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 I have a dream about Simon Cowell telling me I've won the lottery
I have a dream about Simon Cowell telling me I've won the lottery

dwergs says ( 25 Jul 2009 ):


Because of Windows Live Messenger's 10th birthday, MSN Entertainment has polled the nation to discover what Brits think is the most iconic "message" ever. From the 26,000 people surveyed, this is what ended up in the top 8:

I have a dream most iconic messageWINNER 1) "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King (27% of the votes)
2) "Life is like a box of chocolates..." by Forrest Gump (18%)
3) "We shall fight them on the beaches" by Winston Churchill (14%)
4) "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn" from Gone with the Wind (12%)
5) "Houston, we have a problem" by the Apollo 13 crew (10%)
6) "They think it's all over, it is now" by Kenneth Wolstenholme (8%)
7) "May the force be with you" from Star Wars (7%)
8) "That's one small step for man..." by Neil Armstrong (4%)

The survey also gathered the favourite reasons to be messaged on Windows Live Messenger:

1) To be informed of a lottery win (36%)
2) To be told we’re loved (20%)
3) To be asked on a date (11%)
4) To be invited to a VIP night out (10%)
5) For an engagement (7%)
6) About a birth (5%)

Finally, Brits were asked who'd they most like to add to their contact list. This is the list of most desired Windows Live Messenger buddies with a surprising number one (unless if people in the UK like to chat in a blunt and insulting way):

1) Simon Cowell (21%)
2) Prince William (16%)
3) Gordon Brown (15%)
4) Madonna (11%)
5) Other popular responses were presenters Ant and Dec, Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears and Kate Moss.

"Many people find Simon Cowell's honesty and confidence refreshing. Even though it may sometimes sound quite blunt, what he says is what he means and this is a valuable trait to have in a friend on Windows Live Messenger," said Mark West from Windows Live Messenger.

[Source: BigDistraction & Press Association]

 How to celebrate Messenger's 10th birthday!
How to celebrate Messenger's 10th birthday!

dwergs says ( 22 Jul 2009 ):


If you want to join in on the celebration of your favorite instant messaging software's 10th anniversary, you can of course put something like <:o) (M) (^) in your Personal Status Message, but Windows Live UK has prepped a couple of party theme packs filled with emoticons, dynamic display pictures, Messenger scenes, and the like. Here's an overview:

Free Windows Live Messenger Birthday Party Time Theme Pack
» Download the 10 Year Party Time Pack (3 dynamic display pictures, 2 static display pictures, 6 static emoticons, 1 Wink, 1 conversation window background, 1 Messenger scene).

Windows Live Messenger Birthday Scenes Pack
» Download 8 Messenger Birthday Scenes.

Windows Live Messenger Birthday Animated Emoticons
» Download the Extraordinary Expressions Pack (10 animated emoticons).

Windows Live Messenger Birthday Wacky Animal Scenes Pack
» Download 6 Wacky Animal Scenes.

» Download the Animal Mayhem Pack.

» Download 2 Super Summer Scenes.

NOTE: When installing these packs, Internet Explorer will ask you to set Bing as your standard search engine. You don't have to approve this request in order to install the theme packs.

 Windows Live Messenger celebrates 10th anniversary!
Windows Live Messenger celebrates 10th anniversary!

dwergs says ( 22 Jul 2009 ):


This is what happens when the Windows Live Messenger team gets their hands on a green buddy mascot outfit and a video camera...

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