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 Updated: Encyclopedia of Funny Nick Name Meanings
Updated: Encyclopedia of Funny Nick Name Meanings

dwergs says ( 10 Dec 2004 ):


Want to find out what we know about you? Then try our improved Encyclopedia of Funny Nick Name Meanings, thanks to John!

 MSN Messenger Mess: Chris Pirillo thinks 7.0 sucks!
MSN Messenger Mess: Chris Pirillo thinks 7.0 sucks!

dwergs says ( 09 Dec 2004 ):


Lockergnome's Chris Pirillo thinks MSN Messenger 7.0 BETA sucks because of...

- the inability to remove tabs;
- dumb, useless tabs;
- pointless billing information and "More Crap";
- neglection of your default browser;
- advertisements, even for paid MSN subscribers;
- the completely burried "Blog it" button;
- the lack of a news aggregator tab;
- its tendency to open external browser windows;
- security warnings for "trusted" sources;
- the lack of interoperability ("for the sake of the System Tray").

He ends his list of complaints asking Microsoft: "Please, make MSN Messenger better. Suggestion? Visit before the next beta cycle begins.."

Thanks for the plug, Chris! Oh, and may I suggest applying the Mess Patch for adding a little check box to your MSN Messenger options allowing you to disable all Tabs, including the heart one?

[Reported by: XeroCool]

 Giant MSN Display Pictures Bonanza #6
Giant MSN Display Pictures Bonanza #6

dwergs says ( 08 Dec 2004 ):


kate hudson msn display picturesThis sixth MSN Display Pictures bonanza is one of the biggest gallery updates *EVER* in the entire history of our site. Combined, messers lpchick and Neurotica uploaded over 700 MSN Display Pictures tagged with the url and thus counting as official entries in our display pic competition. We're soon closing the second round so hurry up if you still want to enter and win one of the many gift vouchers and Splitreason t-shirts! Enough talking, here we go:

>> Browse 66 Paris Hilton MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 25 Kate Hudson MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 16 Anna Hathaway MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 75 Tobey Maguire MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 51 Adam Brody MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 47 Shane West MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 34 Paul Walker MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 54 Charlize Theron MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 254 Mischa Barton MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 167 Jennifer Garner MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 223 Keira Knightley MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 64 Kristin Kreuk MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 61 Good Charlotte MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 417 Mandy Moore MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 317 Avril Lavigne MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 57 Jon Bon Jovi MSN Display Pictures (by Neurotica).
>> Browse 227 The OC MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 173 Spiderman 2 MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 276 Tru Calling MSN Display Pictures.
>> Browse 82 Katie Holmes MSN Display Pictures.

 Added: Pop Idol, Idols, Idool, Superstars... MSN Display Pictures
Added: Pop Idol, Idols, Idool, Superstars... MSN Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 07 Dec 2004 ):


wouter de clerck for idool 2004With the help of oneNemesis we've added a category of MSN Display Pictures dedicated to the world-famous Idol show.

Next Sunday, over a million Belgians will watch the finals of Idool 2004, how the star hunt is called in Belgium. We at are guessing Wouter will beat Joeri and become this year's pop idol superstar! Show your support and have your favorite idol as MSN Display Picture.

>> Browse 55 Pop Idol MSN Display Pictures.

 Windows vs Mac: 4-1. Mac Users Fight Back!
Windows vs Mac: 4-1. Mac Users Fight Back!

dwergs says ( 07 Dec 2004 ):


Our number one Mac crusader, RJT, has been doing some research and found out that the public BETA of MSN Messenger 7 (0425) has some changes which affect the Mac version.

Firstly it seems that they've eliminated those rubbing-it-in-the-face errors whereby when a Windows user attempts to try a Windows-exclusive feature, the Mac user would get landed with a message asking him to upgrade to a newer version... that does not exist! Instead, the Windows user now gets a message telling that the other user is using an older version of MSN Messenger that is not compatible with this feature.

Another thing RJT did was update the feature comparison table between MSN Messenger 7 and MSN Messenger (Mac) 4.0.1: "I can now say that interoperability has dropped from 35% to 22% between the Mac and Windows versions of MSN Messenger."

With over 12300 signatures on the petitions, and the release of MSN Messenger 7 Public BETA, Mac Users have become frustrated and angry. They have been fighting for the past 2 years to gain the same level of communication, functionality and interoperability over MSN Messenger, however have so far been let down by poor updates and no news on development.

Help the Mac community fight back and get the message across that MSN Messenger for Mac needs updated by signing the online petition at the address below.

>> Help out making MSN Messenger for Mac a Mess-able application and sign the petition.

