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 Pick a pixel and win: Messenger Plus! 2009 contest launched
Pick a pixel and win: Messenger Plus! 2009 contest launched

dwergs says ( 11 Jul 2009 ):


Patchou is keeping you busy this summer, because the game grid is back again! Install the latest version of Messenger Plus! Live, click the golden icon in your contact list (or go to Plus! > Play and Win!...) and start your clicking spree.

This year, it's no less than 1,000 prize packages that will be offered during the contest, for a period of 4 weeks. Each package is randomly assigned a value between 20$ and 1,500$ and the best thing is: you chose what you want to receive! Winners will have a choice of movie, game or animated feature for which they want to receive one or more prizes, all thanks to the Evolution Store (...) Each contestant is eligible to win up to 10 prize packages.
Still 163 prizes were available at the time of writing, but Plus! fans are known to have trained triggerfingers so you better get started today!

>> Download the latest version of Messenger Plus! Live to participate.

 Messenger UI controls now available in over 40 languages
Messenger UI controls now available in over 40 languages

Inky says ( 07 Jul 2009 ):


Today the Web Platform Team, the team responsible for shipping the Messenger library for the web, have released a new version of their UI controls. The new version, 3.1, features localization, making them available in over 40 languages!

If you're using the UI controls and want to get a language other than English, you need to point to the script at, and add the lang or xml:lang attribute to your html tag. Of course, the team has provided an online resource listing all the various languages that are available. Beware however, the new UI controls do come with several changes!

>> Original announcement
>> List of available languages for the UI controls

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