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 Lost your content after upgrading from 8.1.x to 8.1.0106?
Lost your content after upgrading from 8.1.x to 8.1.0106?

Inky says ( 04 Nov 2006 ):


After ZoRoNaX lost his content when he upgraded from 8.1.006x to the latest build of the Windows Live Messenger Beta (8.1.0106) he decided to write a tool to get his content back and share it with us. If you have also lost content, like display pictures, custom emoticons, winks, etc. then you can download the tool and use it to restore your custom content.

From the readme:

"This tool migrates custom content that was added in Windows Live Messenger version 8.1.006x and is not visible in build 8.1.0106. This tool DOES NOT migrate custom content that was added in Windows Live Messenger 8.0 and is not visible in Windows Live Messenger 8.1!"

>> Download the tool

>> View ZoRoNaX's blog post

 Updated: Mess Patch for WLM 8.1.0106 Beta
Updated: Mess Patch for WLM 8.1.0106 Beta

dwergs says ( 04 Nov 2006 ):


We're sorry for the delay, but here it finally is: the multilingual Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0106 Beta. Not much changes this time:

- 'Remove Billing Information Menus' option removed, temporarily.
- 'Remove Sarcastic Emoticon From Display Picture Container' removed as well, because this bug has been fixed.

UPDATE: Ok, lots of people have reported sudden shutdowns of this version of Mess Patch. We'll let you know ASAP when this has been fixed.

UPDATE #2: Bug fixed. Please re-download Mess Patch.

>> Download Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0106 Beta (bug-fixed version).

 Third animated emoticontest ends here
Third animated emoticontest ends here

dwergs says ( 03 Nov 2006 ):


Unlike Kanye, Messer and Windows Live Butterfly Jonathan Yaniv is on a winning streak! After winning our previous animated emoticon compo, the Windows Live Messenger Beta bug bash contest and last week's "Beta Tester of the Week" award, he'll soon be the proud owner of a Bad Mother Fucker Wallet! Jonathan uploaded more animated emoticons on his own than all his fellow participants together. But thanks as well to milne300, kd7jit, pandaboi, pcking, orooni and jakefortminor. Some of my favorites from this contest:

animated msn emoticon animated msn emoticon animated msn emoticon animated msn emoticon animated msn emoticon animated msn emoticon

>> Browse all animated MSN emoticons (select "animated" subcategories).

>> Browse our new category with 100+ Banana Man aka Dancing Banana emoticons, most of them upped by milne300.

Stay tuned for more contests here on

 Added: +500 MSN Display Pictures
Added: +500 MSN Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 01 Nov 2006 ):


Our ever growing collection of MSN Display Pictures just got an extra boost with 500 freshly added avatars, bringing the grand total to 28500! Special thanks to liavatars for her hundreds of Rihanna DPs and regular lpchick for another great upload session. The following categories have grown substantially with this latest update:

rihanna avatars - msn display pictures>> Browse 401 Hilary Duff MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 361 Ashlee Simpson MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 303 Jessica Simpson MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 146 Grey's Anatomy MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 566 Lost MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 387 Rihanna MSN Display Pictures.

PS: The animated emoticons upload contest winner will be announced tomorrow or Friday. Oh I'm such a tease ;)

 I... see... dead... emoticons
I... see... dead... emoticons

dwergs says ( 31 Oct 2006 ):


halloween messIt's the most scary day of the year again (or is that exam results day?), and as always we provide you with the most frightening Halloween Emoticons & Display Pics to spice up your bloody conversations. And if you're into horror movies and series, then why not check out our The Ring, Friday the 13th, Sin City, Grind House and Buffy The Vampire Slayer MSN Display Pictures.

Or you could make your own zombie conversations with our emoticon speech bubble maker. Some movie-inspired examples:

hannibal lecter emoticonsilence of the lambs speech emoticon sixth sense colei can see dead people emoticon jack nicholson emoticonhere's johnny emoticon

PS: If you want to get a hold of that Bad Mother Fucker Wallet I suggest you start uploading animated MSN emoticons to RIGHT NOW! The current top uploader has sent us 80-ish animated emoticons, so at least exceed that number if you want to have a chance.

