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 Updated: Spleak v0.88 BETA
Updated: Spleak v0.88 BETA

dwergs says ( 30 Sep 2005 ):


Spleak, an intelligent chat bot for MSN Messenger, has been updated to v0.88 BETA. So, what's new?

Her personality has been improved and she'll tell you a lot more about herself and her background... at least if you're curious enough to ask her. She's also become more expressive, with moods dynamically changing according to the topic of conversation.

Her A.I. module has been further improved as well. She'll now be able to remember much more about you than before and her general knowledge has been expanded.

spleakCertain features have been added, updated or fixed:
- New dictionary
- New thesaurus
- New jokes
- Improved Meet People feature
- Improved (un)installing
- ASCII art now works
- Leave a message has been fixed.

>> Download Spleak v0.88 BETA.

 Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0306
Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0306

dwergs says ( 29 Sep 2005 ):


Here's what lots of you were waiting for before upgrading to MSN Messenger 7.5.0306 released last night: Mess Patch for build 0306.

This is, of course, another Generation3 version with all the previously mentioned improvements and benefits, such as a better interface, patching profiles, perfect corners, a bonus My Received Files button, etc.

A fully multilangual version will be released soon, but for now you'll have to go through the setup in either English or Dutch.

mess patch generation 3NOTE: When you apply the Seperate Avatar Clippings tweak, webcam sending and Dynamic Display Pictures look a bit different. But nothing to worry about.

>> Download Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0306

>> Download MSN Messenger 7.5.0306.

 MSN Messenger 7.5.0306 Released!
MSN Messenger 7.5.0306 Released!

dwergs says ( 29 Sep 2005 ):


A new build of MSN Messenger 7.5 was released just before midnight (Brussels time). This new 0306 build, which follows the leaked 0303 QFE, consists mainly of fixes. You will not get an auto-update notification immediately (expect one in a few weeks), so download it from here. Make sure you close down MSN Messenger completely before updating.

>> Download here (click on the red Get It Free button and then GO). If you want a different language, click MSN Messenger Worldwide first in the menu to the left.

UPDATE: Thanks to the wonderful Program Manager, Leah, we now have an exact idea of what bugs were fixed in this new build:

- The "Get a Webcam" link now hides together with your MSN Display Picture.
- The upgrade mechanism through patching will not show a Repair/Remove dialogue first anymore.
- The Chinese version of MSN Messenger now correctly says "Most popular Dynamic Backgrounds" instead of "Data Packets" and "Pixie" instead of "Virtual Dog" (WTF?!). In the same version, the Voiceclip error message and tooltip now match.
- The dialing dialogue will now show up when you're on a dialup, disconnected, and trying to sign in.
- The Korean version now supports contact cards.
- MSN Messenger now goes easy on the CPU you left it running on with pending IMs, when you sign in on another machine later.
- An MSN Messenger versus MSN Toolbar bug was fixed.

[Reported by: Screeny, Animefan, Badguytje & dzhStudios]

 Happy Birthday Zero1 !!!
Happy Birthday Zero1 !!!

BA_Baracus says ( 28 Sep 2005 ):



I pity the fool who just received an all in vacation to BA’s Spa resort. You are going to treat your body right at the 24-7 monkey spa saloon, so shut up foo’ because this is my talking fist Knock Out, do you wanna hear Knock Out speak?

- Sincerely BA Baracus.

On behalf of the entire crew "Happy 18th birthday Zero1" !!!

>> Congratulate this old fellah’ Roundup Roundup

dwergs says ( 28 Sep 2005 ):


Let's meditate on our birthday treats in honour of's 4th birthday:

- Gazillions of Web2Messenger invites.
- A banging new version of Mess Patch.
- The first taste of CustoMess RC 2.5.
- A special edition of Messenger Plus! 3.60.
- About 16 hours of downtime A drowsy server intoxicated with champagne.

