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 New Messenger Plus! skins
New Messenger Plus! skins

Inky says ( 08 Mar 2008 ):


Today Patchou has announced a new series of skins for Messenger Plus! by Will Ingles (creator of popular skins such as Ev0). The new skins, based on movies and music groups, will be released monthly on the Messenger Plus! website. The skins are a great way to customize your client, ranging from simple color changes to a whole revamp. Staying up-to-date on the newest skins is now also possible by signing up for the Plus! Skin Alerts.

There is also good news for messers who like to create skins for messenger (and everyone who loves a good contest). Patchou announced a new skinning contest for sometime later this year. We will keep you posted of course, but in the mean time check out the Plus! website to get started!

>> Announcement by Patchou
>> Sign up for Plus! Skin Alerts
>> Everything you need to know about creating skins

 Digsby the cool new kid on the block
Digsby the cool new kid on the block

Inky says ( 07 Mar 2008 ):


digsby private beta invitationsThird-party clients watch out, there is a new kid on the block! Digsby is a multi-network messenger, supporting all the popular networks, including Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ and Google Talk by merging the buddy lists together into one. It also supports all the popular features such as tabbed chat, chat logging, infocard (a feature similar to Windows Live Messenger contact cards) and personalization such as skinning.

Besides regular instant messaging features, Digsby also supports various e-mail providers from the box, allowing you to access your e-mail straight from the client... And if that's not enough, you can also stay up-to-date on your friends on Facebook and MySpace, with support for even more social networks on the way.

While still in BETA, Digsby is already pretty stable. The only problems we encountered were a few small issues with AIM and the reasonable memory footprint, averaging around 75MB. If you want to try it out, this is your lucky day because we have 500 invites thanks to Steve. Simply download Digsby and when asked enter "Mess" as the invitation code... But be quick, they are bound to run out quickly!

>> Digsby's official website
>> Download Digsby

 Continuum, a sleak new Messenger gadget
Continuum, a sleak new Messenger gadget

Inky says ( 02 Mar 2008 ):


thirteen23 has released a (very) sleak new gadget for Messenger. The gadget supports all the popular options of Messenger, such as adding/removing contacts and groups, starting conversations and updating your nickname, status and display picture. It also has a seperate docked window to which you can drag your favorite buddies so they are only one click away.

>> Screenshot: Buddylist
>> Screenshot: Adding a contact or group
>> Screenshot: Conversation

>> Download Continuum from the thirteen23 website

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