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You're very likely to encounter broken links in this news items. Due to the dynamics of the Internet, a part of the information has been moved or deleted since then. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's nothing we can do about it.

..:: 23 Sep 2002 ::..
I fixed the mailbox issue as soon as I got home again from my backpacking trip, which means you can start e-mailing me interesting stuff again. Please note that most of the mails sent to me in the last three weeks probably didn't make it. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 21 Sep 2002 ::..
Instant Messenger Spellchecker 1.24

Instant Messenger Spellchecker is an ease-to-use application that adds spell-checking functionality to your favorite Instant Messenger. It supports most popular Instant Messengers including MSN Messenger, Windows XP Messenger, Odigo, ICQ, Miranda ICQ and others. The program automatically checks the spelling of your message when you click "Send" button, but before the message is actually sent. Additional features include online dictionary updates, transparency support and more. Supports 10 languages, US English, UK English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Latin.

Note: Spellchecker is shareware which means after a 20 day trial you have to register the program to keep on using it. More information is available at Spellchecker's homepage


[Messed by Nicholas]

..:: 19 Sep 2002 ::..
Microsoft is going to release a .NET Alerts Developer Edition in the near future, this will allow skilled-developers and company`s to develop their own .NET Alerts in MSN Messenger and explorer. For more information and a usable beta (for and C#) at Microsoft's Betaplace.
Use as ID: PDC_ALERTS and pass: toast
[Messed by timothy]

..:: 15 Sep 2002 ::..
Our good friends at had some problems with Microsoft and they were forced to stop their activities for a short while. But now they are finally back! The reason why they were actually forced to shut down is fully explained on the site.
But have no fear, Msnfanatic is back to satisfy your needs. [Messed by kutforum]

..:: 11 Sep 2002 ::..
A little warning to all the XP users using windows messenger without SP1 installed. A serious flaw was discovered in the help and support center of XP, that even could wipe out all content of your hard drive. This concerns the hcp:// commands that are used to launch the help and support center, that are also automatically converted to a click-able link in Messenger.

Things you can do to prevent this from happening:
1a. Click here to fix it instantly. (it will show a new page you can click away)
1b. Remove the file
2. Install SP1 from the Microsoft site
3. Do not click on links in MSN / internet explorer that start with hcp://

[source the register] [Messed by timothy]

It's been 1 year, that the Twin Towers in New York have collapsed.
I want to encourage those innocent people who have been casualities of terrorism to keep the spirit and the courage alive. Remember the facts, remember the Mess-Age. [Messed by kutforum]

I wanted to let my dear Messers know everything is going great with me, even though I took a old 'n rusty plane this morning from lake Cana´ma to Ciudad Bolivar :) I must say, this Venezuela trip is being really inspirational for me and I have come up with some coolio ideas for this site... [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 09 Sep 2002 ::..
Finally we have some news about MSN Messenger 5. It is possibly going to be released at the same date as MSN Explorer 8, which has been scheduled on October 24th. All the msn channels will be also get a new lay-out (including hotmail) that will fit with the new MSN explorer.
But for the people who can`t wait for more then a month, get the latest MSN Messenger 5.0.0515 leak.
[Source ieXbeta] [Messed by timothy]

..:: 04 Sep 2002 ::..
Since I am currently travelling abroad and my mailbox has exceeded the maximum storage of 50 megabytes in 4 days already, I won't be able to receive ANY mails through the contact form on this site or on my main site account. This is also a message to the people from Microsoft! If you work for Microsoft and want to contact me, try messalert(a) but I can't promise anything. Remember: for Microsoft's use ONLY. [Messed by dwergs]

..:: 03 Sep 2002 ::..
I've added three new downloads to the Add-ons section:
Xtra!, this hooks on to messenger like Plus! but has more and better features like an Anti-Lagger, contact-list view type and lots lots more.
Notify V2 gives you a messenger popup if someone activates one of its events, for eg: goes offline, opens a chatwindow with you etc.
Aghh Who's Blocked Me, this is one of those programs that creates interesting popups, and if someone who blocked you clicks it, they will show up in a list. [Messed by Zero1]

I'm posting this news item all the way from a cybercafÚ called @l21 InterNET in Merida, Venezuela. I would like to thank all of you who informed me about great places to visit and those who even gave me their cell phone numbers and invited me to shabbat :) (that's you Brian!) I won't be needing them at the moment, but I really appreciate it. Instead of me, Timothy, Zero1 and Kut will be watching the MSN scene for a while and provide you with necessary updates! By the way, I fixed the download to Mark's Real Status Viewer. [Messed by dwergs]

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