Go back... waaaaay back - Week of August 11 2002

..:: 17 Aug 2002 ::..

It sounds so fake, but its so true!
Yes, your not dreaming, and you shouldnt read this, cuz your wasting your time!
Dwergs was so horny, when he saw the pics!
Yeah, dont mind the pic, we cant show to much on mess you no
Check those pics right now!

credits go to laser ice

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We all know R Kelly did a naughty thing.....
I must give an explicit warning to all the little children that has not reached the age of 18 yet. Do you really want to see this?? Are you sure :D?.....

credits to wintermute for putting me up this 1

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..:: 14 Aug 2002 ::..

This website OWNZ you ;) Just click and try a couple of times. I won't spoil it for you...

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..:: 13 Aug 2002 ::..

This terrorist shit is getting better and better :)
Tnx for Arkangel to gimme this 1
Lets break my score, i got one of 21
If you get any higer, we want to see pictures!
Take your best shot :)

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..:: 11 Aug 2002 ::..

Always wanted to hack?
Well here is your chance!
This great site goes with levels
I made it to level 6, with sum help ;)
Lets hear how far you can make it!
Good Luck

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Did you know...? Eight years ago, two lawyers posted an advertisement to Internet newsgroups. The notorious "Green Card Lottery" marked the beginning of "spam" that has since made Internet a very different place. And it keeps coming back atcha:

Move to the USA! Hollywood Legal Network offers help entering the US Green Card Lottery - only $75. Click to learn more!

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