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 MessengerDiscovery 2 Beta for Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta
MessengerDiscovery 2 Beta for Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta

dwergs says ( 10 Oct 2008 ):


Thanks to The Pwn3Rô and LuCkEy_BoY for reminding me about the recent release of MessengerDiscovery 2 Beta, an internal beta deliberately "leaked" to those who want to upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta but keep using the powerful add-on.

messengerdiscovery 2 beta for windows live messenger 9"This version is 80% compatible with Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta (version 9), most features work but the MessengerDiscovery engine has not been thoroughly tested. Product support will NOT be given for this version. This is not a measure of the finished version of MessengerDiscovery 2 and should not be thought of in that way. This version is simply a public showcase of the intense development of MessengerDiscovery 2."
>> Download MessengerDiscovery 2.0.0959 Beta here.

UPDATE: Be warned that this software is ad-supported and will trigger pop-up ads once installed [Thanks Gage]

 Updated: Windows Live Messenger 2.1.37 for BlackBerry
Updated: Windows Live Messenger 2.1.37 for BlackBerry

dwergs says ( 10 Oct 2008 ):


BerryReview reports that RIM has updated the Windows Live Messenger client for BlackBerry devices to version 2.1.37:

"In typical RIM fashion there is no change log so please report back with any changes!"
>> Download Windows Live Messenger 2.1.37 for BlackBerry in 21 languages.

 Clickjacking: who's watching you through your webcam?
Clickjacking: who's watching you through your webcam?

dwergs says ( 09 Oct 2008 ):


It's no urban legend: big brother, or any old pervert, may be watching you! A recently discovered cross-platform exploit can turn any browser -yes, even Firefox and Safari- into a "surveillance zombie" without you noticing. The technique is called Clickjacking.

"A malicious website and the attacker is able to take control of the links that your browser visits. The problem affects all of the different browsers except something like lynx. [...] Itís a fundamental flaw with the way your browser works and cannot be fixed with a simple patch. With this exploit, once youíre on the malicious web page, the bad guy can make you click on any link, any button, or anything on the page without you even seeing it happening"
One of the attacker's possible goals is to take control of your webcam. As a proof-of-concept, Guya created a simple Flash game exploiting the scary vulnerability. The playable version has been removed, but there's still a demonstration video on YouTube showing how easily you can be tricked into sharing your webcam while playing a game, for instance, sent to you by a vicious Messenger contact.

Until all vendors patch their products (eg. Adobe will have a patch ready by the end of this month), you can do the following to protect yourself:

- Change your Flash Player settings according to the instructions in Adobe's security advisory.
- Use Firefox as your browser and install NoScript
- Unplug your external webcam when not in use or use its lens cap if available.
- Cover your built-in webcam with something like nontransparent tape.
- Never sit naked or do silly dance moves in front of your computer. Ever.

don't mess with my webcam!

Further reading:
>> Clickjacking: Researchers raise alert for scary new cross-browser exploit.
>> Malicious camera spying using ClickJacking.
>> Clickjacking details.

 Copy that feature: Messenger Goggles
Copy that feature: Messenger Goggles

dwergs says ( 08 Oct 2008 ):


Have you ever sent a post-party instant message wooing or booing a friend or collegue? The kind of late night message you really regret sending when you wake up the next morning with a huge hangover?

beer gogglesGoogle Labs has come up with a solution for a similar scenario when using Gmail: Mail Goggles. It's an opt-in "security" check appearing on (by default) weekend nights and presenting the user with a few simple math problems in order to verify his or her clear-headedness. Would make a nice Windows Live Messenger feature (or add-on) too, don't you (occasional) dipsomaniacs out there agree? downloads down downloads down

dwergs says ( 08 Oct 2008 ):


Our download section is currently unavailable. Please be patient while we fix this in the course of today.

UPDATE: Downloads are back, but because of DNS caching the fix could take a bit longer for some of you to become effective.

 When dogfood stinks
When dogfood stinks

dwergs says ( 07 Oct 2008 ):


Some of you might have noticed the string of I dislike dogfood emoticons (I (u) (&) (pi)) in the top right corner of last week's screenshots revealing Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3 and the integrated Web Messenger. It's simply a leftover of interal dogfood testing, a button which took you back to a stable build in case of trouble.

i love dogfood but sometimes it stinks

When hovering over the button, it says:
"Dude, this build does not work for me! Take me out of dogfood just for right now..."
They forgot to take it out, but it's defunct now and won't take you in nor out of any dogfood version. Bummer.

 Preview: Windows Live Messenger on the Google Phone
Preview: Windows Live Messenger on the Google Phone

dwergs says ( 07 Oct 2008 ):


signing in on windows live messenger using the google g1 phoneWe already mentioned that the first ever "Google phone", the G1, will come preloaded with a Windows Live Messenger client. If you wonder how it'll look like, head over to the G1 preview page (spotted by CellPhoneSignal), then click "Emulator" in the top right and fiddle around with the UI a bit. Unfortunately, we can't yet tell from this limited emulator which typical Messenger features are supported by the G1.

The T-Mobile G1 phone will be released on October 22nd in the United States, somewhere in November in the United Kingdom and starting early 2009 in other countries.

>> View our screenshot slideshow of Windows Live Messenger on the G1 phone.

 Fring released for the iPhone (3G) and iPod Touch 2.0 [UPDATED]
Fring released for the iPhone (3G) and iPod Touch 2.0 [UPDATED]

dwergs says ( 06 Oct 2008 ):


fring for iphoneFring, like we mentioned earlier this year, is an application which allows you to make free calls to your Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM contacts using your mobile's WiFi connection. It was already available on jailbroken iPhones, but a brand new version (v1.0.1.4) has now been released for the 2.0 firmware on the iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch.

New features include a history tab, privacy settings and easy dialing from the main buddy list. It does not, however, run in the background unless you use the Backgrounder app found in Cydia on jailbroken phones.

UPDATE: Here are some interesting additional facts about Fring, taken from TG Daily:

1) You can make free VoIP calls through Wi-Fi connection, but not over a 3G/GPRS cellular network.
2) Outgoing calls to landline and cellular numbers through a SIP service can be made over both Wi-Fi and a cellular network.
3) Only the second-generation iPod Touch with volume control on the side supports voice calls. Third-party headphones are not supported.
4) If your data plan does not include unlimited data transfer, keep in mind that Fring consumes about 1 MB of data per 15 minutes of talk time.
5) Each handset is limited to a single user ID and a single Skype account.
6) Fring supports only instant messaging to Twitter, Yahoo and AIM contacts.
7) If you want to stay connected while the iPhone is idle, lock the handset while Fring is running (pressing the home button will close Fring).
8) Chat messages can be received while you're offline and will appear as "GoTo" menu items when you open Fring.

>> Download fringicon from the App Store for free.

>> Watch Roy Timor talk about the new version of fring here.

>> Read the fring iPhone user guide (PDF).

>> Read this if you want to register with an e-mail address that has a dot in your username, or if you're encountering the "Call terminated" error.

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