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 New and updated goodies just in time for MIX08
New and updated goodies just in time for MIX08

Inky says ( 28 Feb 2008 ):


A new post by Dave Treadwell on the Windows Live Developer blog lets us know of several cool new and updated APIs. The already existing Windows Live Contacts API and Silverlight Streaming have progressed to BETA, adding a couple of new features and increasing stability.

Perhaps the coolest new API is the Windows Live Messenger Library, allowing you to integrate Messenger with your website. You're allowed to fully determine the look and feel of your WebMessenger, and it gives you the ability to define custom messages to create unique new features for your application. It also handles the authentication for the users, keeping the Windows Live credentials safe. For examples, check out iBloks and Tafiti!

Visit the Windows Live Developer blog (link below) for more information on what other goodies have been released, and stay tuned for more news regarding Windows Live APIs in the coming weeks.

>> Original post by Dave Treadwell

 Let your buddies know what you're watching
Let your buddies know what you're watching

Inky says ( 27 Feb 2008 ):


Tokback has released a small application which allows you to let your buddies know what you are watching on YouTube, Google Video and MySpace TV via the "Now Listening" feature of Windows Live and MSN Messenger. It supports both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Using it is pretty simple:

    1. Download & install Now Watching
    2. Run Messenger and the application
    3. Start watching!

Of course, be sure to disable it when watching naughty videos ;-)

>> Now Watching website.

 Patchou warns users about scammers
Patchou warns users about scammers

Inky says ( 26 Feb 2008 ):


Patchou has posted an announcement on the Messenger Plus! Live forum regarding a new kind of scam. The scammers register domains similar to the official and copy the layout to look like the real deal. The websites require its visitors to pay for Plus! (usually via a premium rate text messaging service), even though it is free software. Sometimes the scammers change their download links to the official download in order to look legitimate.

Of course, our advise is to never download Plus! from untrusted websites, but instead to visit the official website. Be sure to warn your friends about the scammers. It's also a good idea to always give buddies who want to download Plus! a direct link to the official website, instead of letting them use a search engine to find it.

>> Original announcement by Patchou

[Reported by Chris4]

 Mess v3.5: Ta-daaah! Do you like our new look?
Mess v3.5: Ta-daaah! Do you like our new look?

dwergs says ( 26 Feb 2008 ):


Didn't see this one coming, huh? Or you probably gave up hoping a long time ago!

I'm proud to welcome you all to Mess v3.5, an interim version of this site while we reconstruct "the mothership" that is behind the stages.

It's been beyond far too long since we last updated our layout but I've finally pulled the trigger and I hope you like what you see. It's a work-in-progress though. The next stop (v4.0) will build further on this design, but without the hideous iframe, enabling deep links and plenty of other improvements. Unlike with this little surprise, I'll keep you posted on the background progress.

Thanks for all the ideas, tips, mockups, contributions that many of you have sent me. I'm still browsing through all of your feedback and it is still welcome.

>> Discuss Mess v3.5 on our forum.

And by the way, have you seen our official RSS feed? Yes, dwergs finally escaped from the nineties!

 Avea adds Windows Live Messenger support
Avea adds Windows Live Messenger support

Inky says ( 25 Feb 2008 ):


Turkish mobile network operator Avea has added Windows Live Messenger support, allowing its ten million subscribers to send and receive messages (including multi-party conversations), sounds and photos.

I.lker Koçak, CMO of Avea:

"With support from MSN, Windows Live Messenger solution was the obvious choice. Simple to implement and with the flexibility we demand to move fast, we're confident that this solution will help us continue our drive as the most innovative operator in the region".

>> Original article at cellular-news

>> Avea's Messenger site (Turkish)

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