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You're very likely to encounter broken links in this news items. Due to the dynamics of the Internet, a part of the information has been moved or deleted since then. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's nothing we can do about it.

..:: 31 Aug 2002 ::.., as well as MSN Experience, Timothy's Character Limit Changer and Patchou's Plus! were featured in a two-page article about "Make up for your Messenger" in the dutch PC magazine Netwerk. Read all about it, read all about it... in Mess Press. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 30 Aug 2002 ::..
About 99% of the downloads should be working again. Please, go easy on them ;) [Messed by dwergs]

Ever heard of SCIM? It stands for Secure Cryptographic Instant Messaging. Why would I need such a program is what you are probably wondering. Well in their Frequently Asked Questions they have exactly that answer:

What is wrong with my existing chat software ?

Answer: If you are using MSN Messenger, AIM, ICQ, IRC, or any other instant messaging or chatting software, the chances are your conversations can be and are being watched.

Email messages sent to you sit on mail servers all around the world and anyone with access to these servers can read your messages at any time. Since most mail servers have back-ups done every day, your emails could be sitting in data-warehouses in various places around the world for many years to come.

All other chat software uses plain text messages, which means your conversations can be monitored by the chat server you are using, by your office network administrators or even your ISP (and any of the numerous networks it travels through on its way to its destination).

The Echelon spy network can allegedly monitor all plain text email messages, fax, telephone, mobile, SMS and chat communication.

Well let me simplify the facts for you, they do not really log everything you say, that would be impossible. But imagine the fact you and your friends are talking about Osama Bin Laden, nothing wrong with that, right? What you do not know is that when you talk about Osama or Semtex or the US embassy, the NSA will start logging or tracking all these "emails, conversations, etc.". There have been reports that workers for the NSA or Echelon have used this information to gain inside information about company's and earning money in a not so legal way.

To learn more about Echelon try visiting this site. Please note that SCIM is NOT an MSN Messenger plug-in! If you want to secure your instant messages within MSN Messenger, download an encrypter like SpyShield 0.99b here. [Messed by kutforum]

In all probability the last of the 4.x versions has been officially released lately, this version is XP only since it’s also going to be shipped with SP1. You can download version 4.7.0101 from here [Messed by timothy]

This is a message to Telenet users from Belgium ONLY: if you're having problems visiting (eg. your browser tries to download a file from instead of displaying the site properly), you should download and install this Telenet proxy fix. Again, do NOT use with any other Internet Service than Telenet OR on a Macintosh!. [Messed by dwergs]

Marc Bresseel from MSN Belgium revealed in this month's issue of Netwerk that MSN Messenger is going have a new feature called "Buddy Surfing". This will make it possible to visit the WWW together with your contacts and navigate through sites cooperatively. If this comes through, I think I'm gonna have to start my own Site Helpdesk ;)

By the way, in that same magazine there's a two-page article about "Messing" with your MSN Messenger, referring to a couple of times, as well as some neat add-ons on here. I've scanned the article, and it's already mysteriously spreading around the Mess crowd (hmm.. I only showed Kut, ~Taz and Timothy LOL), but I'll make it public later today. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 29 Aug 2002 ::..
We all know one thing: Mister Dwergs is a busy, busy, busy man. He puts a lot of time in keeping mess running. So it is understandable that he doesn't have time to permanently run or check the forum as well (he does have a personal life you know). Therefore we came up with a solution/compromise, we are sending 2 official Mess ranked Admins to the forums who will represent the values of This means that if you would have a question concerning the forum you can ask these fun loving and very friendly administrators.
You might wonder, who are they? Let's welcome Hueve, a well known messer on the forum, and Laser_iCe, who has put his ID tag on almost every comment in the exit blog ;).
Show them the respect they deserve and go easy on them. I'm sure they will do a good job! [Messed by kutforum]

A way to find out if any of your users has deleted you over msn was braught to my attention and posted in the forum by Ryan. If you wish to clear your contactlist of the users that have blocked you, or rat them out, check this post on the forum out. Ryan thinks there are more, we'll keep you posted. [Messed by Zero1]

