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 Released: StuffPlug 3.5
Released: StuffPlug 3.5

dwergs says ( 10 Jan 2008 ):


StuffPlug 3.5 is here and most importantly, it works with Windows Live Messenger 8.5 (it also looks like it). A lot of other things have changed since the last release in March 2007, mainly behind the scenes (as in bugfixes and upcoming features).

Actual new features are ProperColorize, GroupBlock and Security Speedup, while FakeInvite and FriendlyName Editor are the updated ones.

You can tell TB put a lot of work in this update, which is the first add-on release for 2008. And an impressive one it is!

>> Download StuffPlug 3.5.

[Reported by: warmth and silvan] [Source:]

 End of free for Windows Live Messenger Mobile?
End of free for Windows Live Messenger Mobile?

dwergs says ( 09 Jan 2008 ):


Members of mobile community, MoDaCo, are dismayed by the one-time 30-day trial message that started to show up today upon signing into Windows Live Messenger using Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.

"Hello! Starting today, your 30 day trial period beings. By selecting OK you acknowledge that your use of Windows Live services continues to be subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. Data charges from your mobile operator, including roaming fees may apply for using the Windows Live Services. At the conclusion of this trial, you will be given the option to purchase a 30 days pass."
The surprise message is causing a lot of confusion, especially since it appears only once per account and many devices time out before it can be fully read while restoring the backlight ok's the prompt. Furthermore, a MoDaCo member quoted a disturbing paragraph from the Microsoft Service Agreement which states:
"If you are participating in any trial period offer, you must cancel the service by the end of the trial period to avoid incurring charges. If you do not cancel your service, and we have informed you that the service will automatically be converted into a paid subscription at the end of the trial period, then you authorize us to charge your payment method for the service."
Considering that the trial prompt explicitly mentions the purchase option at the end of the trial, this is nothing you should worry about. However, it does look like a payment model similar to Windows Live for Nokia will be instated in February. In that case, more details including pricing are expected to be announced very soon.

>> View a screenshot of the trial message.

UPDATE: Jeff McKean from Microsoft responded:
First of all, sorry for taking so long to get back to you; we needed to do some investigation as Windows Mobile users were not supposed to get that message.

Here's what happened: This week we rolled out a direct-to-consumer billing service for the Windows Live client on Nokia S60 in the UK and Sweden. Although we are considering doing the same at a future time for Windows Mobile, this has not been implemented – however, something happened and many of you saw a trial message on Windows Mobile devices. Windows Mobile customers shouldn’t have received any notifications of a 30-day trial and we are working as quickly as possible to correct this.

As you may know, we offer Messenger services through mobile operators on lots of handsets, not just Windows Mobile. Traditionally, customers have been billed by their mobile operators for many of these services, either directly or through their data package.
[Source: MoDaCo]

 Listen up, human. I can give you sports news and scores
Listen up, human. I can give you sports news and scores

dwergs says ( 07 Jan 2008 ):


Sports fanatics who want to be notified when there's an instant classic in the making, can now safely turn off their television sets and rely on RUWTbot instead. The new IM bot watches sports all day for, searching for a pitcher with a no-hitter through 7, a game going into overtime, or a ranked team about to be upset. Via RUWTbot, you can also command the bot to send you scores (eg. yankees scores), news (nba news) and sports TV listings (tv espn2).

The bot had a bit of a false start on Messenger, but it should be up and running as we speak.

>> Add (for MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk).

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