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..:: 24 Aug 2002 ::..

In this cute and addictive game -based on a couple of levels from the platform classic "Another World"- you must guide a soap bubble across all kinds of obstacles. The exact reason WHY a single soap bubble shouldn't burst is beyond my understanding, but let's not speculate about that too much.

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More playa wannabes, like Super Greg below..

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Who needs Ali G when there's Super Greg?!

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..:: 23 Aug 2002 ::..

Of Course we appreciate all you messers. But when Laser_Ice gave me his site, I seemed to find 4 odigo users. Not very WoW I know, but if you consider the fact that mess.be usually has 1 or no odigo users, I think you can imagine the surprise on my face. The site is about the songs and poems he writes (which has no msn or odigo relations, yes even more wow), just to give a short summary.

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Some webmasters did a terrific job in making the infamous "404" error pages. This site has the best and coolest. (oooohw yes, kutforum is in the mood for some blogging action)

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An old blog that I was willing to put up for some while.
Same as battleships, if you are bored you can have fun with this for hours. I have some good memories with this website, its here where I found 17 different words in the native language of the "inuit" (aka eskimos) for the word snow. Ooohw yes, boring factor equals infinity ;).

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Feeling bored? Do you want to change your mood and put a smile on your face? Play internet tennis. Whatever you may think about this, it did put a smile on my face.

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..:: 21 Aug 2002 ::..

Summer is in full effect and you know what that means; tan freaks, tan freaks and more tan freaks. Remember: girls like ice cream. That's where the number one player, Jake, comes in. Answering the phone with "Shananaaaaaaa" and STILL sound rad, he's thee coolest animation character ever. Some material is NOT, and I repeat NOT suitable for minors. Then why did I blog it anyway? Because the 33 interactive episodes are just hilarious and top class! Credits to Jaber for introducing me to the world of Jake.

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..:: 20 Aug 2002 ::..

Boys and girls, before clicking this link I hope everybody clicked Grim's link? It doesn't really fit the "mentally ill" blogs we usually deliver, but it's for a good cause that I for one really support.
There is a reward for everything, so after you clicked which kitty you want to support you definitely want a nice shockwave site. I found this killer blog (i told u guys) about yups you guessed it : "Battleships". Very fun game indeed, you can have fun with this site for hours. (IF you are extremely bored, which I was)

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Ok, I know that everbody wants funny stuff in the exit blog.
Well, this time there is sumting different.
Help this world, help the cats, I mean the big ones ;)
Just click on the link, and press the cats, you donate something.
And the best of all, it's totally FREE
So please ppl, just click, it only takes a few seconds, after that you can enjoy the funny blogs again

Thank You

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Ask the man.. Who da man? Samuel Leroy Jackson's the man who knows it all!

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This blog is funny, you get the point when you start it, dont forget to post the high scores, mine was 94
Make this blog even bigger then the Try2Hack one!
Lets go people :)

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This is nothing like my ordinary blogs. I've become interested in witchcraft thx to Charlotte a special girl who I met using Odigo (check mess news for that later). It is a serious topic, if you more in a good ol' blog of kutforum mood. Just wait for my next one, I found a killer blog for you guys. (I loved it anywayz)

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