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 Added: StuffPlug-NG 0.4.17
Added: StuffPlug-NG 0.4.17

dwergs says ( 29 Jul 2004 ):


The Blasphemer is back and so is a "New Generation" of his Messenger Plus! plugin Stuff Plug. It comes with features so exciting it rocks your socks:

- Emoticon/Display Picture stealer;
- On-the-fly file compression;
- Any-size display pictures;
- Open Hotmail inbox in default browser;
- Alert when user opens/closes window;
- Disable emoticon shortcut autocompletion;
- Enable clickable URLs in nicknames;
- Remove 5 custom emoticons per message limit;
- Enable all custom emoticon shortcuts;
- Ignore feature;
- Tabbed conversations.

>> Download Stuffplug-NG (requires Messenger Plus!).

>> The Stuffplug homepage (under construction), hosted by

 Virus warning: Gilly Messenger
Virus warning: Gilly Messenger

Sean says ( 28 Jul 2004 ):


The creator of Gilly Messenger has issued a warning that his MSN Messenger compatible client may contain the virus called Win32.Pinfi.A. Unfortunately the author's site is experiencing problems at the moment so further information is not available. All users of this messenger clone are advised to do a virus scan as soon as possible. More information will be posted when it is available.

[Reported by: detn8r, wacky]

 Added: Lots of Display Pictures!
Added: Lots of Display Pictures!

dwergs says ( 28 Jul 2004 ):


happy birthday lova-lova bert!Attention please, our display pictures compo is still running, but not for very long anymore. Tag your 96x96 pixels display pictures with the (find a template here, see the example to the right), upload them to us and WIN Amazon gift certificates of $150 or $50 value! or a hip t-shirt.

>> Browse 80 Ashlee Simpson display pictures by lpchick.

>> Browse 115 Sesame Street display pictures by StrangeGuy.

>> Browse 56 Good Charlotte display pictures by ghetto_child.

>> Browse 55 John Mayer display pictures by lpchick.

 Released: MSN Messenger for Mac version 2.5.1 Update
Released: MSN Messenger for Mac version 2.5.1 Update

dwergs says ( 28 Jul 2004 ):


Microsoft has updated their Mac OS 9.2.2 version of MSN Messenger for Mac after problems arose around 2 weeks ago where users of the software experienced loss of connectivity to the service and were subsequently unable to sign-in.

Strangely, the update has been posted on Microsoft's downloads site but not the mactopia site where MSN Messenger for Mac redirects users to obtain software updates.

At the current moment, any users of MSN Messenger for Mac version 2.5 will recieve a message stating that they are unable to sign-in because a newer version is available. Please go to the URL below and download the latest version for Mac OS 9.2.2 (NOT Mac OS X!)

>> Download MSN Messenger for Mac v2.51.

>> Sign the petition to make MSN Messenger for Mac "messable".

[Reported by: RJT]

 Lemontonic is "The Evolution of Online Dating"
Lemontonic is

dwergs says ( 27 Jul 2004 ):


Lemontonic is an online dating service launched in May that uses Microsoft's Instant Messenger as it's core platform for deployment. Designating itself as the "evolution of online dating", the Lemontonic service leverages the IM (text, audio and video capabilities) of MSN Messenger to create a compelling new service that adds both search and privacy to the mix in a meaningful and engaging manner.

The Toronto-based dating service will release its services in three stages. It is currently offering its clientele the ability to connect via anonymous e-mail and upload audio and video streams to their profiles. In stage two the site will introduce customized instant messaging capabilities giving users the ability to connect through streaming text, audio and video. In stage three, Lemontonic will begin charging for the service.

Lemontonic is targeting professionals and specifically women who are looking for a more polished, more secure way to meet people, says Mark Pavan, CEO of Lemontonic: "When we did focus groups with women we discovered there are about 20 per cent of women who will never use the highly interactive services we offer, but the fact we are providing the options provides security."

To address security demands, Lemontonic is using Microsoft Passport. Rather than using a proprietary password system, the site is using fully encrypted connections on all streaming connections. "We are using all Microsoft certified e-commerce and log-in technology and we have rigorous content reviews screened by Lemontonic staff," said Pavan.

