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..:: 18 May 2002 ::..

How to remove a bra... without injuring yourself.

By the way, the girl on the demonstration pictures SHOULDN'T be wearing a thong.

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Winners of the I-look-like-my-dog contest and proud of it! :S

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Forget about singing along to the latest Britney or lip-syncing N*Sync songs. Instead, let off some steam with the heaviest form of Karaoke. RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!

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..:: 14 May 2002 ::..

hmmm Sorry Elliot Munro I didnt check my email in that emailbox for some while, but you got some mofo high score and as promised I would show the high score.

*screenshot in comments*-- doesnt work so I'll show it right here

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..:: 13 May 2002 ::..

Post your results in the comments... and a screenshot as proof for every extreme high score ;)

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..:: 12 May 2002 ::..

Pretty cool quotes, but if you dont like the yo mama's jokes, better stay out of here. Enter the site and refresh the page constantly to read the new yo mama jokes.
Quotes taken from the site:
"YoMama is so fat her driver's license says 'Picture continued on other side."
"YoMama is so old ... her birth-certificate expired!"
"YoMama is so stupid if you gave her a penny for her thoughts, you'd get change."

Lazy as I am, I asked somebody to screenshot this site for me again, this time it waz Prince--Vielen dank!

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Yes sir, this site is a classic, I discovered it ages ago, maybe you too, but i recently bumped on this site again and I had fun for hours and I was thinking, lets share the fun!

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