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 EXCLUSIVE: Download Windows Live Messenger for your mobile!
<b>EXCLUSIVE</b>: Download Windows Live Messenger for your mobile!

dwergs says ( 28 Oct 2006 ):


windows live messenger for mobiles clientThanks to our Hong Kong Triads insider* we got our hands on a completely legal and official copy of a Windows Live-branded Messenger java-client for Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola and Panasonic models. Ok, it's not exactly the Windows Live Messenger Beta for Mobiles I was raving about back in May, and none of the features seen in our preview video are present. All you get is a contact list, a basic conversation screen and a dozen or so standard MSN emoticons. But it does have the Windows Live theme going on which makes it a good replacement for that old client you're still stuck with, or maybe a familiar introduction to mobile instant messaging if you haven't tried that yet.

There are some indications that this client is free to use during the trial period and that it will stop working after two months, unless you agree to pay a monthly charge. I guess I'll have to wait and see whether that's true. Of course, a mobile data subscription is required to connect with this client and data tariffs usually apply. Check with your mobile operator for more information. The following screenshots show the mobile WLM client in action on my SonyEricsson k800i:

>> Screenshot: Contact List.
>> Screenshot: Adding a contact.
>> Screenshot: Conversation.
>> Screenshot: Default Emoticons.
>> Screenshot: Windows Live splash screen.

Choose the proper version for your mobile phone:
>> Download WLM Mobile 380 for Motorola A732, C381, C650, L2, L6, V180, V220, V226 and SonyEricsson J300, K300, K310, K500, K506, K508, K510, Z520, Z530c.

>> Download WLM Mobile 382 for Motorola E375, E398, L7, U6, V3, V300, V303, V500, V600, V80 and SonyEricsson 610c, K700, K750, K758, W550, W550c, W600c, W700c, W710c, W800, W810c, W850c, Z550c, Z710c.

>> Download WLM Mobile 384 for Motorola ROKR E2 and Panasonic MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7 and SonyEricsson K790c, K800, S700c, W850c, W900c.

>> Download WLM Mobile 386 for Nokia 3220, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6060, 6070, 6080, 6101, 6102, 6111, 6125, 6170, 6230, 6230i, 7260, 7270, 7360, 7380, 8800.

>> Download WLM Mobile 387 for Nokia 6131, 6270, 6280, 7370, 9300.

>> Download WLM Mobile 543 for Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70, N90 and Panasonic X700, X800.

>> Download WLM Mobile 544 for Nokia 3250, E60, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93.

* does not have any Chinese gang relations. We swear, the goods were just accidentally found here.

[Mr. T diggs it. Do you?]

 Updated: MessengerDiscovery Live 1.1
Updated: MessengerDiscovery Live 1.1

dwergs says ( 27 Oct 2006 ):


Just as promised earlier this week, Matt has released an updated version of his well-liked Windows Live Messenger plug-in, MessengerDiscovery Live. I haven't had a free minute to test drive, but this is supposed to be the new stuff in v1.1:

messengerdiscovery live for windows live messenger- UI improvements: Messenger integration with an MDL icon, better looking and organised settings menu and a better task bar icon.
- New features: Polygamy without patching, protect your custom emoticons from stealing, Messenger UI customization (very similar to Mess Patch), programmable mouse commands and unlimited nudges.
- General: Polygamy support (MDL for every instance of Windows Live Messenger), smoother (un)installer and compatibility with Plus!, A-Patch and Mess Patch.

>> Download MessengerDiscovery Live 1.1.

[Reported by: Joost & Michelle]

 China has tiny Messenger-branded credit cards
China has tiny Messenger-branded credit cards

dwergs says ( 25 Oct 2006 ):


The bank & Messenger marriage doesn't always work out, as we've just seen with the Dutch Bill service. But a Chinese bank is offering its customers ultracompact MSN Buddy branded credit cards in various colors, and they're very popular!

msn visa mini cards The Visa Mini was jointly released by China Merchants Bank and MSN back in February 2006, and both the colorful MSN Buddy images as well as its size (43 percent smaller than a normal credit card) have made it a musthave item among young folks. Thanks to an optional hole, owners can attach the Visa Mini to wristbands and lanyards to show off. And as a bonus, the card comes with discounts at various shops including online music stores, ticket services and even Haagen-Dazs shops. Also, I'm assuming that when you accumulate enough points through using your card, you can claim these little Buddy-inspired gadgets.

Each quarter in 2006 a new Visa Mini version was launched, selected from the most-voted entries in an online design contest. Now that's about all I could make from the Chinese websites about the subject. If you find out any other interesting details or if you know of Messenger branded stuff in your country, let me know.

>> Check out the MSN Visa Mini home.

>> Photo of Busy Ken, Kiss Helen, Charles Zhu and Mary, the characters promoting the Visa Mini, holding something that doesn't look "mini" to me.

>> Example Visa Mini design contest entires: #1 and #2.

[Source: Pacific Epoch]

 Status on Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta
Status on Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta

dwergs says ( 24 Oct 2006 ):


It's been over a month since the release of the latest 8.1.0068 Beta version and, at least from our perspective, it's been a bit quiet since. Windows Live Beta PM Mike McCoy and Beta Coordinators, Ken Smith and John Eddy must've thought the same, so they sent out a newsletter last night to keep all their 3000 Windows Live Messenger Beta-testers posted (since only 480 of them frequent the newsgroup).

The most interesting topic covered in the newsletter is the release of the next Beta refresh, but (as usual) no actual date or even a timescale is mentioned. They do tell that two refreshes are planned: a first one in the form of a download (especially for 0064 and 0066 users with upgrading issues), followed by at least one more refresh as an auto-upgrade. This means we could still see a final 8.1 release before the end of the year.

The newsletter also mentions a total of 1100 submitted bugs and suggestions (that includes duplicates) as well as the winners of a bug bash contest. Most points were scored by a familiar Messer, Jonathan Yaniv, who recently also won one of our animated emoticons contests. Other winners include phunky (best bug), Vincem, Krisztian, Jaded12, jschroek and GMKrullen.

It ain't much news, but at least we know there still is a refresh or two due. We'll be waiting...

[Thanks to Tutsumi and some anonymous Messers for the forward!]

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