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 Updated: Digsby with reduced CPU usage
Updated: Digsby with reduced CPU usage

dwergs says ( 25 Jun 2009 ):


digsbyOur favorite third party desktop IM client, Digsby, has a pretty large update out. Major changes are:

- Optimized performance (reducing overall CPU usage by about 50%)
- Buddy List Search (press Ctrl+F)
- Four new emoticon packs
- Improved reliability of AIM, ICQ, and MSN file transfers
- Added an option for new IM windows to start hidden and blink the tray icon instead of popping up a window
- Added Retweet support, MySpace status support, and invisible status on Google Talk.

The build comes with more than 100 bug fixes and enhancements, listed here.

>> Download Digsby.

PS: has been on a temporary hiatus. An explanation and juicy details will follow in an official statement.

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