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 New StuffPlug release on the way
New StuffPlug release on the way

Inky says ( 28 Dec 2007 ):


Via the official StuffPlug Forums TB gives us a heads up about a new release of StuffPlug being in the pipelines.

The new release counts many ("millions") of bug fixes, chances and new features including full compatibility with the latest Windows Live Messenger 8.5 builds, the ability for everyone to try out the experimental features (although TB doesn't guarentee that they will work properly, or work at all) and a complete revamp of the UI, which now resembles the Windows Live Messenger 8.5 look (including colorization).

TB hopes the English build will be released in the first week of the new year, with translated builds following two weeks later.

>> Official post by TB (includes screenshot)

 Master pong with your voice or find your voice twin
Master pong with your voice or find your voice twin

dwergs says ( 27 Dec 2007 ):


live pong for messengerI discovered two new Messenger games that seem to be available to Belgian users only, but I'm sure the rest of you guys can have some fun with them as well:

Live Pong might be the zillionth adaptation of the classic bat and ball game, but it's the method of control that surprises. Both players have to use their voices to move the paddle up and down! I tell you, my girlfriend came in to check on me when I was playing this, so expect things to become rowdy.

live voicematch for messengerLive Voicematch tries to detect the degree of similarity between your and your contact's voices using a secret and quite questionable formula. Just like Live Pong, it is also aimed at the Belgian market and thus available in Dutch and French only, but that just adds an extra diffulty level to the game for those who don't speak these languages.

>> Launch Live Pong and Live Voicematch from our special launcher.

 Messenger worm plays on Christmas spirit
Messenger worm plays on Christmas spirit

dwergs says ( 26 Dec 2007 ):


By tradition, 2007 now has its own Christmas worm. Worms typically take advantage of public holidays or worldwide events, counting on the increased carelessness of Messenger users during these periods.

McAfee on Christmas day identified a variant of the W32/Checkout worm spreading via through MSN/Windows Live Messenger. The W32/Checkout!0e4a3c52 worm (aka Backdoor.Win32.PBot.b and IM-Worm.Win32.Agent.av) spreads as (~56 KB), which unzips to a img2007-12.JPEG.scr file. It is accompanied by one of the following messages:

* Christmas photo! :D
* vengo de fi este foto ▀lbum
* Hey i que hace el ▀lbum de foto! Si ve a el loL del em
* xmas photo!: D
* haha :D lol, christmas pictures off me
* hola, My Christmas picture for you :)

It copies itself into the Windows folder as %Windir%\ and %Windir%\Servidevice.exe, and creates a registry keys to hook system startup (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run\"ryan1918" = "servidevice.exe").

>> Further details at McAfee.

 Happy Holidays from
Happy Holidays from

dwergs says ( 25 Dec 2007 ):


Click here... (thanks to Jase for the card).

UPDATE: Check out last year's Christmas goodies, Christmas emoticon packs one and two.

Click Here!

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