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 Updated: Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812
Updated: Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812

dwergs says ( 12 Aug 2006 ):


Haven't got the time to write a complete post, but I'm just letting y'all know that Mess Patch has been updated for the most recent build of Windows Live Messenger.

We also got word on the changes in the new build via the official blog:

- Many people will notice serious improvements to the quality of audio and video.
- Fewer messenger crashes, hangs, and connectivity issues.
- Fixes "Error 80004005 Ė Canít Log In"

>> Download Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812

 Invasion of the Robots Contest: Weekend Madness
Invasion of the Robots Contest: Weekend Madness

dwergs says ( 10 Aug 2006 ):


Todd Biggs has let us know that the first five people who submit a new bot in the Invasion of the Robots contest before Monday 14th (11:00 AM PST) will win a $200 gift voucher for (or a similar retailer if is unavailable in your market). Valid entries will require the following steps:

1) Build it, host it, and make it available from the time you submit to the time Weekend Madness closes.

2) Register your robot with Windows Live Gallery > Messenger > Bots > Submit.

3) Register your robot here.

PS: Each person is eligible for only one Weekend Madness prize of $200.00.

PS2: The Team BritBot contest is also still on.

 Mess Patch delayed due to bombings, seriously
Mess Patch delayed due to bombings, seriously

dwergs says ( 10 Aug 2006 ):


We're sorry to announce a short delay in the release of Mess Patch for the newest version of Windows Live Messenger. You may or may not know that our program manager for Mess Patch, Rolando, lives in Lebanon and is among the hundreds of thousands of people who had to be displaced as a result of the violent crisis in the Middle East. For those who know Rolando, let me reassure you he's OK, but recent bombings have hindered him finishing off the patch in time for the promised release tonight. The new deadline is Saturday evening. We suggest you stick to version Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 (the June release) until then because there are no substantial improvements in the new build anyhow.

Since the beginning of the war last month, bombardments in Lebanon have killed over 900 people, mostly civilians and children, and injured more than 3000. If you'd like to help those suffering from the war, I suggest you click the small banner I put up on the main page (top left) a week ago and donate to Unicef, or any other appeal of your choice.

messenger nudge warIn the meantime, let me point you to this video which I found on YouTube, showing how you can use Mess Patch to remove the Nudge Protection. In another video by the same member (darko) you can witness an actual Nudge War (no pun intended!) between a Canadian and English Messer. Got your own video demonstrating Mess Patch, CustoMess or features? Then send me a link.

 New build: Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812
New build: Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812

dwergs says ( 09 Aug 2006 ):


Less than two months after the final release of Windows Live Messenger, a new build has been released last night. No word on any changes in Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812, but we're looking into it.

Download it here, but bear in mind that there's no Mess Patch available to finetune this version yet. UPDATE: ETA for Mess Patch is tomorrow evening.

UPDATE #2: As [LAVA] DemonSlayer has spotted, the installer for this version includes the (optional) Windows Live Toolbar.

[Reported by: Ray III, x2zen & Ph1L]

 New Messenger 6.0 for Mac features and screenshots
New Messenger 6.0 for Mac features and screenshots

dwergs says ( 08 Aug 2006 ):


Microsoft is adding a handful new features to its Messenger 6.0 for Mac update, planned for release later this year. Mac users will be happy to see a few more personalization options that have been existing in the Windows version for a while, and they will also be able to talk to Yahoo! contacts. Different from Windows Live Messenger, Messenger 6.0 will allow its users to have a separate contact list for personal and business contacts, but in the end the number of features is still remarkably small compared to its XP counterpart.

New stuff & screenshots:
- Separate Personal from Corporate contects (screenshot).
- Chat with contacts on Yahoo! Messenger (screenshot).
- Personal messages and (UPDATE:) receiving Custom Emoticons screenshot).
- "What I'm listening to" feature shows currently playing song in iTunes (screenshot).

[Screenshots: CNET News]

 What is Spleak's real name?
What is Spleak's real name?

dwergs says ( 08 Aug 2006 ):


Ok, everyone stop asking me this question! Jeeze Louise, I don't know it either. And if I did, I'd probably have a throw at that Sony PSP myself...

But I can help you with the initial questions in the current competition. Open a conversation with, type "name competition" and give the following answers:

1. New York
2. 21
3. Coffee shop
4. Blue
5. France
6. Guy I'm kinda seeing ;)
7. Yes, an older brother
8. A forum moderator
9. 52
10. International studies

Contest winner will be announced August 16th. Good luck!

 Sony announces portable IM device
Sony announces portable IM device

dwergs says ( 08 Aug 2006 ):


With the start of a new school year in sight, Sony is readying a pocket WiFi communications device for the US market. Named mylo, not after the Scottish electronic DJ but as an acronym for "my life online", the hybrid gadget can connect to any open 802.11b wireless network allowing owners to browse HTML web pages, send and receive e-mails, and to play music or view photos stored on its 1GB internal memory.

sony mylo instant messaging deviceBut Sony clearly aims at die hard IM users with the slide-out QWERTY keyboard and built-in support for Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and Skype (it even doubles as a softphone). No sign of Windows Live Messenger, but you could create a Yahoo! account to stay in touch, or log into one of the web-based Messenger clients. Its lithium-ion battery is said to last for about seven hours of non-stop chatting.

The personal communicator will set you back $US 350 and goes on sale in September. More information at Sony's product page.

 Released: MessengerDiscovery Live
Released: MessengerDiscovery Live

dwergs says ( 07 Aug 2006 ):


After several months of hard work, Matt is proud to present today the final version of MessengerDiscovery Live, the Windows Live Messenger version of the feature-packed addon that first appeared on the scene in 2004. Existing options have been improved and expanded while new ones were added. Check out the Changelog and our program description for more details.

It's compatible with Messenger Plus! Live though Messenger will load a bit slower than usual (this will be fixed) The Plus! issue was fixed for the final release.

Rest assured that this addon is entirely ad/spyware free and those annoyed by the default MessengerDiscovery Today popup can easily disable it via the settings menu.

>> Download MessengerDiscovery Live for Windows Live Messenger

[Reported by: Jon Smyth and Dweryck]

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