..:: 27 Aug 2002 ::..
Seems like Microsoft has disabled a connecting through all MSN 5.x beta versions server-wise. Ahh.. I'm a stick to build 0082 for a while anyway... Thanks Timothy, Joao Silva and some other Messers for reporting ;) [Messed by dwergs]

Come on guys, cut our new forum host, BBPowerNet, some slack. Any more mass posting frenzy's, hacking attempts (succesful or not) or any other abuse of our forum will not be tolerated. Josh Brown says: "BBPowerNet is prepared to take you to court and charge you to the fullest extent." And he sounds serious.. [Messed by dwergs]

I've bought me a new download server and I'm uploading the add-ons and bots one at a time. So expect all of them to be up and running by tomorrow.

One bot/add-on crossover I've been dieing to add (and now I finally can, yippie!) is MSN Experience v2. Its feature list is longer than the Chinese Wall, so its very unlikely you won't find it useful. You can download the installation file from its homebase here or from our own download section here. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 25 Aug 2002 ::..
As a webmaster, people ask me to build them a template for their sites regularly. Sadly, because is already demanding more time than I actually have, I can't really help them out.

However, I've found a FREE site builder that allows you to set up your own personal or business site in just a couple of minutes. They offer hundreds of template designs and a free 30 day hosting trial. Its name? 123TurnKey Web Site Builder. Fancy making your own site? Well then? Check it out! [Messed by dwergs]

Version 1.1 of the handy MSN Scroller by grotesmurf is out on the streets. This MSN add-on scrolls all incoming IM's in a ticker window that stays visible. New features include clickable messages, a properly working unread e-mail notification and you can minimize or drag the window anywhere now. Ready? Steady? Download! [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 24 Aug 2002 ::..
This is not MSN related, but I'll be visiting Venezuela in September. If you're from Venezuela and you know cool places I should really visit, please let me know. I'm also looking for cheap places to stay overnight, so any tips for good hostels (pusadas) in your city are welcome. Contact me and mention VENEZUELA somewhere in the message. Thanks! [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 23 Aug 2002 ::..
Update about the forums:
Source: Ryan (mess admin)

I think I will let this speak for itself.

"These forums will be ready to go tonight.

There are unfortunately still a lot of major errors that need to be worked out before we go to beta testing, so for now I’m going to release a stable forum version. The forums will be located at In the next week or so, I hope to release a beta version of the forums2, and that will be located at and your same username and password will work. I hope that you will still want to beta test, and to see you there!
Thanks for your continued support."

[Messed by kutforum]

Greetings from dwergs @ Pukkelpop, Belgium. A BIG thanks to all the party Messers that are here! [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 21 Aug 2002 ::..
What happened to Mess forums ey? BBPowerNet, our forum host, is setting up a completely new board which will be beta tested tomorrow. Anyone intrested in bug hunting can e-mail josh(a) to get their special username and password. Meanwhile, the Mess Admins & Mods are enjoying a well deserved summer break! [Messed by dwergs]

Alright, I'm back from my trip to Amsterdam but too exhausted to fix the downloads. I'll fix them after I get some sleep. Until then, almost none of the Mess File Downloads will work, sorry!. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 20 Aug 2002 ::..
Some people might remember me mentioning a new application called Odigo in the Exit Blog. It is a program which allows you to see who is surfing with you on the same webpage, a screenshot is available here. Innovating as this idea already is, it gets even better. This program is compatible with MSN Messenger if you download the plug-in, so what are you waiting for, give Odigo a try. It has still some bugs with IM messaging, but I have not encountered real problems yet. Just wait, this program will improve. [Messed by kutforum]

..:: 19 Aug 2002 ::..
Another leak of a beta version of MSN Messenger, this time its not a MSN Messenger 5.0 version, but the XP SP1 Windows Messenger 4.7.0040, you can download your own version here.[Source: Neowin] [Messed by timothy]

