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MSN custom colors for your font! MSN Emoticons list overview! Find a Date for online chats! Quality Hosting specials for Messers! free msn games proudly presents: CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7
<b></b> proudly presents: <b>CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7</b>

dwergs says ( 12 Nov 2004 ):


customess for msn messenger 7Ok, so you already knew we were up to something special. Well, here it finally is! After three weeks in the making, together with are extremely proud to present the next episode in our Freemoticons story. Enter:

CustoMess for MSN Messenger.

Similar to our range of gratis Freemoticons installers for MSN Messenger 6 we offer you an even more convenient way of installing custom content like emoticons and emoticon fonts, display pictures and conversation backgrounds, but now for MSN Messenger 7!

Ask yourself: Would you pay to express yourself? With CustoMess for MSN Messenger we aim at proving top quality and easy installable custom content for MSN Messenger doesn't have to come at a price nor at the cost of getting infected by foul spyware. What you see is what you get... absolutely positively for free. And what you get is cool and exclusive stuff we can offer you with the help of professional artists and talented Messers!

Different to Freemoticons, our brand-new CustoMess for MSN Messenger is an all-in-one package. After installing the software, you can choose from a variety of custom content and themes, and import them directly into MSN Messenger 7 in a click or two. And we will constantly be adding fresh packs which will be instantly available from the software. These new additions will be announced in the news.

Today, the following packs are already available through CustoMess v1.0: Mack D. Male's MSN Emotions and Activities Series, R. Stevens's Diesel Sweeties and Michael Lalonde's Orneryboy artist showcases and four superfly and unseen emoticon sets by new kid on the Mess block: Keagle13. You gots to check 'em out!

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7 v1.0 RC1 (requires VB6 Runtimes).

>> Please, tell us what you think about CustoMess v1.0 - Release Candidate 1.

emma 11-11-2004I would like to dedicate the release of this new-sprung software to an even more lovely newborn: my brother and his girlfriend's daughter, and my godchild Emma. Born on the 11th of November 2004! Apart from my big and exciting task as godfather, I will personally strive at making her the youngest Messer in the world ;)

[Note: Freemoticons will still be available for MSN Messenger 6]

UPDATE: Timothy fixed the setup bug. If you were experiencing problems before, uninstall your current version of CustoMess and try downloading it again.

 Logitech's QuickCam Orbit wins Best of What's New Award
Logitech's QuickCam Orbit wins Best of What's New Award

dwergs says ( 10 Nov 2004 ):


quickcam orbit webcamLogitech, the world's leading manufacturer of Web cameras, announced its QuickCam Orbit Webcam was named one of this year's top 100 tech innovations, receiving Popular Science Magazine's 2004 Best of What's New award in the Computing category. According to Popular Science, the awards featured in the magazine's December issue honor "breakthrough products and technologies that represent a significant leap in their categories."

With a design that is dramatically different from typical webcams, the highly stylized QuickCam Orbit Webcam changes how people participate in video communications over the Internet, making it much more natural. A motorized camera head combined with face tracking software allows the camera lens to follow its subject -- up and down, or left and right -- as that person shifts in a chair or moves freely about the room. The webcam also features a 9-inch stand, so the camera can be at eye level, whether on a desk or resting on top of a monitor.

>> Buy the QuickCam Orbit Webcam from CompUSA.

>> Buy the QuickCam Orbit Webcam from

[Source: TMCnet]

 Added: More Bart, Spongebob and Kenny
Added: More Bart, Spongebob and Kenny

dwergs says ( 09 Nov 2004 ):


the simpsons msn display picturesNew stuff in the following categories:

>> Browse 221 The Simpsons MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 121 Spongebob Squarepants MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 27 South Park MSN Display Pictures (could use extra).

 What we are up to...
What we are up to...

dwergs says ( 08 Nov 2004 ):


So little posts lately you might wonder what's up? Or rather, what's down, because my Internet connection has died a slow death over the last couple of days. With my online time being very limited, I'm not able to "mess" at full speed until things get repaired over here :(

Good news is we're working on very, VERY cool stuff which will see the daylight tomorrow, or the day after. You're gonna love it! :)

 Added: Celebrity MSN Display Pictures bonanza
Added: Celebrity MSN Display Pictures bonanza

dwergs says ( 08 Nov 2004 ):


kate bosworth msn display regular lpchick completed another impressive round of uploading MSN Display Pictures with the required tag for our display pic compo. Thanks to her we have a couple of new celebrity/music sub-categories dedicated to Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Michelle Branch, Joshua Jackson, Tom Welling and 12 Stones. On top of that some existing categories got an injection of fresh Display Pictures.

>> Browse 48 Rachel Bilson MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 29 Kate Bosworth MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 49 Michelle Branch MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 34 Joshua Jackson MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 69 Tom Welling MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 30 12 Stones MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 63 Craig David MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 148 Eminem MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 202 Ashlee Simpson MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 501 Britney Spears MSN Display Pictures.

 Added: Country Flag Display Pictures
Added: Country Flag Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 07 Nov 2004 ):


Show your MSN Messenger contacts where you're from. Baulie uploaded 194 country flag MSN Display Pictures and scores big in our 2nd dispay pic competition. Don't forget we also have 148 country MSN emoticons.

UPDATE: Baulie just added 27 extra flags!

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