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 InfoPen Pro
InfoPen Pro

timothy says ( 09 Jul 2004 ):


A new version of the famous InfoPen application has been released. InfoPen Pro allows you to send ink messages, but has some features that will make you scream for more

- Convert your JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG images to ink !
- Type text on your ink messages
- Insert emoticons in your ink
- And much more...

InfoPen Pro

Another pro about this pro version is that the download size has been reduced from 18 megabollos to a mere 3Mb. Download your 30 day trial over here.

[Reported by: Nicole]

 Added: Box Car Racer Display Pictures
Added: Box Car Racer Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 09 Jul 2004 ):


Messer StrangeGuy uploaded 74 Box Car Racer Display Pictures. Fans of the band, enjoy!

 Added: Spiderman 2 Display Pictures
Added: Spiderman 2 Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 08 Jul 2004 ):


spiderman 2 display picturesA new display picture category was dedicated to one of this Summer's top blockbuster movies: Spiderman 2. Most of these display pics were uploaded by lpchick. I hope you enjoy them as much as the movie itself.

spiderman emoticon >> Browse over 100 Spiderman 2 Display Pictures.

 Added: Blink 182 Display Pictures
Added: Blink 182 Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 07 Jul 2004 ):


Added recently:

222 Blink 182 Display Pictures (most of them uploaded by Strangeguy). and .NET Messenger Service down and .NET Messenger Service down

dwergs says ( 06 Jul 2004 ):


.NET Messenger Service went down yesterday and took with it. I'm sorry for the long downtime. Check back here for updates tomorrow.

 Added: Universal Jnrzloader
Added: Universal Jnrzloader

dwergs says ( 04 Jul 2004 ):


Updating live from the Rock Werchter festival, I'm announcing the release of a "universal" edition of one of our top downloads: the Jnrzloader by jnrz7. It's a tool that launches multiple instances of MSN Messenger (aka polygamy) so you can use several accounts simultaneously. It also logs you in with the Appear Offline status on. The Universal Jnrzloader was created to work with all current and upcoming versions of MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger (although it's not 100% accurate yet). Additionally, Jnrzloader now supports command line argument (read this howto for more on this).

>> Download Universal Jnrzloader.

I've been receiving complaints that the latest version of Jnrzloader for 6.2.0137 contains a virus (BloodHound). This was Symantec's error which will hopefully be fixed in their next update.

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