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kutforum says ( 13 Jul 2002 ):


Who is the man? Ieandy is! This new leaked msn messenger 5.0.0317 has been reported not to work for some weird reasons. Well Ieandy has been tweaking this nice piece of software and poof he has cracked us a fix. He should work for microsoft ;).
You can get your fix here.
If for any reasons you would like to comment you can do that on the forum.

Thanks to the people at Neowin, they did a lot of work, but it was Ieandy who made the crack.
I quote how he did it:"1st i opend the rar, extracted all the files... then i opend the .reg and started playing wit it, adding possible code that could work. Then i extracted tested the .reg file and it worked, then extracted the msnmsg.exe to override the original and POOF it worked."

 MSN 5.0
MSN 5.0

timothy says ( 11 Jul 2002 ):


The day has come, an official version of msn 5.0.0317 has leaked on Neowin. Screenshots : 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 . Or if you want to try it yourself download it here or here.

One problem: the server doesn't allow you to log in, but here are 2 (not so great bulletproof) work-arounds:

1. Get the fix created by brn2prgrm from Neowin. Only problem with this fix is that it will keep you online for a long time, but you can not send a message to any user because it's too slow or won't let you sign in.

2. Open regedit and search for the key:
Change Server and TestEchoServer into:;
Close msn and sign in again. This will only work for a few seconds.

Update thanks to mynsa from Neowin you can get the tabs back. Just replace msgslang.dll with an old one (4.7 / 4.6).


kutforum says ( 07 Jul 2002 ):


For all those people who want to know if somebody closed an IM window without the use of a bot. Credits go to Messy, she posted the solution in the forum.


timothy says ( 07 Jul 2002 ):


For all the anti - microsoft people who cannot live without MSN Messenger, check out the MSN Messenger for Linux , or try this linux engine if you want to create a client yourself. Both are found at sourceforge.

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