Go back... waaaaay back - Week of July 14 2002

..:: 18 Jul 2002 ::..

Yeahh, check out this great site with all the Soundboards!
Credits go to Mustafa Elbaf aka puffy
What a long name btw :)
Well check this baby out!, its worth a try!

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..:: 17 Jul 2002 ::..

I have recently bought the Blink Digital Camera over at Firebox and it became my extra body part right away. Well, actually it's my new keychain, since it's extremely small: 0.6"x1.97"x1.97" = 1.5x5x5cm. That means you can sneak it into your class room, rock festivals and alike. I even took some pictures of professors during my exams without them noticing. It's been a buzz among my friends ever since and now everybody wants one of them.. don't you? ;) Full specs over at Firebox (orders ship worldwide!).

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..:: 16 Jul 2002 ::..

Check out this one!
Spank it hard, and we want to see pics of your highscores!
I got over the 800! I know you can do better

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This site is so cool
Ever wanted to know all the mistakes in the movies?
Well then look here!

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Hey peeps,
This is my first blog, and i hope you like it
Play it right, and lets hope you win it!

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Not the best on the web, but if you're bored you can try to make a caricature of yourself or one of your real-life ennemies.

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Have fun increasing the swear-o-meter, trashing the place as Pipi the dog or performing hit-single "Paranoid" in Ozzy's private room. For Osbournes-fans only.

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..:: 15 Jul 2002 ::..

Oooooooh I love this game. Grimmie rocks, tnx for the blog man. One of the best games in town, its really good.
Have fun all, if you pass this blog to your friends, tell them mess.be rocks and Kutforum owns your ass :D.
J/K but enjoy the blog ;).

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