On the use of Microsoft's IM: "The web site is pretty mainstream, but to integrate the messaging side and associated databases was a one-off people hadn't done before and that part made the installation quite complex and all new ground, effectively for both parties." Live text, audio and video was expected to be live this month, but we'll have to hold our breath a little longer.

Here are some screenshots taken from the website's tour:

- Chat window + message center.
- Chat window close-up.
- Message center close-up.
- Lemontonic-branded toasts.
- Playing games together.
- Browsing together.

>> Become a Charter Member and sign up here to enjoy Lemontonic's services for free for up to 6 months.

[Source: &]

 The High-T, an exclusive Smart Watch by Tissot
The High-T, an exclusive Smart Watch by Tissot

dwergs says ( 27 Jul 2004 ):


Tissot, known for more than 150 years for its stylish Swiss designs and product innovation, introduced the High-T touch-screen Smart Watch using MSN Direct technology.

"Smart Watches for MSN Direct like the High-T really up the ante for what customers can expect from their wristwatches," said Bill Mitchell, founder and corporate vice president of the Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) initiative at Microsoft. "Tissot leads though innovation and high performance, so this alliance is a natural match and an important step in the evolution of Smart Watch design."

Like all Smart Watches, the High-T receives personalized content such as news, weather and stock updates, calendar appointment reminders from Outlook, Instant Messages from MSN Messenger, sports, daily diversions, horoscopes and lottery information. Tissot is also offering a special white-glove service through which customers can have their Smart Watch activated at the point of purchase, the watch also includes 6 months or service— all costing you about US$725 (!).

>> Watch exclusive pics over at

>> Read the review at

You can buy the following, somewhat lower-priced MSN Direct compatible watches at Fossil:

>> Fossil Watches - Wrist Net Dick Tracy - Wrist Net Dick Tracy Watch

>> Fossil Watches - Wrist Net Round - Wrist Net Round Watch

>> Fossil Watches - Wrist Net Square - Wrist Net Square Watch

[Source: Microsoft PressPass &]

 Attention: is not sending out e-mails with attachments
Attention: is not sending out e-mails with attachments

dwergs says ( 27 Jul 2004 ):


We were told about an e-mail spreading around signed by the " support team" but not sent from a email address, containing an infected attachment. We are not sending out e-mails, definitely not with an attachment and (unfortunately) there is no such thing as a support team. I guess the words *worm* and *variant* explain enough. Here are some safety tips:

>> BitDefender's online scan.

>> Download McAfee's AVERT Stinger.

 MSN and FOX Sports Alerts with MessageCast
MSN and FOX Sports Alerts with MessageCast

dwergs says ( 27 Jul 2004 ):


MSN and FOX Sports have selected MessageCast's LiveMessage™ technology to power sports messaging on the newly unveiled MSN and FOX Sports website.

Fans can receive a variety of late-breaking updates about their favorite sports, sports teams, and players delivered instantly to their MSN Messenger, cell phone, or email. "No matter where they are, the fan is always where the action is," stated Royal P. Farros, CEO of MessageCast.

In the meantime we at are still eagerly waiting for MessageCast's "soon to come" LiveMessage Blogger Edition, which will allow bloggers like yours truly to send update alerts to a subscriber-base for free!

>> Sign up for alerts at (country dependant).


 More *FIRST EVER* MSN Web Messenger screenshots
More *FIRST EVER* MSN Web Messenger screenshots

dwergs says ( 26 Jul 2004 ):


For those who always scream for more, here are some extra screenshots of MSN Web Messenger in action:

- The main contact list window.
- Me and Timothy's first Web MSN Messenger conversation.
- Integrated e-mail sending.
- Sending an instant message... to nobody frankly because NOBODY IS USING IT YET.
- Changing your nickname (by clicking it once).
- Adding a contact.
- The first official MSN Messenger client that works in a Linux environment using FireFox!

For all the details around MSN Web Messenger scroll down a bit.

UPDATE: The beta test site has been removed, probably because of the massive, unexpected traffic. We're sorry MSN ;)

(Please upload the images to your own webspace if you're plugging this news. Don't forget to mention the source, though)

 I want a web-based MSN Messenger... NOW!
I want a web-based MSN Messenger... NOW!

dwergs says ( 26 Jul 2004 ):


Although a method has been found -by users like dkldkldkl and msn_crazy_100- to perform a valid login* to the beta version of Microsoft's official MSN Web Messenger, it will just show the following error: "We can't sign any more people in right now. Please try signing in again later."

