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 New videos from Mix '08
New videos from Mix '08

Inky says ( 13 Mar 2008 ):


The official Windows Live Messenger Developer Blog (which was created not too long ago!) let's us know about two new videos published on the Mix '08 site about the recently released Windows Live Messenger APIs. The videos go into generics of the new APIs, but also how to quickly build a new application using the APIs, and a part of the videos also covers Script# and other utilities. Besides practical information there are also some cool demos of companies who have been using the APIs for a while. If you are a developer who missed Mix '08, you should definitely check out the videos!

>> Post on the Windows Live Messenger Developer Blog

 Sprint Mogul update fixes Windows Live Messenger issue
Sprint Mogul update fixes Windows Live Messenger issue

Inky says ( 11 Mar 2008 ):


A ROM update for the Sprint Mogul handheld device has been announced today. Among other fixes, the update also corrects an issue for Windows Live Messenger. The issue was causing users of the Mogul to lose content when power cycling the device (turning it off and on again).

>> Additional information about the firmware update

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