But is it over yet?... ;)

 FAQ: Can I offer my own free MSN Alerts to my visitors?
FAQ: Can I offer my own free MSN Alerts to my visitors?

dwergs says ( 28 Sep 2005 ):


Since someone on the forum was asking, I added a short FAQ on how webmasters can offer a free MSN alerting service to inform their site's visitors or their blog's readers that its content has been updated.

>> FAQ: Can I offer my own free MSN Alerts to my visitors?

>> Sign up for the Mess with MSN Messenger News Alerts. W2M Invitations Extravaganza #4 W2M Invitations Extravaganza #4

dwergs says ( 28 Sep 2005 ):


Here's the latest birthday batch of Web2Messenger BETA invites. Click quick!

201 202 ... Too late! But were that really the last ones?..

>> What is Web2Messenger?

[Kindly offered by: See below and Ben™ (3), Rolando (1)] revamped Mess Patch - Generation3 revamped Mess Patch - Generation3

dwergs says ( 28 Sep 2005 ):


Now look at that, we're back in the air again! We won't let unexpected downtime put an end to our four years of existence celebration party! Hell no!

Wrapped by Rolando, one of our final birthday surprises is a completely revamped version of our most popular product that cumulated 1.787.235 downloads in the past. Yes, you guessed it: it's the brand new MESS PATCH.

mess patch generation 3Generation3, as we call it, centralizes all 73 tweaks for MSN Messenger 7.5.0299 and 7.5.0303 into ONE PAGE with a treeview listbox. You'll soon become accustomed with this new interface, which leaves room for many more options in the future. And from now on short descriptions inform the user exactly what an option does.

By default, Mess Patch automatically selects the options you chose last time. But the new Patching Profiles provide feature combination sets preferred by well-known members of the MSN Messenger community such as Patchou, timothy, Rolando, theunknown and yours truly! They'll give you an idea of how we like to "mess with our MSN Messenger".

mess patchIn case you "messed up" your client, you'll like the advanced restoring of previous settings. You are not only able to restore you backup files (in case you told Mess Patch to make them), but also remove the Winamp plugin, forget last used options, and re-enable the MSNIM protocol (in case you had it disabled, it's one of the new features!). The patch can also perform a CRC check to find out whether msnmsgr.exe has been modified yet or not.

We already told you one, but here's a list of all the new features that we added to Mess Patch -Generation3:

1. Seperate Display Picture clippings (by popular request).
2. Transform round corners to perfect corners in the main & conversation window (as requested by Ahmed from Thailand). This works nicely with Plus! tabbed chats.
3. Disable MSNIM protocol (Why? Read this).
4. Remove Send button from the typing tab only (keeps it in the handwriting tab).
5. Add My Received Files button to the top conversation window toolbar. Another Mess Patch Original! ;)
6. Hide both MSN Display Pictures by default when a new conversation is started.

Apart from new features, two existing ones have been improved: when you remove all buttons from the contact cards, the "Get Your Own MSN Space" button will disappear as well. And removing either the Search or Send button won't leave the other appearing detached.

>> More information about Mess Patch Generation3 for MSN Messenger 7.5.0299/303.

>> Direct download for Mess Patch Generation3 for MSN Messenger 7.5.0299/303.

Thanks big time to Rolando! W2M Invitations Extravaganza #3 W2M Invitations Extravaganza #3

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2005 ):


You know the drill... *ATTACK!*

101 102 103 ... Last batch coming up!

>> What is Web2Messenger?

[Kindly offered by: See below] CustoMess RC2.5 pre-release CustoMess RC2.5 pre-release

timothy says ( 27 Sep 2005 ):


A new era of custom MSN Messenger content has just seen the light as's next birthday present to you all. Don't settle for pre-made content anymore, because with this special CustoMess update you decide the flavor.

With a whopping amount of 44.800 possible custom backgrounds it instantly holds the record of most backgrounds stuffed in a 45.5kb of application. If you think 44.800 is a big number, just wait for CustoMess 2.5's full release featuring Avatar- , Emoticon- , Background-, Display picture and font creators.