UPDATE: Need a last-minute Halloween mask? Then print Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Elvis Presley or Paris Hilton (all grabbed from here) and get cutting.

 Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta makes it to the public
Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta makes it to the public

dwergs says ( 31 Oct 2006 ):


While most of Europe was asleep, the bods at Microsoft made Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.1.0106.00 available to the whole world for widescale testing. This build is considered to be very close to release quality and comes with a lot of bugfixes. Changes compared to previous (private) Beta builds include:
- The removal from the PSM menu of the Show my location feature.
- An SMS Phone Book added to the dashboard for quick mobile texting.
- Report abuse option in the Help menu.

This build will also be pushed down as an auto-update tomorrow.

>> Download Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Public Beta in the following languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish, Slovak, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek, Korean, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified) or Chinese (Traditional).

>> Discuss on our forum.

windows live messenger 8.1 beta

UPDATE: When I first signed in with this build I had an experience similar to a couple of other Messers: logging in took AGES (well, 10 minutes... at least!). And when I was finally online I received a bunch of offline messages back from October 25th. This build is so Michael J Fox!

UPDATE #2: New Mess Patch will be shipped overnight.

UPDATE #3: Added Chinese (Traditional) version thanks to Him.

[Reported by: Koptor, Samuel W, loopyroo, Liam Daly, xtrem, Trunten Ryan, Scary674, Tawakol, Jordan Black, Co0KieMonsTeR.fRom.MexicO, Chris, lasterato, Markee, GiveItDeath, Nitemare, wreverendo, Shadamehr, ipab, xtian, Matty, Abhimanyu, Dhaya & Beau Giles]

 Windows Live Messenger to be 'mobilised' in Belgium
Windows Live Messenger to be 'mobilised' in Belgium

dwergs says ( 30 Oct 2006 ):


Just like Orange elsewhere in Europe, Proximus, Belgian's biggest mobile network operator, today announced the imminent release of an instant messaging service entirely based on Windows Live Messenger.

Halfway through November, customers will be able to download Proximus Instant Messaging to their (compatible) mobiles for free by texting "IM" to 2468. The use of the Proximus-branded Windows Live Messenger client will be unlimited and free of charge until December 31st 2006. Afterwards, the service will be charged at 5,99 for a monthly recurring subscription and 6,99 for a one month purchase. The service will not be accessible when users travel abroad.

Judging by the basic feature list, the application will be very similar to the mobile Messenger client we brought you over the weekend.

UPDATE: UK operator 3 has been offering a similar service the longest, and I just read here that from now on the company is offering Windows Live Messenger for free to its contract customers ("Pay Monthly"). "Pay-as-you-go" customers will be eligible for the free service until December 2007. Since August, 3 found that over 100 million had been transmitted and received through their mobile Messenger service.

[Source: Belgacom (PDF)]

 Fancy becoming part of the Windows Live Messenger team?
Fancy becoming part of the Windows Live Messenger team?

dwergs says ( 30 Oct 2006 ):


Every once in a while we sniff the net for Messenger-related job openings at Microsoft, because we're convinced there are ambitious Messers among you who'd like to make a difference... and then leak us the intelligence once they're hired ;) Here's what we found:

>> Senior Technical Program Manager for the Messenger Operations team.

>> Software Development Engineer in Test for the Web Messenger team.

>> Software Development Engineer in Test for the Windows Live Desktop Client team (WL Messenger and WL Mail Desktop).

 Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta going public tonight (UPDATE)
Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta going public tonight (UPDATE)

dwergs says ( 30 Oct 2006 ):


French bloggers last week were let in on an exclusive regarding the next 8.1 beta-release and we can indeed confirm their reports that Windows Live Messenger 8.1 will go into Public Beta starting this evening (US time). The new build will be downloadable (as previously announced) by all of you from the official website. No information on any new features yet, other than the ones we've already covered in the private builds (read here and here). Anyway, watch this space for more!

UPDATE: The same blog we linked to this morning now quotes a Microsoft beta program manager suggesting the plans have changed and that we will not see a public release tonight. The news was confirmed to us by a trustworthy source earlier today, but as the quote reads: "one thing about MS is that we make many plans and unfortunately those plans can change quickly, that is why it is not good to leak information."

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