 Been there, done that. Let's dream about MSN Messenger 8
Been there, done that. Let's dream about MSN Messenger 8

dwergs says ( 06 Dec 2004 ):


As usual, Neowin's Tom Warren is ahead of the game again and making the red hot MSN Messenger 7 BETA looking old already. For those who have locked themselves up in the toilet for the last couple of weeks (and I don't even want to know what you were doing there) we've only just been splashed by Wave 10 with its new Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces. And just like Tom, we at can act like some sort of Nostradamus and offer you an early look at MSN Wave 11 already.

First I'd like to point out that all assumptions are based on a prototype exploring the next generation of the MSN experience, due in late 2005. Although it surprisingly bears similarities with the MSN Messenger prototype knocked together by a group of enthusiasts in August, this one was created by a Microsoft-employed interaction designer. From our past experience we learned that prototypes can be very close to reality (5 out of 6 guesses based on an early, blurry screenshot of MSN Messenger 7 were proven right) but nor we nor Microsoft are making any promises here.

A screenshot we obtained ourselves shows prototypes of both next-gen Hotmail and MSN Messenger. Apart from a more advanced integration of the different MSN services in general, the screenshot shows that e-mail messages open on the same page as your Hotmail Inbox. Fresh ideas with regard to MSN Messenger include:

- MSN Display Pictures appear as little thumbnails (that makes 6 out of 6 then);
- Ads at the bottom of the contact list window can now be (browsable) videos;
- Several new buttons are added, eg. a contact list sort button;
- An MSN Helper buddy, most probably a chatterbot, lives on your contact list and can be asked to teach you about MSN Messenger and all its features;
- You can add "A personal message" underneath your MSN nickname. For instance the music you're listening to live in Windows Media Player, or a customized status message.

UPDATE: The screenshot has been removed because of its confidential character.

 Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0425 Public BETA
Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0425 Public BETA

dwergs says ( 05 Dec 2004 ):


Rolando has been doing a lot of updating to the Mess Patch, but he hopes this one's the last. This second version of the build 425 patch fixes some bugs and includes a new option (for English users only) as requested by many messers:

- Selecting the large display picture size is fixed and now actually shows a large dp. Note: This option is for local displaying reasons only. It won't allow you to have bigger MSN Display Pictures.

- Removed the "Fix Nickname Length" tweak because it was fixed in 7.0.0425.

- Each option now works perfectly if selected separately.

- Custom games menu is now showing (thanks to Koen's new custom games patch).

- Few dialog changes (only Windows 98 and ME users will see the difference).

- Fixed bug in backup process.

- Added one new option: Distinguish Idle from Away users (for English clients only!)

Make sure you are patching an original unmodifed MSN Messenger 7.0.0425. If you want to patch MSN Messenger more than once don't forget to restore your backups each time.

>> Download Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0425 Public BETA.

 Exclusive: You sign into Hotmail, you'll sign into Messenger
<b>Exclusive</b>: You sign into Hotmail, you'll sign into Messenger

dwergs says ( 05 Dec 2004 ):


msn messenger integration into hotmailQuite stealthy MSN Messenger is infiltrating more and more into MSN's even more popular Hotmail service. By now you must've already noticed the new pulldown menu on top of your Hotmail inbox, which was introduced two weeks ago as part of Hotmail Wave 10. Today I was favored a sneak peek into Microsoft's extra plans with this freshly added menu!

In the near future, when you fire up your browser and sign into Hotmail just to check your e-mails, you'll be automatically logged into MSN Web Messenger, Microsoft's entirely web-based Messenger client (screenshot #1). Consequentially, people are notified with a toast telling them you've logged into MSN Web Messenger, thus they will be able to send you an instant message. If you receive such a message, you'll hear the familiar sound alert and the pulldown menu will show the highlighted "New Message" text (screenshot #2). If you open the message -by clicking on the sender's nickname- a web-based conversation window will pop up and you'll be able to reply and continue the conversation from there. Also, new e-mails are accompanied with a sound too because you're actually signed into Web Messenger in the background. Hence Hotmail pages operate as a substitute for MSN Web Messenger.

This new feature: "If I'm not already signed into MSN Messenger, automatically sign me in to Web Messenger when I sign in to Hotmail" (screenshot #4), can be found under Options > Personal > MSN Messenger Settings (screenshot #3). Note that this option is not yet enabled for most of you and I have no official word yet that it'll be on-by-default (which could be somewhat annoying).

Otherwise, the Contact Cards so typical for MSN Messenger 7 BETA have made their way into Hotmail as well (screenshot #5). Synergies all the way!

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