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 Windows Live Messenger 8.5 ate my Windows Update!
Windows Live Messenger 8.5 ate my Windows Update!

dwergs says ( 27 Mar 2008 ):


The pushed upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 8.5 of the past weeks left some of you wondering why they're suddenly stuck with Microsoft Update instead of the good old Windows Update.

Microsoft Update is actually an optional feature in Windows Update that provides not just updates for the operating system, but for other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office and -since Messenger version 8.5- Windows Live applications as well.

The majority of Messenger users won't be bothered with the change, and it is recommended to stick with it. But if you are now experiencing extreme slowness or other problems during your frequent updates, you can always switch back to your trusted Windows Update:

1) Open Microsoft Update from your Start menu.
2) Click on "Change Settings" in the left-hand pane.
3) Scroll down the page and select "Disable Microsoft Update software and let me use Windows Update only".
4) Click "Apply changes now".
5) Click "Yes" when you see the message "Windows Automatic Updates will not be able to deliver updates from Microsoft Update Service.".

>> Read the knowledge base article on How to enable and to disable Microsoft Update.

 Invite2Messenger, a new take on contact data portability
Invite2Messenger, a new take on contact data portability

dwergs says ( 25 Mar 2008 ):


Invite2Messenger, a several months old Microsoft Netherlands initiative which allows Messenger users to easily expand their buddy lists with familiar contacts, is being relaunched today for English and Dutch markets. And instead of importing CSV contacts from e-mail providers such as Yahoo! and Gmail -like it was originally designed to do since its November 2007 launch- its focus has been changed to popular social networks. Microsoft is collaborating with social network sites to simplify and secure the exchange of contacts between the involved services.

invite2messenger, windows live messenger meets social networks facebook, bebo, linkedin, hi5 and taggedMore specifically: Invite2Messenger, built by Oberon Medialab, now allows you to invite your Facebook friends (via e-mail) to add you on Windows Live Messenger. Soon you'll be able to do the same with your networks on Bebo, Hi5, Tagged and LinkedIn, and the Invite2Messenger site itself will become available in additional languages in the near future.

This could become a very useful tool to use every once in a while, as it is becoming a tedious task to mirror contact lists when you're participating in a multitude of social networks. UPDATE: I spoke too soon hoping it would verify which of friends had a Windows Live ID as well, but the site just retrieves all your Facebook contacts without making a distinction and sends them a generic mail.

>> Invite your social network friends over to Messenger with

>> The official announcement by John Richards, director of Windows Live Platform here.

>> Also read: Microsoft to join Web 2.0 data portability group.

 Summer of Love 2008 (if 'coding' is what you love)
Summer of Love 2008 (if 'coding' is what you love)

dwergs says ( 23 Mar 2008 ):


Within the scope of Google's Summer of Code 2008, the people behind Adium are looking for students (any level, age 18 or older) to work full-time on their open source Mac IM client with the guidance of an Adium developer ("mentor"). Selected students will receive US $4500 for their efforts during summer... and a Google referral doesn't look too bad on a resumé either.

Suggested development projects include the full integration of voice/video-chatting (and not via a third party like it is now), an efficient user interface for groupchat and support for the Skype IM protocol (for text only).

If you want to spend most of next "summer" (SoC starts May 26th) improving one of the most popular IM clients for Mac, you should hurry and apply before March 31 5:00 PM Pacific (or April 1st 12:00 AM UTC). See the following links for more details:

>> Summer of Code @ Adium.
>> Summer of Code @ Google.

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