..:: 16 Aug 2002 ::..
ActiveBuddy, the New York-based company of SmarterChild fame, has won a patent case, covering the full rights over "the method and system for interactively responding to instant messaging requests". The company said it would move swiftly to enforce the patent, a move that is sure to create a brouhaha in the bot developer space. I wonder how on earth they are gonna succeed at that... [Source:] [Messed by dwergs]

ElectroPhreak has just released a Polygamy DLL for MSN Messenger 3 and 4, it can be downloaded here instruction for it's use are available here. This DLL allows developers to add a Polygamy Patch function to their projects [Messed by kutforum]

Due to the succes of the previous version, SpyBoy is releasing Elite Spyz v3, the ultimate spy tool for MSN Messenger (and Internet in general). Double O Sevens, check it out here! [Messed by dwergs]

Maybe you've seen MSNScroller by grotesmurf a few days ago on It's a little add-on that scrolls all incoming messages at the top of your screen. I've upped it here. It reminded me of another, rather old add-on called Message Scroller by Cramon (last updated in October 2001!). In addition, that one also shows sign in & leave messages. Download here. [Messed by dwergs]

Thanks to all the people who shared with me their experiences with hosts. I'm currently reviewing and comparing the suggested plans, so we can continue to offer you the latest kick-ass downloads! [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 13 Aug 2002 ::..
New buddy annoyer: Messenger MAniA is an automatic status-rotator that will probably get you kicked off many contact lists ;) Thanks Tramp for submitting it. Download here. [Messed by dwergs]

ActiveBuddy Inc, is now offering Bot hobbyists a low cost way to publish their own interactive agent created with the free BuddyScript SDK. The BuddyScript Server Limited Edition plan allows 500 user sessions per month at the price of a $199 one-time license fee. For more info, click here.

500 user sessions isn't much, especially if you ask me to promote your bot on, but it should be enough for personal use. Then again, there are rather good MSN bot creators, like Intellibot 5.0, available for free on [Messed by dwergs]

PRIMUS Telecommunications Group Inc., today announced it has entered into an agreement with Microsoft Corporation to provide Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) services for MSN Messenger.
"Users may now choose PRIMUS as their carrier for PC-to-phone service to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and co-workers. Marketed by PRIMUS as "PrimusTalk™," once a user has logged into MSN Messenger Service, calls can be made by clicking on the "Make a Phone Call" link. A phone dialer will appear where a call can be made to any number -- national, international or mobile." (Source: Primus Inc.) [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 12 Aug 2002 ::..
If you haven't completed the academic survey about Instant Messaging yet, please do so, because it's about to close. It only takes 10 to 20 minutes and you can choose between a Dutch or English version:

- English survey version
- Nederlandstalige vragenlijst (Dutch)

Thanks in advance. [Messed by dwergs]

Some Nickname Tips 'n Tricks were added tnx to vera, Piet and DenC. I've also added a simple underlined nickname tool while I was at it. You can find the updated page here. [Messed by dwergs]

Remember a month ago, when a visitor won a Peugeot 206 by clicking a link on this site and registering? Here's an official, yet anonymous statement by the winner:

"Thanks for pushing me to do the compo Dwergs, while the only thing i can think of is HB ownz Roland Garros...... Special thanks to: Dwergs ." [Messed by dwergs]

EliteSpy by SpyBoy is a useful add-on for MSN Messenger (and beyond). I won't go into details on this one, but let's just say it "spies on interesting stuff", thanks to various options like an integrated Netstat. Check it out. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 11 Aug 2002 ::..
You peeps keep sending me delicious buttons! Lots of thanks to Angie (11 years old!), MSN Community, Levi Net, Friezzze, FuŽy14 (4 buttons!), Mossy, Goberdini and Kill3rklown (flash button)! Wanna link to with style? Make your pick here. [Messed by dwergs]

The forums are in a state of alpha testing. To all the people who are already experiencing withdrawals, please note that the staff at BBnet are working hard to get the forums up early next week. [Messed by dwergs]

MSN Messenger Build 5.0.340 hits the net. Get it @ You don't need a patch to log in with this one, but if you are having problems running this build stick to an official release of MSN Messenger. Tnx to Grim Reaper for putting me onto this.

