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 Updated: Messenger Plus! 4.79 Beta for Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 Beta
Updated: Messenger Plus! 4.79 Beta for Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 Beta

dwergs says ( 01 Nov 2008 ):


The demand for Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta-compatible version of Messenger Plus! Live was high and, like some of you reported, a leaked internal version was already doing rounds the past few weeks. So although he doesn't like releasing "anything that's not final", Patchou decided to cave in and release a fully compatible version today:

"Keep in mind that this is beta material so no support will be given for it. Some of the improvements (display pictures in notification pop-ups for instance) are global to all Messenger versions so if you like what's fresh and new, this beta is for you."
A detailed changelog can be found here.

Patchou also hinted at an upcoming Christmas promotion involving action figures and collectibles. A bobblehead doll with his face perhaps? Or what about a G.I. Patchou toy?

>> Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.79 Beta.

[Reported by: warmth, MenthiX & EvilSeph]

 Spook and be spooked: Halloween treats for Messenger!
Spook and be spooked: Halloween treats for Messenger!

dwergs says ( 31 Oct 2008 ):


It's Halloween so if you're not out trick or treating, then at least freak out your Messenger buddies today with our brew of bloody Messenger goodies.

Bloody Windows Live Messenger emoticonsA good place to start is Kiwee. They have everything from Animated Display Pictures to customizable Add-your-most-scary-photo Winks. Make sure you follow our easy, two-click downloading instructions (using Internet Explorer) to get the good stuff for free and without the hassle.

>> Download Halloween Display Pictures featuring vampires, zombies and witches.
>> Download Pretty Freekin' Scary Display Pics.
>> Download Conversation Window Backgrounds.
>> Download 16 Halloween-inspired Animated Emoticon Sets. I like Bag Guy. He looks so... innocent.
>> Download 20 spine-tingling Winks, including one that allows you to design your buddy's tombstone.

After digging deeply into the haunted burial chamber where our old posts go, I was able to revive the following:

>> Discover our selection of Halloween Emoticons & Display Pictures or browse through our 196 Horror Display Pictures.
>> Put a little skull symbol in your nickname or status message.
>> Play Big Monster Battle (scroll waaaay down the list).
>> Recreate scary movie dialogues with our speech bubble maker.
>> Download three Halloween Theme Packs for your guilty pleasure: here, here and here.
>> Add the Pumpkin Display Pics or Pumpkin Emoticons via CustoMess.
>> Set your favorite Glow in the Dark Monster as your Display Picture (based on this t-shirt).
>> Disguising as a Harry Potter character or a pirate tonight? Find out your alter ego's name with one of our nickname generators.

Happy Halloween, Messers!

 Internet usage, Messaging transforms your brain
Internet usage, Messaging transforms your brain

dwergs says ( 29 Oct 2008 ):



Gary Small, a neuroscientist at UCLA in California who specializes in brain function, has found through studies that Internet searching and text messaging has made brains more adept at filtering information and making snap decisions. He said a study of 24 adults as they used the Web found that experienced Internet users showed double the activity in areas of the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning as Internet beginners.

Using the Internet changes your brainSmall said the tech-savvy generation, whom he calls "digital natives," are always scanning for the next bit of new information which can create stress and even damage neural networks. "There is also the big problem of neglecting human contact skills and losing the ability to read emotional expressions and body language," he said.

The people who will come out on top in the next generation will be those with a mixture of technological and social skills. "We're seeing an evolutionary change. The people in the next generation who are really going to have the edge are the ones who master the technological skills and also face-to-face skills," Small told Reuters in a telephone interview. "They will know when the best response to an email or Instant Message is to talk rather than sit and continue to email."

 How does Windows Live Messenger look on Windows 7?
How does Windows Live Messenger look on Windows 7?

dwergs says ( 29 Oct 2008 ):


New Windows Live Messenger icon on Windows 7Neowin's Tom Warren has posted a short clip of an updated Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 client running on the upcoming Windows 7. The application's icon has been refreshed and now has a yellow ribbon surrounding the green and blue Messenger pawns. The client itself doesn't show many differences compared to the Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 version we can already use, except for the activated "Post a note" link in the What's new feed. Also, the "Sign in" screen has less text and seems to be reorganised a bit. Unfortunately, the original video quality is too low to distinguish new or removed elements.

Windows Live Messenger on Windows 7 Windows Live Messenger on Windows 7

>> Watch the video of Windows Live Messenger running on Windows 7 shot at PDC 2008 here.

 Messenger on a SIM card, a worldwide's first
Messenger on a SIM card, a worldwide's first

dwergs says ( 28 Oct 2008 ):


Brazilian telecom operator Oi, together with Microsoft and security firm Gemalto, will pioneer Windows Live Messenger built into Oi's SIM card. Owners of any Oi mobile phone who buy the new SIM card will have direct access to Windows Live Messenger straight from the chip's Mundo Oi menu, instead of having to download a client or register a new account.

Windows Live Messenger on a SIM-cardBasic functionalities includes blocking contacts, changing the status, multiple and simultaneous conversations. There's a €0.1 charge (0.31 Real) for each sent instant message. Customers can still make and receive phonecalls while being logged in.

With 39 million, the Brazilian userbase of Windows Live Messenger is the largest in the world. Consequently, the expected adoption rate of "anytime, anywhere" access to Messenger is rather high.

[Source: Oi, Microsoft and Gemalto Partner to Launch Windows® Live Messenger Through Oi SIM Chip]

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