What do you have to do to get access to this brand new section? Nothing really, just start up your CustoMess RC2 client, and the new version will load instantly, click the "Mess Birthday Special" picture for instant backgrounds!

>> Download CustoMess RC2

UPDATE: if you dont know how to access the new section, try clicking the same image as displayed above (but do it in CustoMess). If you can not find that specific image, try clearing Internet Explorer's cache. What's next? What's next?

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2005 ):


Patience, dear Messers! More surprises are about to follow although it's hard to overmatch a special edition of the new Messenger Plus! 3.60. Because -like some of you have undoubtedly noticed- we have lost several hours of precious "birthday time" this morning we'll extend the party (as it should!) till after midnight :)

What do you say? You want a teaser?

Oh, and congratulations to chee kong and Google too I guess. The first turns 17 today, the latter 7.

 Added: +250 MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons
Added: +250 MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2005 ):


I just approved about 250 new MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons submitted by our visitors. Below you'll find three of my favorite ones, upped (from left-to-right) by Greengiant302, sarah1112 and jurgentje.

ipod msn avatar am i hot or not avatar the scream msn messenger emoticon parody

>> Browse the new smileys and MSN avatars.

>> Browse all MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse all MSN Emoticons. W2M Invitations Extravaganza #2 W2M Invitations Extravaganza #2

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2005 ):


As promised, here's the second batch for today:

51 52 53 ... All gone, but a third batch coming up!

To find out who offered these to us, take a look at the post below.

>> What is Web2Messenger?

 More MSN Messenger 8.0 Prophecies
More MSN Messenger 8.0 Prophecies

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2005 ):


After last month's overdone hoopla about an MSN Messenger 8.0 Wish List, a portion of its contents (like built-in WMP and MSN Radio) are nonetheless backed-up by Overdo in his latest MSN Space entry. Accordng to the self confessed BETA freak, pre-BETA (read: potential) features in the eighth version of MSN Messenger include:

- Tabbed chatting (already available in Messenger Plus! 3.60).
- User-customizable layout.
- Pull away (rippable) parts.
- Multiple bar parts available, including: My Contact Card, Contact list, Tabs, RSS/Subscription info, File sharing info, Ads & Slideshow.
- Premium bar parts: Encarta, Money & MSN Radio Plus.
- Other bar parts: Search, Radio, Headline, Weather, Traffic, Alerts, Stocks & WMP.
- Dashboard/sidebar technology.
- Dock to desktop option, float, minimize to side and smart resize.
- Greater use of Direct IM.

I hear some of you scream "bloat" while others are thinking Vista integration. Make no mistake about it, this is again only a prognosis of what MSN Messenger 8.0 might offer. If we can confirm anything for 100%, you'll be the first to know! W2M Invitations Extravaganza #1 W2M Invitations Extravaganza #1

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2005 ):


Put on your birthday suit and grab some chocolate cake, because today blows out 4 candles!

After an early birthday present from Patchou (*BEHOLD* Messenger Plus! 3.60 Special Edition!), the second gift is entirely from Messers to Messers. We are going to distribute 250 Web2Messenger invitiations throughout the entire day (probably every two or three hours). Some visitors complained that we always handed out these invitations while they were asleep on the other end of the world. Well, this is for you:

1 2 3 ... Stay tuned for the next batch!

All invitations used? Don't worry, four batches of 50 invites still to come today. Subscribe to our News Alerts to be notified via MSN Messenger of our latest news.

>> What is Web2Messenger.

