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 Trillian to compete with Adium
Trillian to compete with Adium

dwergs says ( 12 Oct 2007 ):


Cerulean Studios last week announced that it will be releasing a Mac OS X version of Trillian, probably the web's most popular multi-IM client (which connects to AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo).

The Mac-version of Trillian 4.x -currently in alpha stages- is not just a port of the existing Trillian software, but instead its UI was written from scratch!Existing Trillian Astra users can request the first build, but they're also looking for more OS X testers via this sign-up form.

>> Check out a full screenshot of Trillian for Mac OS X.

[Source: Cerulean Studios Blog]

 Want to represent your favourite cause on mtvU?
Want to represent your favourite cause on mtvU?

dwergs says ( 12 Oct 2007 ):


mtvu and windows live messenger: cause and effectWindows Live Messenger and mtvU, MTV's college network, have joined forces to produce a student activist series called Cause and Effect. In each episode, various student leaders will present the organizations they're passionate about and explain how they are connecting with their peers (digitally) to create a change in the real world (IRL).

I couldn't confirm this prior to writing this post, but I expect the series only to cover the ten causes that are currently involved in Microsoft's i'm making a difference project.

mtvU is still looking for people who are very involved in aiding a social cause and who would like to share their story with the world. If you're interested (or know somebody who would be), send an e-mail to including your name, contact information and a brief summary of your involvement with the organization.

>> Read the original casting call.

 Lose the PC, IM for free (or rather $150)
Lose the PC, IM for free (or rather $150)

dwergs says ( 11 Oct 2007 ):


The Wireless IM device we reported about in August has gotten some serious competition. The Zipit Wireless Messenger 2, or Z2, also connects to MSN (Windows Live), AIM, and Yahoo!, and does so simultaneously (although limited to one account per network, so no polygamy) and with up to 99 contacts at once. Contrary to Rip Roar's portable IM device, this one requires an accessible Wi-Fi network which can be either a home network or a free hot spot.

The Z2, which is the successor to the first Zipit released in 2004, sports a Linux 2.6 kernel (yes, it's open-source), more RAM and CPU power, a full-color screen, and mini-SD support for storing music, pictures, games and homebrew.

Priced at $149.99 US, the Z2 is currently available for pre-order via its website, and it doesn't ship outside the U.S. But even before teens and techies can get their hands on the gadget, it already grabbed the Best of Show award in the "Portable Gear" category at DigitalLife, a consumer electronics and entertainment fair held last month in New York City.

>> Check out some images or the hands-on demo.

>> More information about the Z2 at and in its FAQ.

 eBuddy Beta adds group conversations
eBuddy Beta adds group conversations

dwergs says ( 10 Oct 2007 ):


ebuddy betaThanks to Inky for bringing it to my attention that the eBuddy Beta now supports group conversations. The feature works just like you would expect, and also allows you to filter through your contacts like Messenger's word wheel, and to give the conference a proper name.

Only two weeks ago, the web-based client expanded its contact list manageability with the options to add and remove groups, and drag-and-drop contacts from one group to another. Unlike the conferencing feature, this one works across IM networks so you can have contacts from Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Talk, AIM and/or MySpace IM in the same group.

>> Give the eBuddy Beta a shot, I bet you'll like it.

 Vodafone Messenger launched in Spain with cool ad
Vodafone Messenger launched in Spain with cool ad

dwergs says ( 07 Oct 2007 ):


messenger buddy vodafone spainSince last week, Vodafone is the first Spanish operator to offer the official mobile version of the Windows Live Messenger client. It currently runs on Nokia 6120, N73, E65 and N95, Samsung i560V, PalmTreo500V and HTC Master devices, and costs 6 euros per month or 0,5 per connection, but you can currently try it out the first two months for free.

The launch is accompanied by a very cool ad. I'll let it "hablar" for itself.

Video: anuncio_messenger_vodafone

>> Further information and a demo here.

 Not enough contacts? Publish your personal "Add me" button
Not enough contacts? Publish your personal

dwergs says ( 07 Oct 2007 ):


Microsoft has just launched a "button builder" website, which allows you to create a personal "Add me to Messenger" button for your blog, website, online profile or e-mail signature.

After selecting your favorite style, color and message, a personal code snippet will be generated, and from a dropdown menu you'll be able to obtain instructions on how to add it to Blogger, Facebook, Outlook 2003/2007, MSN/Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Mail Beta, Windows Live Spaces, MySpace and whatnot. When a visitor of your page then clicks the button, Messenger's "Add a contact" window will appear with your Messenger address pre-filled out.

The idea is not exactly new, because I've seen it before on our Belgian MSN portal. But the new site does offer a few more customisation options. And at the moment, the four messages are only available in English but I've been told localized versions of the button builder are expected.

windows live messenger buttons

Note that it'll only work with Internet Explorer (not with Firefox or Opera), and that Windows Live Messenger has to be running for the window to pop up. It won't work with the recently released MSN Messenger 7.0 either.

TIP: In the provided code, replace "add" with "chat" if you want the button to instantly fire up a conversation with you. Check this FAQ for more info on these codes.

>> Create your customized Windows Live Messenger button here.

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