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You're very likely to encounter broken links in this news items. Due to the dynamics of the Internet, a part of the information has been moved or deleted since then. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's nothing we can do about it.

..:: 31 Jul 2002 ::..
After the success of the World Cup Alerts for Belgian MSN Messenger users, Canal+ Belgium is working on an extended version of this service. There will be 5 categories to choose from: movies, sports, a Canal+ TV guide, music and competitions. Subjects include sports results on tennis (eg. Kim Clijsters), football, box-office, latest music releases, etc. There's not a lot of information available yet, but I think the alerts will be Dutch and French only. Anyway, preview the new MyCanal homepage here! [Messed by dwergs]

It's time to add some original emotions to your MSN Messenger experience. Dreamingweb, a real gfx pro, has released a selection of MSN Messenger emoticons that change the dull default ones into something much more exciting. He teamed up with Farr to make easy-to-use patches for ANY 4.x version of MSN Messenger, uninstall feature included. Exclusively on, we offer you the following three Dreamingweb emoticon sets (preview pics available):

- Diamond Emoticons
- Remix Emoticons
- XP Style Emoticons

And even more to come!! [Messed by dwergs]

UPDATE: The! Forum! Is! Back!

Previously, on
After our last forum host closed it down, I've been kindly offered to host the popular community board at BBNET. The bad news: the userbase AND the message archives are all back to zero (because of a rare backup bug in the forum software). The good news: now we can start with a clean, shiny and much improved forum. Here's some of the new features:

- different skins/templates (the classic orange theme is still available for people who don't care about their eyesight);
- your chance to start earning and donating Mess Mojo;
- there's a little chat room exclusively for forum members;
- interesting general and individual stats and history, to keep track of how addicted you are to the forums;
- plus more, go find out yourself!

- (easy-to-remember shortcut #1)
- (even easier-to-remember shortcut #2)
- (direct link)

Thanks to Rob for all the hard work he did on the setup and design. And finally, here's a message from our new Forum host: "BBNET, hosting, design, e-mail, banners, forums, game department, software development, a community with friendly people who talk in general, about games, and much more. And a never-before-seen customer care center taking care of the needs of customers every day. BBNET, less than perfect is unacceptable!" [Messed by dwergs]

It's all clear to me now: the forums are doomed! The DNS server is down which makes the forum site unavailable to the public. Problems are expected to be solved by tomorrow, after we perform 666 minutes of exorcism with the Forum Admin team. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 28 Jul 2002 ::..
For those of you that are having problems shutting down MSN Messenger and are running Norton AntiVirus 2003, make sure you disable Norton first. It's prevents you from closing Messenger due to Norton's plugin that scans incoming file transfers for viruses. Or alternatively, you can close Messenger from the task manager. [Messed by Nicholas]

..:: 27 Jul 2002 ::..
I'm hosting an English and Dutch survey about Instant Messaging for an academic (read: non-commercial) research project. Since MSN Messenger is an example of Instant Messaging (IM) software, you are invited to participate in this study. It will only take 10 to 20 minutes of your time. Thanks in advance!

- English survey version
- Nederlandstalige vragenlijst (Dutch)

Please feel free to share these links with your friends or on your site and invite people to participate. A summary of the results will be publicly available on [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 25 Jul 2002 ::..
The Easy Message BETA was released this week to over 500 BETA testers. It integrates MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and ICQ, has no banner ads, got MSN style status bar notifications and allows a bit of skinning. Check it out @ I'm gonna do a full article on MSN Messenger clones soon.. Hold on tight ;) [Messed by dwergs]

Six mirrors and one fix for MSN Messenger 5 build 0327... at ofcourse! [Messed by dwergs] has been spotted in Pakistan's internet magazine Spider, way back in May. Please scan that page for me if you have that issue, or at least send me their review. More info in Mess Press. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 24 Jul 2002 ::..
MSN Messenger 5 Build 0327 has leaked! Just like the previous leaks, it cannot connect to the Messenger servers unless you apply a patch (soon available). You can download and crashtest this unofficial version at mirror 1, mirror 2 or mirror 3, but -like always- I'd suggest you wait for the official release of 5.0 instead ;). Source: [Messed by dwergs]

Seems like simply dumped our popular forum. The new and improved one is being prepared as we speak. It's hot just like an oven. Believe me, you're gonna L-U-V it. [Messed by dwergs]

I'd like to take a minute to thank all Messers who have been e-mailing me broken links, comments and suggestions for the last couple of months. I'm really sorry I can't reply to each one of you individually, I wish I could, but with more than a hundred incoming e-mails daily (including viruses and spam :s) it's become an impossible task. Please accept this post as a mass shout out to y'all! I <3 you! ;)

PS: For those who submitted add-ons, bots, buttons or other cool stuff: KEEP TRYING & TRYING!! I probably just overlooked your mail. [Messed by dwergs]

Logitech Inc.'s has introduced its new IM Video Companion, which lets MSN Messenger users send live video while chatting. It will address firewall issues and allow simultaneous streams. You can download the software here, but Logitech can only guarantee it will work with their own webcam products. It did just fine with Blink spy camera though :) [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 22 Jul 2002 ::..
Just a quick tip: have a look at MSN Experience 1.1. It's a good looking bot, trying to beat the record of implemented features I guess ;) A review and addition to the file database will follow later, but for now, give it a go at MSN Experience's homepage. [Messed by dwergs]

There's a link to MSN Messenger 5.0.322 alive here, thanks to koppit and RObin from They're also working on an open source MSN client (beta 0.16 is available for download) that looks like this. [Messed by dwergs]