[Thanks for sharing 250 invitations with us: Orhon Can (7), Stylish (2), Giveitdeath (3), Erage (6), ben339 (2), The_Barman (2), Silentdragon (6), IcOniAn (3), Chromium X (4), Hakavelli (3), Wolves Football #39 (1), marcin8c (3), Hades (4), Berserk_87 (5), championn (3), berdusco (8), parry (3), Tsumana (3), Billy Neal (6), Jake Schneider (4), mltz2plz, Chocobo (7), xghost (2), McTedo (4), TarTooob (4), xtian (1), Coeluh (3), Johnybot (3), Mablung (2), Youp (3), lordy16 (3), Matti (3), IcOniAn (3), B-Bomb (3), Sarge (3), Laurens (4), Pepperkorn (3), Underlord (4), Spike1506 (3), Spooky (2), druide (12), stupler (1), kapz (3), rrrohan (4), jarlern (5), Cenzi (4), Ian Watkins (5), TimRogers (4), Phoen!X (3), thatguy69 (4), Tuneboy (3), Luke (2), sime (3), streather (3), KitCh (3), (5), (3), ReTyPe (4), StonedMonkey (6), Kender (3), cmargary (2), Jenny Tran (1), DomZ (3), The GamezMaster (4), CurSiv3 (3), arienh4 (3), jungzandvliet (3) and Sypher (6)]

 EXCLUSIVE: The Brand New Messenger Plus! 3.60
<b>EXCLUSIVE</b>: The Brand New Messenger Plus! 3.60

dwergs says ( 26 Sep 2005 ):


Our first big birthday gift to the fans comes from Patchou: the exclusive pre-premiere of Messenger Plus! 3.60, scheduled for release tomorrow!!!

Not only did Patchou give us a 24 hours head start on the new version, he also created a Special Edition solely for us (find the easy easter egg!).

UPDATE: While the server is getting hammered, let me give you a few reasons why you should install Messenger Plus!: long anticipated tabbed chats, 100% MSN Messenger 7.5 compatibility, improved custom sounds, redesigned file sharing with triggers, better logging, new plugin function and registry settings, open a http link in nicknames or personal messages, etc.

>> Download Messenger Plus! 3.60 (Special Edition).

>> Check out the Changelog.

 MSN Messenger to broadcast alerts
MSN Messenger to broadcast alerts

dwergs says ( 26 Sep 2005 ):


The BBC World Service is to launch its biggest ever online marketing campaign to support The campaign, produced by Agency Republic, will carry the banner "News for a Non-Stop World" and run for six months. The driving force behind the new campaign is the launch of a series of new features to bring the site to the public's attention around the world. MSN Messenger services in Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden will carry tailored broadcast alerts direct from the site. Web users from the U.S. will be targeted via ICQ.

In related news, the MSN UK blackout we announced last week fails to surprise us. While we were expecting a full homepage eclipse, the Specsavers ad on MSN UK only covers a limited region of the popular portal.

[Source: MediaWeek]'s 4th birthday is approaching!'s 4th birthday is approaching!

dwergs says ( 26 Sep 2005 ):


Tomorrow on September 27th 2005 will be 4 years old! We have planned a couple of cool surprises for our visitors, so make sure you're around on Tuesday. One wonderful birthday present that hundreds of thousands of you are gonna love, will even come one day early... meaning TODAY!

I'm not gonna spill the beans just yet, but try to visit regularly this day if you want to be the first to [censored]...

UPDATE: Come back after midnight...

 Microsoft AntiSpyware steps back! Plus! vs MSAS
Microsoft AntiSpyware steps back! Plus! vs MSAS

dwergs says ( 25 Sep 2005 ):


Huzzah for Patchou! And huzzah for yourself, if you signed the Plus! petition that is. Because last Friday, less than a week after 400.000 signatures were delivered to Microsoft's doorstep, the company changed the definition files of their AntiSpyware software so msgplus.exe would not be detected as a threat at run time anymore. "This is a huge success for this whole operation [...] and we didn't fight for nothing", Patchou euphorically writes on his forum.

However, he also added that there are still several problems surrounding the detection and removal of Messenger Plus! and its sponsor program, so there's still some work to do.

[Reported by: saralk, Madman, mltz2plz, TooCool, brad, TimRogers, bobster, hmaster, balupton, RipperN^, Harper, Daedalus, Salem, Harper and Huuf]

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