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 Pocket MSN for Smartphone in Beta Test
Pocket MSN for Smartphone in Beta Test

dwergs says ( 29 May 2004 ):


Microsoft announced the launch of the new Pocket MSN Trial for Pocket PC and Smartphone. has taken a closer look to what it will be like having Hotmail, Alerts & Notifications in your "Pocket" and the Buddies on your "Homescreen".

 MSN Investing In More Than Just Search
MSN Investing In More Than Just Search

dwergs says ( 28 May 2004 ):


MSN Vice President Yusuf Mehdi, in a keynote address on Wednesday at Goldman Sachs' fifth annual Internet conference in Las Vegas, shed a bit more light on a handful of the next-gen services on which the unit is pinning its hopes.

While Mehdi didn't outline any timetables, he told the institutional investors attending the conference that MSN is working simultaneously on its totally revamped MSN Search; new add-ons to its MSN Messenger instant-messaging service; and MSN Music service.

"On Messenger there's a bunch of efforts there around what we're doing in the MSN messaging space to dramatically improve that phenomenon," he said. "There are a number of ideas that we've got coming in there. If you look at a number of things like even social networking and how people that you know becomes an amazing opportunity to validate things that you might do that are commerce related."

"We talk about shopping and the best thing that happens in the shopping side is not so much what experts say or what the World Wide Web says but what people that you trust say. That's a big value opportunity that's not been tapped I think in large margin and I think that's something that we'll look to try and tap," Mehdi added.

[Source: Microsoft-Watch]

 Xbox Live goes MSN Messenger
Xbox Live goes MSN Messenger

dwergs says ( 27 May 2004 ):


xbox display pictureIt is official. It looks like Major Nelson got another reason for a pat on the back. Xbox Live has finally rolled out some features we were told about months ago. The first feature is Live integrated with your MSN Messenger. This feature is only available in the USA. A new tab will appear in the messenger giving links to articles, news, and downloads on If your gamertag is already linked, you will be able to see your Friend's List in the same messenger application. This could be enough incentive to make some American users drop the AOL Instant Messenger.

The second new feature is Xbox Live Alerts. This feature includes our friends of the great white north, yes Canada. These alerts will make you aware of new downloadable content, friend invites, friend requests, game releases and more. How do you get these alerts delivered to you? Well, you have a choice of either cellphone, other mobile device with MSN, email, or your regualr MSN Messenger. To signup for these alerts you will need: an Xbox Live subscrition, profile, .NET Passport account, Gamertag linked to, and an account on MSN Alerts.

[Source: OnlyOnXbox]

 Win a Philips Flat LCD TV! Will mess be your lucky charm?
Win a Philips Flat LCD TV! Will mess be your lucky charm?

dwergs says ( 26 May 2004 ):


tennis display picturesTwo years ago, in June 2002, I promoted the Roland Garros contest on and asked our visitors to sign up, play and fill in mess as their sponsor. Only THREE Messers followed my advise as you can see under 'Parrainage' in this screenshot :(

But when the winners of the contest were announced, I was thrilled to see a MESSER winning the main prize: a PEUGEOT 206! (see this screenshot). He didn't even know about it until he read my news post on this page! His exact words were: "Thanks for pushing me to do the compo Dwergs!" I bet he's cruisin' around now with a license plate like "M355-B3-R0CK5" ;)

Did mentioning "mess" as his sponsor bring him luck? It did give him an additional chance to win, yes. So let's see if we Messers can score a Rado watch (worth 1850), a Canon Ixus 430 digital camera, a Fuji Finepix S3000, a PlayStation 2, maybe even the star prize: a Philips Flat LCD TV... or any of the other 300 prizes.

tennis emoticons Sign up here and fill in the word mess as your sponsor! (If you do so YOU will get an extra chance for the lottery!)

 Added: Jennifer Lopez Display Pictures
Added: Jennifer Lopez Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 25 May 2004 ):


jennifer lopez display picturesMass-uploader lpchick submitted about 120 J. Lo display pictures, which is pretty much enough for "La Guitarra" to have her own subcategory among other female celebrities now.

So big thanks to lpchick, but also to Stephanie Reid, kamahlitude, underdark, mohini kangan, voodoo 3dfx (who all uploaded tens to hundreds of display pictures in the last couple of days!) and of course to every other uploader. Thanks to you we now have over 10.000 display pictures available for free on!!

>> Browse the Jennifer Lopez display pictures

 Refreshed Easter Egg in Messenger Plus! 3
Refreshed Easter Egg in Messenger Plus! 3

dwergs says ( 24 May 2004 ):


Are you all enjoying the new MP!3? I bet you are! NoName is letting us know "Patchou has changed the /patchou easter egg command. The new picture shows just how much of a Japanese cartoon-freak he is."

[Also reported by: rk-ngl]

 Updated: Plus! Tweak!
Updated: Plus! Tweak!

SLim_Shady says ( 24 May 2004 ):


So peeps, you had one day to play with new Messenger Plus! 3' features, and if you still don't have enough, here is a tool by Choli, that will tweak Plus! 3' regestry settings.

>> Download Plus! Tweak! for MsgPlus! 3.00.92

 Ladies and lads, we have a winner!
Ladies and lads, we have a winner!

dwergs says ( 23 May 2004 ):


First of all a big thank you to all the webmasters who participated in our Link to & Win! competition! However, there can be only one winner and after an at random pick, Mr. Lucky is... Chris Colden, owner of the aptly named! Congratulations Chris!

He'll soon be playing with an Atari-10-in-1-Ready-To-Go-Game-Console or Namco 5-in-1 Arcade Classics (the choice is up to him).

But WAIT! Don't stop linking us now! I decided to extend the competition for everyone who already entered + all new sign ups. Make sure you use one (or more) of our suggested linking codes and -if you haven't done it yet- fill out the form here (already participating webmasters don't need to do this again). As I already mentioned, the winner is picked at random and it doesn't matter how many hits you send us... just as long as you leave the linking codes unaltered. The next winner will be announced early July! Good luck!

 Messenger Plus! 3 released!
<b>Messenger Plus! 3 released!</b>

SLim_Shady says ( 23 May 2004 ):


MsgPlus! 3 released!It's now official, Messenger Plus! 3 has finally been released! It took Patchou 5 months to redesign all the software and he is very happy with the result. is also brand new and will continue to be updated during the week. All the sections have been rethought, new feature pages have been added, new merchandise is available for Messenger Plus! 3... soon, the site will even include localized content for the main pages! A new software, a new web site, both of them still as free as ever: what more could you ask? :)

Patchou says: "I hope this fourth year will be as great as the past three ones. I promise you that I'll continue to do everything in my power to improve your Messenger experience. Thank you all for your wonderful support!

UPDATE: Help to promote MsgPlus! 3 by sending this card to all your messenger contacts via MSN Messenger or e-mail!

>> Download Messenger Plus! 3

>> View changelog

>> Visit new


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