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 Updated: Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger
Updated: Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger

dwergs says ( 27 May 2006 ):


mess patch for windows live messengerMany of you have already found out via the built-in autoupdate feature, but because of the server problems we didn't announce it sooner that Mess Patch for the public Beta of Windows Live Messenger has been updated. As promised, now speaks 15 languages (huge props to all our fine translators!), but there's more on the changelog?

- Hassle-free ability to load/save favorite settings using the registry;
- Saved settings are not version-specific anymore;
- Temporarily removed "Install Custom Games" feature, will be back soon;
- Added "Move Contacts Manager Bar To Bottom" feature;
- New "Add Send E-mail Button To Top Toolbar" feature (another Mess Patch Original).

Rolando would like to remind you that feature requests and tips are still welcome at!

>> Download the updated Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0689.

 Another black page in's history
Another black page in's history

dwergs says ( 26 May 2006 ):


Phew! We're back... at last! More than two years after our last major breakdown, our server endured another multi-day downtime. Always happens while I'm out of the country... worldwide WiFi would be very welcome ;)

Thanks to all those who were concerned and helped fixing this (you know who you are). It was quite an international mission!

 Quick News: Server probs, Plus! Live soon, w810i chatbot, etc.
Quick News: Server probs, Plus! Live soon, w810i chatbot, etc.

dwergs says ( 24 May 2006 ):


I'm "out of office" at the moment, but I'll give a brief overview of what's currently happening in the world of Messenger. Forgive me for not crediting some reporters, I have no access to the mailbag on this computer. And I also want to apologize for the accessibility problems and errors loyal Messers have been experiencing when visiting the last couple of days. Things are being investigated and I hope to see them resolved soon.

For those who haven't heard this yet: Patchou has decided to speed up the release of Messenger Plus! Live instead of waiting for the full release of Windows Live Messenger. Expect the addon, completely revamped for the new Messenger version, to become available as a public (and reliable) "Beta" within a month. Interesting to know, Messenger Plus! celebrated its fifth anniversary on the 19th of May! Happy Birthday Plus!

According to New Media Age, Sony Ericsson is going to promote their latest Walkman phone, the W810i, via a chatbot on MSN Messenger. The 'virtual buddy', developed by MEC Interaction, will offer an up to date gig, shows and club guide in the user's chosen area and music genre of interest. The bot will go live on May 27th and "live" for two months. You can also expect Sony Ericsson ads on the MSN Today popup, the bottom banner ad in Messenger, in MSN Entertainment, and MSN Hotmail.

Starting today, Microsoft's Live Local online mapping feature lets users share maps and other location information directly from Windows Live Messenger and Outlook Calendar in specified markets. Local also now features maps and businesses in Canada and the UK. More here.

IT News Online: "fastmobile Inc., a provider of mobile integrated messaging and content solutions, has joined the MSN Mobile Developer Program, which provides broad support for independent software vendors and other developers to build innovative solutions on the MSN network of Internet services (soon: Live). The company said these resources would allow it to extend its offer to its mobile carrier customers to include services such as MSN Messenger in its integrated mobile content and message products."

The antitrust brouhaha in Korea which started in 2001 over Windows Messenger and Media Player being bundled with Windows, is far from over. "South Korea's antitrust agency on Monday rejected Microsoft's appeal of a
decision to force the company to create new versions of Windows. On Tuesday, however, Microsoft promised to continue the legal battle.
", reads a TechWeb article.

Bill Gates announced that in the footsteps of Philips and Uniden, Motorola will also launch a dual-mode phone, the Motorola T31, in the U.S. later this year. Gates also announced plans for Microsoft to release a beta version of a Windows Live software development kit (SDK) this summer, to enable partners to develop devices ranging from webcams to headsets that work with live services either through the PC or directly through the Windows Live network. More information here.

Multi-protocol IM client for mobile phones, Agile Messenger for Windows Mobile 5.0, has been released yesterday. Features include AgileMobile's patent pending proprietary push to talk technology which enables users to send instant voice messages from mobile to mobile, and mobile to PC, as well as instant multimedia messaging, enabling the transfer of images and video (haven't we heard that before?). In addition to the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform, Agile Messenger is also available for Symbian Series 60, 80, 90 and Symbian UIQ. A free beta version can be downloaded from its homepage.

 Incesoft Bot SDK reviewed
Incesoft Bot SDK reviewed

dwergs says ( 22 May 2006 ):


As promised, another Bot SDK has been reviewed and this time it's Incesoft's. According to Inky, the pros are:
- Small download (good for dial-up users);
- Probably the most simple SDK of the three;
- Web-based admin panel (manage your bot from anywhere).
The cons:
- Web-based admin panel requires IE;
- Web-based admin panel requires knowledge of... Chinese (!);
- No display name & DP through SDK (admin only);
- No custom Personal Status Message (?);
- Doesn't grab contact list and contact properties instantly through SDK.

Final verdict: This SDK is OK for command-based Bots, but not for more advanced verbal interaction. Inky hopes an update of the SDK will arrive well before the deadline of the competition, with expanded functionality as well as an English admin panel.

>> Find the complete review here.

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