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 Quick News: Plus! updated, Messenger on Android, Facebook Web Activity, MIX 09 videos
Quick News: Plus! updated, Messenger on Android, Facebook Web Activity, MIX 09 videos

dwergs says ( 25 Mar 2009 ):


Some news flashes posted straight from the snowy Austrian mountains:

- Messenger Plus! has been updated a few days ago (forgive me the lateness, I'm currently visiting Austria) and apart from several bug fixes, there are two changes in version 4.81.358 that caught my eye:

* You can set the new OverrideImgTransfer registry setting to true (1) so that Messenger Plus! will force a JPG file to be sent in a file transfer when pasted into a conversation, instead of being displayed through Photo Sharing.
* There's an extra, optional way to support the development of Messenger Plus! Live by allowing the installer to change your browser's home page and default search engine to a Plus!-themed version of, called Search Plus!.

>> Download Messenger Plus! Live v4.81.358.

- Palringo has released a version of its multi-IM client especially for the Android platform. The client supports Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, iChat and QQ, and allows you to share your current location and mobile pictures instantly with your friends. Palringo runs in the background and notifies the user when a new message arrives. Grab it from the Android Market.

- Like Robin from TechCrunch rightfully spotted in a tweet by a marketing manager at Microsoft: the Facebook Web Activity is finally coming to your Windows Live Profile. Expect Facebook updates to appear in your What's New feed starting somewhere in April.

- Here's the link to the video recordings of all Windows Live related sessions at MIX09. Interesting stuff!

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