Go back... waaaaay back - Week of December 01 2002

..:: 07 Dec 2002 ::..

Yeah, another great game ;), its like the Idle Pimps, only this one has another name :)
Starts on Sunday, so im kinda late, but go for it :)
O yeah, its not the best blog ever, but i didnt blog for a long time.
So im not dead, im alive, ok?

Good Luck, and happy holidays if i dont c ya pps anymore ;)

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Score: 1996656
Level: 17
Time: 44:20 (damn, was I playing THAT long?)
Words per minute: 83
Accuracy: 93%
Rank: Sea Titan

...and you?


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..:: 05 Dec 2002 ::..

Yesterday, all IKEA stores in the Netherlands kept their doors shut after they received some clues about a possible bomb in one of their shops. A story like this provides enough inspiration for graphical jokers.

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And if you switch the lights on & off repeatedly, maybe a short circuit will light a little "online" fire..

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If you like Mess.be (and the Exit Blog), click this link and give us a 10! Thankadilliyo!


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..:: 04 Dec 2002 ::..

Microsoft has started a dubious project trying to extend peoples memory by PC. The service will be fully running in 2047 (also the release date of MSN Messenger 50.5.104).
But be serious, how can they create a artificial brain if they don't even have the brains to solve a simple "no msn 5.x API in XP" problem. But lets look on it the bright side, the brain could start programming for MS and make the best programs ever !!!... or make some coffee...

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..:: 03 Dec 2002 ::..

Now this sounds like a fun job to do day-in-day-out-24/7-all-the-way-to-the-7th-heaven-and-back!


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..:: 02 Dec 2002 ::..

Some inspiration for you people doomed with an annoying li'l brother or sister.

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[advertorial] Customize your Nokia mobile with 10 ringtones and/or graphics and get a free antenna booster, all this for only $4.99. Ringingphone supports over 80 countries, so you can most probably enjoy this offer too!


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Pull my finger... and then write with what's left over. Ideal e-card service for stalkers, murderers and blood fetisjists.


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The Way of the Exploding Monkey is a flash based e-mail golf challenge. But instead of Tiger Woods, you play as a monkey and instead of a golfball, you hit a "dwergsmonkey" with TNT attached to its back. The target is your opponent which you need to damage as much as possible. Great fun if you ask me.

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Here's how it goes: you select a theme and sounds as well as graphics get assigned to each and every character on your keyboard. Warning: only people with more than one finger can compose a harmonic tune.

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The world's first site dedicated to nothing but airline food. EWWW!

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