For people interested in learning what a browser-based MSN Messenger really is, or users really in need of such a thing NOW and can't wait for the official client, I have updated the knowledge base article about Web MSN Messengers. It now lists five third party alternatives, one added last minute thanks to Doobies.

(*Re-register your email address with .NET Passport after you failed to log in at the beta-site.)

 So you thought you had a 2 gigabyte Hotmail for free, huh?
So you thought you had a 2 gigabyte Hotmail for free, huh?

dwergs says ( 26 Jul 2004 ):


Last week we shared with you a little trick that allowed to create free 2 gigabyte "Premium" Hotmail accounts (scroll down for more). Many users capitalized on this bug and we now have official feedback on the matter from Microsoft:

"During the system change for the premium services, unexpected bugs occurred but we have already fixed them. The free 2 gigabyte accounts will go back to their normal size."

There are no plans to compensate those who will be deprived of the 2 gigabyte windfall. Bad news for all people who thought they had find gold at the end of the rainbow and completely "moved into" their new accounts already.

"I didn't think the free gigabyte account was abnormal because some other Internet firms already offer storage of that size without fees. Microsoft must compensate for the confusion created by its own blunders", one sad Internet user said. Sorry, not gonna happen, but for as little as USD 19,99 per year you can keep the gigantic storage space. Otherwise, it'll be downsized to a still impressive 250mb.

[Source: KoreaTimes] Exclusive: MSN Web Messenger + First Screenshots!
<b> Exclusive</b>: MSN Web Messenger + First Screenshots!

dwergs says ( 25 Jul 2004 ):


MSN is about to release a web-based version of its popular Instant Messaging service. This means you will be able to chat with your contacts very similar like you do with MSN Messenger, but using just a web browser on any computer (at school, at work, at a friend's house or anywhere you can't install the MSN Messenger software). Much like -and probably as Microsoft's reaction to- the currently available third party services like WBMSN and eMessenger (more about web MSN IM here).

The only requirements to use MSN's official web-based MSN Messenger are:

- A web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, Netscape 7.0 or later, or Mozilla 1.6 or later, running in Microsoft Windows;
EDIT: Since it's browser & JavaScript-based, it should work on OS-X (with Camino) and Linux (with FireFox) too.
- An Internet connection (56 Kbps or faster recommended);
- A Microsoft .NET Passport. If you have a or account, you already have a Passport.
- Popups enabled on the service's web site if you are using popup blocker software like the MSN Toolbar.

msn web messenger

MSN Web Messenger, as the service is called, is currently being beta-tested, if it's already available at all because I couldn't log in yet. A full version can be expected later this year at During the trial the number of simultaneous connections to MSN Web Messenger is limited and that's why we are not publishing a direct link to the beta-site as of yet (although it's not hard to guess the address).

UPDATE #1 (edited): Here's an overview of the features likely to be included in MSN Web Messenger: group conversations, customization of your text font, size and color, emoticons (no custom emoticons!), send and receive e-mail messages, add contacts to your contact list, toasts and sound alerts (for every new message received and when someone signs in). Most probably not included in the web-based client are audio/video conversations, "fun & games" applications, file exchange, display pictures, window backgrounds and custom emoticons.

UPDATE #2: Like the contact list in MSN Messenger, your MSN Web Messenger contact list displays your current and pending contacts and information about their status. Unlike MSN Messenger however, your contacts are shown in fixed categories that cannot be renamed or deleted. You will see some or all of the following groups in your contact list: New e-mail messages, People who want to add you (click a name to accept or reject the invitation), Current conversations (click a name to open the current conversation window), Online (click a name to open a conversation window), Not online (click a name to send an e-mail message to this person)

UPDATE #3: Supersleuth Timothy managed to get us some exclusive, FIRST EVER screenshots:

- Sign In Screen.
- Reached maximum number of connections + the main site.
- Conversation window.
- Add a contact.
- Contact list.
- Approve contacts.
- The Dutch version.
- The login page of server 101.
- The login page of server 102.
- But sadly, MSN Web Messenger is still temporarily unavailable.

[Reported by: HunterK]

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