Thanks to AJH, here is another download mirror (EXE pre-patched by pHaez, installer and registry values fixed by Ibi). [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 08 Aug 2002 ::..
The poly-polygamy patch for ALL MSN Messenger versions, made by ElectroPhreak, was added once and for all to the download section. [Messed by dwergs]

Finally a working MSN 5 Beta has been leaked. Version 5.0.0124 only needs the reg-fix and works just fine, no more lag and no more sign-off's.
You can download it here or here.
I have also made a full working translation in Dutch, you can download the language file here. Thanks to msnfanatic for reporting.

Update: The language file has been updated, some major bugs where removed [Messed by timothy]

"Microsoft Portrait is a research prototype for mobile video conferencing. It supports .NET Messenger Service, Session Initiation Protocol and Internet Locator Service on PCs, Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs." Basically, it's like NetMeeting with just three features: video, audio and text chat. Audio & video quality are excellent, even at low bandwith. Read more at Microsoft Portrait's homepage. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 07 Aug 2002 ::..
Say hi from me to this new chatbot @ aka "The Dude", added to the Intelligent Bots section today. It's homepage is here. [Messed by dwergs]

I've added a couple of FAQadillio's, based on questions people e-mail me about. I'm gonna try to mass-reply in this way systematically in the future. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 06 Aug 2002 ::..
Alriiight SpoiLT! He scanned Spidermagazine's review of "Mess with MSN Messenger" for me to include in Mess Press. Thanks man! I <3 reading this kind of reviews ;) [Messed by dwergs]

By popular demand, I re-upped Sweet Devil Mark's Real Status Viewer. For those who have just came out of their hibernation, this tool is what you need when you want to track down people who have blocked you. Getting excited yet? Download version 2.3 here and catch them bad blockers. [Messed by dwergs]

After mentioning MSN Experience some time ago, version 1.2 has been uploaded to on request. You can get Taz's multifunctional bot at its new homebase or at the file download section. [Messed by dwergs]

"Hi, my name is Dayle Rees and you might know me from skins such as aIR, eaRTh, fiRe & icE". His name sounds as Hollywood as 'Troy McLure', but his game is skinning.. and developing. MSN Control Centre is an extended away bot, adding menus and games for your buddies to enjoy while you're away... or just watching them navigate ;) Up for download here. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 05 Aug 2002 ::..
Downloads up & running again. The forum is not :( [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 04 Aug 2002 ::..
Timmy made a cool 3D button. Please upload it to your own server if you decide to link me. Oh yeah, and let me know if you have... (BTW: even more buttons soon) [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 02 Aug 2002 ::..
I just noticed in the stats: more than two million downloads from!! Applause for all you leechers ;) [Messed by dwergs]

Don't you just hate it when kiddies on your contact list start flooding you to catch your attention or simply to annoy you? Jerry's Anti Scroller 1.0 detects text floods, blocks them and return a message to the attacker. Download it here. [Messed by dwergs]

MSN Helper 1.20 was released a week ago and is now featured on Reminds me a bit of Messenger Plus! (quicktext, auto-message, logging -with security password!), but it adds personal profiling and compatibility with Microsoft Agents & Text-to-Speech) on top of that. People who feel very funky can always download a Chinese version @, but I'd suggest you download the English one here. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 01 Aug 2002 ::..
Some people might have noticed what happened to the forum today. Indeed, we were "hacked" by nobody else than asdfuae. I'm sure everybody knows him as the person who makes brilliant polygamy patches. Well, he was kind enough to track down our weak spots and helped us at making a more secure forum. Big up for asdfuae. [Messed by kutforum]

Intellibot 5.0 by Silverspeed allows you to make your own chatterbots which answer automatically to the trigger words of your choice. Samples for a hangman game and a magic 8 ball script are included. Programmers can even add their own functions using VBScript or DLL files. So, like Intellibot's very own motto says: "Make botz, bot war" and start by downloading it here.

You can submit any 24/7 bots for evaluation and addition to the Bots Must Be Crazy catalogue. Permanently online bots ONLY. [Messed by dwergs]

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