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 Grab your free copy of CoDe Magazine, the Windows Live edition
Grab your free copy of CoDe Magazine, the Windows Live edition

dwergs says ( 04 Apr 2008 ):


Component Developer Magazine (CoDe) is a bi-monthly publication for IT managers and developers focused on Microsoft technologies and developer tools, such as Visual Studio, .NET, etc.

The most recent issue (Volume 5, Issue 2) is all about the Windows Live Platform and with its articles written by real-life developers, sample code and plenty of screenshots, it's an ideal information resource for developers who want to get their hands dirty with the Windows Live APIs. The table of contents:

code focus windows live edition* Welcome to the Windows Live Platform CoDe Focus Magazine
* Introduction to Microsoft’s Windows Live Platform
* Live from the Web! Bring the Windows Live Messenger Experience to Your Web Applications
* Virtual Earth-What's New in the Latest Release
* Weaving the Windows Live Services into Your Web Site
* Building Personalized Applications on the Windows Live ID Platform
* Windows Live Delegated APIs
* Light Up the Web-Microsoft Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live
* Developing Plugins for Windows Live Writer
* Getting Started with the Windows Live Tools
* Windows Live Admin Center
* Introduction to the Live Search API

>> Read the magazine online here.

>> Download CoDe Magazine - Windows Live Edition (PDF).

>> UPDATE: The article Live from the Web! Bring the Windows Live Messenger Experience to Your Web Applications is now also available online here.

 Messenger accidentally blocks Chinese rival domains
Messenger accidentally blocks Chinese rival domains

dwergs says ( 03 Apr 2008 ):


Chances are low any of you has noticed, but yesterday Microsoft blocked messages that included links to either or Coincidentally, these domains are owned by two of Microsoft's biggest competitors on the Chinese online market, respectively a search engine/portal and an extremely popular instant messaging client.

According to Sohu IT, the "...could not be delivered to all recipients" error message started to appear around 2:00 PM for every link to any page on these domains. Around 2:47 PM the filter on was lifted, but Tencent's domain remained blocked for a little longer. At the time of writing, both domains are allowed through again.

windows live messenger temporarily filters sohu and qq URLsAsked for an explanation for the temporary ban, an MSN China representative said there has been no change in the MSN/Windows Live Messenger client, nor was the company deliberately censoring communication about these domains. An unfortunate glitch must've blacklisted the rival domains, temporarily adding them to the absurd list of banned URLs.

 Updated: Pidgin 2.4.1, and word of warning on passwords
Updated: Pidgin 2.4.1, and word of warning on passwords

dwergs says ( 01 Apr 2008 ):


pidgin uncheck remember password for your protectionPidgin, the multi-protocol instant messaging client that allows you to use just about every IM service at once, has been updated to v2.4.1.

Interesting for those using Pidgin with their Windows Live ID is the fix in this version which makes the contact list now omit non-Messenger (i.e. mail-only) contacts.

A word of warning regarding Pidgin though. It's a little known fact that the software deliberately stores passwords in a plain text file (take a look at the accounts.xml file). A blog post last month (and this is no April Fool) about someone being extorted by a Russian hacker in order to regain access to his Gmail account, proves that this insecure way of storing usernames and passwords is actively being exploited via hacks and trojans. Whatever you do -and this recommendation also counts for many other applications including Windows Live Messenger- do not check the "Remember password" option!

>> Download Pidgin 2.4.1.

 Meizu M8 iClone to feature Windows Live Messenger client
Meizu M8 iClone to feature Windows Live Messenger client

dwergs says ( 31 Mar 2008 ):


meizu m8 iphone clone adds windows live messengerMeizu, makers of the notorious iPhone clone (or "iClone") M8, have announced that they're adding a free mobile version of Windows Live Messenger to their cellphone when it ships. The nonofficial client will connect to the network via Wi-Fi.

According to this forum post which has all the details on the M8, it will be released sometime in the first half of 2008... if Apple won't start slapping them around with lawsuits that is.

>> Windows Live Messenger compatible clients for the real iPhone: Apollo IM, Mundu IM, Heysan & JiveTalk, eBuddy, Meebo.

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