The forum is down for an indefinite period. I'm afraid we'll have to move it somewhere else. More info soon. [Messed by dwergs]

As you might have noticed, several people apart from me have been posting news on To clear everything up: NO, Mess wasn't hacked! ;)

Let's introduce the new Messers on the block... You all know Timothy, all-time co-worker. And I don't think Kutforum needs a long description either as most of you have probably met this much-respected (ex-)Admin on the forums already. Finally there's Nicholas from, who'll be reporting MSN Messenger related news from the Neowinians. These new crew members will definitely make harder, better, faster, stronger. Enjoy! [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 19 Jul 2002 ::..
Another MSN Messenger 5 leak reported by neowin. This time version 5.0.0322. You can get it here (probably already offline) and here is the patch.
[Messed by timothy]

..:: 18 Jul 2002 ::..
I've finally updated the links to all the fantastic Jab Inc. skins: Aqua, Graphite and Gray are now available again for both MSN Messenger 4.6.0082 and 4.7.0036. And you get the new MSN Messenger 5.0 sounds with each skin as a bonus! Download all of them from the MSN Messenger Skins directory. [Messed by dwergs]

After one year of activity, SmarterChild has been removed from AIM two weeks ago. Luckily (?) he's still available for a quick chat on MSN Messenger. ActiveBuddy, the company that developed the popular IM bot, is giving away the BuddyScript software-development kit (SDK) for free at The downside is, ofcourse, you have to pay them for hosting it. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 17 Jul 2002 ::..
ElectroPhreak has made a tutorial if you want to make your own polygamy patch. You can get it right here. [Messed by kutforum]

MSN Messenger 5.0 is not even officially released yet and dedicated messers like Dickdw, Dan, BloodyA and Juancho have teamed up to write a tutorial on how to skin the new Messenger. If you have anything to share about 5.0 skinning that is NOT YET in the guide (eg. the identity of any of the BMPs or PNGs), just contact Dick@ dicksworld. co. uk (without the spaces).

UPDATE: You can find the tutorial here. [Messed by dwergs]

Judging from the massive amount of infected attachments I receive through e-mail daily (goldfish, screensavers, pif-files, etc) a lot of you are harbouring some nasty little viruses. Did you know you can scan and clean your PC for free thanks to the wonderful people over at BitDefender? Get rid of those horrible critters here. And don't forget to select "Scan Emails". [Messed by dwergs]

Update: Patch to allow multiple instances of all official Messengers, even if they dont exist yet. Created by Megadeth a.k.a ElectroPhreak of SubEx, kindly hosted by Messer. Available here.

Thank you for hosting Messer.
[Messed by kutforum]

..:: 16 Jul 2002 ::..
ElectroPhreak has made a polygamy patch that works for all 4.x versions of msn messenger. You can get your share of this action right here. As usual you can post your comments of this fine software in the forum.
An update will follow for the 3.x versions , for all those people who just like the design of the old school msn messenger. [Messed by kutforum]

..:: 14 Jul 2002 ::..
Downloads are back up again (thanks to all the people who reported this!)
[Messed by timothy]

..:: 13 Jul 2002 ::..
Who is the man? Ieandy is! This new leaked msn messenger 5.0.0317 has been reported not to work for some weird reasons. Well Ieandy has been tweaking this nice piece of software and poof he has cracked us a fix. He should work for microsoft ;).
You can get your fix here.
If for any reasons you would like to comment you can do that on the forum.

Thanks to the people at Neowin, they did a lot of work, but it was Ieandy who made the crack.
I quote how he did it:"1st i opend the rar, extracted all the files... then i opend the .reg and started playing wit it, adding possible code that could work. Then i extracted tested the .reg file and it worked, then extracted the msnmsg.exe to override the original and POOF it worked."

[Messed by kutforum]

..:: 11 Jul 2002 ::..
The day has come, an official version of msn 5.0.0317 has leaked on Neowin. Screenshots : 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 . Or if you want to try it yourself download it here or here.

One problem: the server doesn't allow you to log in, but here are 2 (not so great bulletproof) work-arounds:

1. Get the fix created by brn2prgrm from Neowin. Only problem with this fix is that it will keep you online for a long time, but you can not send a message to any user because it's too slow or won't let you sign in.

2. Open regedit and search for the key:
Change Server and TestEchoServer into:;
Close msn and sign in again. This will only work for a few seconds.

Update thanks to mynsa from Neowin you can get the tabs back. Just replace msgslang.dll with an old one (4.7 / 4.6). [Messed by timothy]

..:: 07 Jul 2002 ::..
For all those people who want to know if somebody closed an IM window without the use of a bot. Credits go to Messy, she posted the solution in the forum. [Messed by kutforum]

For all the anti - microsoft people who cannot live without MSN Messenger, check out the MSN Messenger for Linux , or try this linux engine if you want to create a client yourself. Both are found at sourceforge. [Messed by timothy]

..:: 06 Jul 2002 ::.. and are working together on a browser. Are you good at making images or do you love to code in Visual Basic? For images go to the forum (screenshots of the browser are included) and for coding fun please notify Zero1 here.
[Messed by kutforum]

Don't believe anyone with a address adding you to their MSN Messenger contact list. And don't make yourself one either, they're automatically de-activated. Thanks. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 05 Jul 2002 ::..
MSN Mobile now officially launched in Belgium and the Netherlands. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 04 Jul 2002 ::..
Downloads fixed (thanks to all the people who reported this!). [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 01 Jul 2002 ::..
MSN Messenger 4.7.0036 has been extracted from a service pack beta. If you'd like to have this unofficial release as well as the new polygamy patch for it, pay a visit to Heavy K's. [Messed by dwergs]

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