Go back... waaaaay back - Week of February 16 2003

..:: 22 Feb 2003 ::..

Watch starwars on telnet now !


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..:: 20 Feb 2003 ::..

This blog will actually fit in the category "how to have fun with google".

- Step 1 find the name of a security cam program
- Step 2 look for meta tags in the HTML
- Step 3 find cams that are accidentally listed in google
- Step 4 play around with the insecure settings ;)

Disclaimer: on these sites are actual security cams of companies, mess can not be hold responsible for your messing

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..:: 19 Feb 2003 ::..

View: Watch and rate (and help choose the Finalists). New entries will be added weekly.

If you want to, you can send your own video ;).

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Read, and look how low the television marketing people are getting... What would be next ? "Who wants to marry my dog ?!?"

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..:: 18 Feb 2003 ::..

chrisss (unregistered) at 11:40 on 17 February
all you people just talk bull crap and make each other feel bad, if you are complaining about there not being good sites on here then go find them yourself, sites are hard to find and thats why you all come here. Learn to appreciate the fact that once in a while we get a blog that is good.

Personal note from me: I couldn't have said it better myself. Thx chrisss for the appreciation

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This makes you think though.....

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http://www.Campus.be is a site for the Belgian Teens of today. A while ago I found a magazine of Campus lying around somewhere in my house. I was intrigued by the pictures, since they absolutely own, so I decided to give their site a go and indeed more great pictures! After a long time not visiting it,.... I'm surprised to see they can still find these funny pictures.

My personal favourites =D : picture 1 and picture 2.

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This might improve your "fast-typing-on-the-keyboard" skills. Similar to the shark game that Dwergs has already blogged, but nevertheless a three thumbs up game :).

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Ever wondered what artists and bands approximately ask for a gig? An impressive database of prices and availability was gathered at the URL below. Post your most baffling findings in the comments ;)

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At outwar.com you can create a monster, a gangster, or a pop star and build their fame, power, and riches. Once you create your character, you build them by getting friends to click your secret link.


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