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 Two Sinterklaas Theme Packs
Two Sinterklaas Theme Packs

dwergs says ( 06 Dec 2008 ):


A few Western European countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are celebrating Sinterklaas this weekend, our own version of Santa Claus. Here's just a quick post to inform you about two free Sinterklaas theme packs courtesy of MSN Netherlands:

- 1 Dynamic Display Picture
- 1 conversation window background
- 1 Wink
- 4 Emoticons
>> Download the Original Sint Pack here.

- 1 Dynamic Display Picture
- 1 conversation window background
- 2 Winks
- 3 Emoticons
>> Download the classic Sint Pack here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't want to install additional software or make changes to your default Internet Explorer settings, make sure all options under the license agreement during the installation are unchecked!

 Buon Natale! Animated X-mas emoticons by MSN Italy
Buon Natale! Animated X-mas emoticons by MSN Italy

dwergs says ( 05 Dec 2008 ):


After Tuesday's post about the Meego pack, MSN Italy is the next in row to release a special Christmas treat. They've bundled 10 animated emoticons of Santa and Rudolph into an easy auto-installer.

Animated X-mas emoticons 2008

1) Run the executable and click Avanti.
2) Uncheck "Usa Live Search..." and "Imposta MSN..." if you don't want to mess with your Internet Explorer defaults.
3) Click Accetto
4) The animated emoticons are now being installed...

>> Download XMAS Emoticons 2008 by MSN Italy.

 Windows Live Messenger update expected next week
Windows Live Messenger update expected next week

dwergs says ( 04 Dec 2008 ):


Darren Huston, Corporate Vice President of Consumer and Online International at Microsoft, is visiting Europe this week and he has revealed at an Amsterdam event that the updated Windows Live Essentials (previously known as Windows Live Installer) will be released next week. This was reported by Neowin earlier today (thanks to riahc3 for the heads up!).

Updated Windows Live Messenger 2009 iconThe Windows Live Messenger update deals with almost 200 bugs that were reported during the beta period, including that very annoying custom emoticon bug. We'll X-ray the client for changes as soon as we get our hands on it. One thing's for sure: it'll have a brand new icon (pictured to the right).

 Meego's free Season's Greetings Expression Pack
Meego's free Season's Greetings Expression Pack

dwergs says ( 02 Dec 2008 ):


The first of many Christmas-related Theme Packs, here's one compiled by the Australian folks at Meego. For people living in the Northern Hemisphere like me, this pack (which includes an image of people barbecuing outside in a tank top and Hawaiian shirt) might come across kind of weird. But there are enough reindeer hats inside to confirm it is really a Christmas pack.

1 x Season's Greetings wink
1 x Season's Greetings conversation window background
2 x Season's Greetings display pictures (male/female)
15 x animated Season's Greetings emoticons
1) Run the downloaded executable.
2) Click Next.
3) Uncheck both "Use Live Search..." and "Make ninemsn..." options to avoid messing with your browser settings.
4) Click I agree and the custom content will automatically be installed into Windows Live Messenger.

Meego's Season's Greetings Expression Theme Pack

>> Download the Season's Greetings Expression Pack here.

 December 1st: 20th World AIDS Day o<
December 1st: 20th World AIDS Day o<

dwergs says ( 01 Dec 2008 ):


Today over 32 million people are living with HIV, including 2.5 million children. During 2007 some 2.5 million people became newly infected with the virus. Around half of all people who become infected with HIV do so before they are 25 and are killed by AIDS before they are 35.

Today, December 1st 2008, is the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day and like every year takes the opportunity to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV. Here are a few of our suggestions on what you can do to help:

World AIDS Day red ribbon emoticonDo you know everything you should know about AIDS? Test your knowledge with the HIV & AIDS Quiz, HIV & AIDS Expert Quiz, World AIDS Day Quiz and other related quizzes.

World AIDS Day 2008 Display PictureWorld AIDS Day red ribbon emoticonSpread the word about World AIDS Day via Messenger with one of our World AIDS Day Display Pictures, by putting the red ribbon symbol o< in your nickname or status message and sending the animated World Aids Day emoticon to your contacts.

World AIDS Day red ribbon emoticonMake a free donation now. Takes five seconds and zero cash.

World AIDS Day red ribbon emoticonMessenger users in the U.S. can contribute to the National AIDS Funds simply by putting the *naf shortcut in their nickname and chatting with their contacts. Again, zero personal cash involved. Maybe a bit more time, depending on how much you have to chat about ;) More information about the National AIDS Funds and the i'm Initative here.

World AIDS Day red ribbon emoticon(RED), Bono and Bobby Shriver's project to engage the private sector in the fight against AIDS in Africa, are launching a digital music magazine called (RED)WIRE today. Under the "Great Music. Saves Lives" motto, The Police, Coldplay, The Killers, John Legend, U2 and many more great artists have contributed music to (RED)WIRE. Enjoy the world premieres of their songs throughout the day and learn more about (RED)WIRE over at the (RED)WIRE Launch Party on MSN.

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