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 MSN Messenger for Mac: two upcoming features
MSN Messenger for Mac: two upcoming features

dwergs says ( 27 Mar 2004 ):


RJT reports two MSN Messenger for Mac 4 features not mentioned before. One of them is the ability to set a sign-in status (online or invisible) before signing in to MSN Messenger (screenshot).

msn messenger for macAnother new feature is Error Reporting and Auto Recovery (screenshot): when the application crashes, it sends an error report to Microsoft then re-launches the application so you don't have to bother doing anything but aknowledging the report (Windows users are well familiar with this procedure).

[Source: RJT: MSN Messenger for Mac 4]

 The old fool gained another year!
<b>The old fool gained another year!</b>

MessTeam says ( 26 Mar 2004 ):


Yes, today is the day we celebrate that the biggest mess master in the universe gained another point on his age stats. This morning, one of our top-reporters managed to take a picture of our birthday boy eating his cake.

On behalf of the entire mess team, timothy, Zero1, Huuf, Johnny_Mac
, Sean, ZiPP, wolkje, SLim_Shady and UnderDOC
. And on behalf of revolutionist we all wish you a

happy birthday Dwergs!

dwergs says:--
LOL! Thanks guys! And thanks for all the nice e-cards, emails and other birthday wishes I have received from our kind visitors! :)

 Link to Mess with MSN Messenger and win!
Link to Mess with MSN Messenger and win!

dwergs says ( 25 Mar 2004 ):


win a namco TV console!Do you have a website and do you want your link to appear on Then read on...

We experienced too many problems with the previous top referrers list (located in the Recommended Clicks box) so we decided to change the script... and the rules:

-, your MSN Member Profile and any other freely hosted pages and sub-accounts can now get listed;

- cheaters will be detected and banned;

- referrers have to be approved first, ensuring quality and making us aware of all supporting webmasters;

- the latest approved website gets a unique listing.

Place one or more of the linking codes we suggest (text or button) without modification on your website and inform us about it.

Not only can your website gain a lot of exposure and new visitors, but everybody who links to us according to the new rules and submits his or her site using the form, gets a chance to win an Atari-10-in-1-Ready-To-Go-Game-Console or a Namco 5-in-1 Arcade Classics for some retro-style (webcam) gaming*.

Let's get started, find the linking codes and submit your site here!

NOTE to ALREADY LINKING webmasters: You too get a chance to win if you notify us about your link using the form on this page!

(*prize can be discussed and replaced with any product worth $47 US available at Firebox).

 MSN Messenger 6.2 revised
MSN Messenger 6.2 revised

timothy says ( 25 Mar 2004 ):


Another update today on the interior MSN Messenger site (We've named it internal before, but that seems to be the wrong name according to Microsoft). This time we won't tell you the release has been delayed again, no this time we are going to provide you with the information that all of the features we have mentioned earlier have been canceled. This also confirms our suspicion that the so called deluxe display pictures aka animated avatars are going to be an integrated version of the Korean MSN PowerPlus.

So what did change? They have added some more spam about getting MSN Explorer in order to use MSN Photo Swap. The graphics in the help files got a little bit smoother. And they have translated the new pages to many more foreign languages.

If we make a sum of all the changes and information available on the interior site, we can say without a doubt that even the scrawny MSN Messenger 4.0 for Mac update is going to be a bigger "revolution" than MSN Messenger 6.2.

 Back in stock: Bad Mother F***er Wallet
Back in stock: Bad Mother F***er Wallet

dwergs says ( 24 Mar 2004 ):


bad mother fucker walletI just got word the Bad Mother Fucker Wallet (from Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction) are back in stock again.

Quentin Tarantino, check out the Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill display pics!

 Added: Hotmail Deframer
Added: Hotmail Deframer

dwergs says ( 24 Mar 2004 ):


Hotmail Deframer by Dempsey will automatically deframe long confusing Hotmail-formatted hyperlinks into one small simple link (currently for IE only).

When you find a link in a Hotmail message, right-click it and select Hotmail Deframer to open it in a new, deframed window.

>> Download Hotmail Deframer.

The home of this Hotmail plugin also hosts an MSN Messenger chatbot created by Mark. Add to play games, earn carrots and get rewards!

[Reported by: NoName] [Homepage: Killercarrot]

 Updated: Timothy's Display Picture plugin
Updated: Timothy's Display Picture plugin

dwergs says ( 22 Mar 2004 ):


display picture pluginTimothy's plugin for Internet & Windows Explorer allows you to right-click any JPG, JPEG, BMP, (animated) GIF, PNG file (size doesn't matter, guys!) and automatically import it as your current display picture in MSN Messenger 6.1 and up.

Version 2.0 comes with support for dynamic images, a display picture previewer, an advanced picture editor, image zoomer (and cropper) & original file names. All this and a bag of chips nicely formatted into a graphical user interface.

Other updates include: better Internet Explorer support (even for XP SP2), better Windows shell integration (only appears on images now), faster load, much more stability, easier install/uninstall and a lot of bug fixes.

In short: this is soooo gonna be a Messential download soon. Thousands of Messers are already addicted to version 1, but you will give up your social life for version 2 (once you let it loose on our display picture gallery for example)! ;)

>> Download the super handy Internet Explorer Display Picture plugin.

 Updated: MSN Messenger 6 - Windows X 5.1.211
Updated: MSN Messenger 6 - Windows X 5.1.211

dwergs says ( 22 Mar 2004 ):


Windows X just released what's probably the last version for 6.1 of his MSN Messenger 6 - Windows X edition, a full-featured MSN Messenger 6.1.0211 skinner with an impressive portfolio of 25 themes. What's new in this version?

- 4 new skins: MSN'sx, Msn Ocean & Msn Ocean II (all three by Jeromebzh) and MSN Minimal (by PK);

- Added Skin Previewer by Rolando;

- Updated 4 skins: Aqua MSN (by Xero), Mac OSX & MSN Brushed (both by unknown) and X-Box (by Shady);

- Updated the client for MSN Messenger 6.1.0211

- Updated installer UI supports visual style

>> Download MSN Messenger 6 - Windows X 5.1.211.

[Reported by: ZiPP]

 MSN Messenger 4 for Mac screenshots
MSN Messenger 4 for Mac screenshots

dwergs says ( 22 Mar 2004 ):


In addition to Timothy's news posts with details on (the lack of) features in the upcoming MSN Messenger 4 for Mac, we now have some screenshots thanks to XP_2003, member of the Neowin forums.

- the Messenger Window;
- the About box;
- the Conversation window;
- the MSN Messenger for Mac icon (bigger size than previously reported);
- the Messenger Application info

[Reported by: Filicide] [Source: Neowin forums]

 Added: 31 Soccer Shirts!
Added: 31 Soccer Shirts!

dwergs says ( 21 Mar 2004 ):


soccer shirts display picturesHere's one for the soccer fans: Chibi Link submitted 31 slick soccer shirt display pictures featuring European top clubs. Hopefully yours is featured already but more might be added later!

>> Browse the Soccer Shirts display pictures.

 New Custom MSN Messenger Game: Backgammon
New Custom MSN Messenger Game: Backgammon

dwergs says ( 21 Mar 2004 ):


backgammon for msn messengerFinally Backgammon, the game of luck and skill, is available on A massive thanks to Neil for providing the cool images! Please post any bugs or comments in the forum.

There are now eleven custom-build games available; Backgammon, Battleships, Chess, Connect4, Hangman, Memory, Mine mess, Nine Men's Morris, Reversi, Tetris and Yahtzee.

>> Download the Custom Games patch.

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