Messenger Beta goes public, multilingual

dwergs says ( 20 Mar 2006 ):


windows live messenger public beta downloadMicrosoft has silently enabled access to the latest Windows Live Messenger Beta for all passports. This means that from now on you won't need an invitation in order to be able to log in. We expect the MSN pages to soon reflect this news and market the WLM Beta to all of their visitors worldwide.

Together with this change, version 8.0.0566 of the Windows Live Messenger Beta has been made available in a multitude of extra languages (as announced in last week's Beta chat). Here's a list of direct download links:

>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 English
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Dutch
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Spanish
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 German
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 French
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Japanese
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Korean
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Brazilian Portugese
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Chinese (Traditional)
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Chinese (Simplified)
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Polish
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Russian
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Danish
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Finnish
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Greek
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Hungarian
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Italian
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Arabic
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Slovenian
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Slovak
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Turkish
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Swedish
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Hebrew
>> Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0566 Norwegian

NOTE: Couldn't find a Swedish version... Found thanks to mikeyx11, si3rra, Mablung & Felix.

UPDATE: Added a link to the Hebrew version thanks to Elad Yankovich.

UPDATE 2: Added the Norwegian download link, thanks to josh82.

UPDATE 3: Fixed the Traditional Chinese link thanks to Phil_123.

Last but not least, thanks to EVERYONE who donated invitations to (including those we didn't get to hand out because of the now public Beta).

[Reported by: Timothy & Benny]

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