Go back... waaaaay back - Week of May 19 2002

..:: 25 May 2002 ::..

I think the title says it all.....

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Virtual bong, my gratz for Dickdw once more.
Especially for the Screenshot.

Instructions how to use the bong:

..:: > Dick < ::.. says:
First grab some of the green stuff (thats as far as my drugs vocabulary goes) and out it in the bong (the red part of the bong), then click on the bong so it goes down to the bottom of the page, then you grab the lighter and point it towards the red part of the bong.

NOTE:Marijuana has been proven to relieve asthma attacks and improve breathing.

NB: Mess.be doesnt support the use of a waterbong in any way, if its not used for medical reasons.

OOOOOOOOH my god, i discovered there is another waterbong just below the first waterbong!!!!
Amazing discovery of the day? I think so!!!

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Countdown till eighteen

tnx Dickdw

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"Denise Richards is apparently hopping mad because studio artists have exercised a little more, ahem, enthusiasm than required when rendering her fine self on a poster for her upcoming movie Undercover Brother. Seems the poster boys in question got a little carried away and digitally enhanced the former Bond girl's derriere, adding extra poundage in the posterior area."

What is she complaining about? They made her booty finally worth looking at if you ask me..

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A link to doggy style porn in our Exit Blog! Finally!! (Any similarities with my forum profile are a pure co´ncidence)

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..:: 24 May 2002 ::..

This movie made everything clear to me: I'm gonna become a professional fashion photographer!

Sofie Vergara @ bThere.tv

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Did you ever wondered what your dream could mean, they say that every dream has got to do something with a desire that you have not reached yet.
Well I dunno, but its actually one of the most usefull websites I know. Cool yet usefull, thats the way all the sites should be.

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Check out this obscure, underground bootleg mashing up x-press 2's LAZY with thee jamie starr scenario's WELCOME TO THEE LIGHT. I wonder who's behind the mix? ;)


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..:: 23 May 2002 ::..

Now we come to the fun stuff, brilliant site!
Searched, found and given to me by the ONE AND ONLY DICKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDW Forum admin, helper at the blog for so many things and last but not least his name is dickie :D.
Prince told me where to get the pic what was actually pretty logic, but im wanking your ass off so laterz!

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Not as good and inventive as other games I've published here, but it's a great waste of 5 minutes of your time ;)

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Tnx to Seirei, its not really funny nor is it flashing good :D. But its damn usefull and we do want some usefull stuff here....

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..:: 22 May 2002 ::..

I got this link from Daniel.. Definitely worth checking out!

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I filled in a little funny questionnaire somewhere and this was the result:

Update:Bandwith exceeded :|

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..:: 20 May 2002 ::..

As you already know, we love Google and we luuuuuuuv to Mess. And Google is even cool enough to tweak itself.. Not only do they have a h4x0r and klingon language version, they occasionally replace their logo with a customized one for special events. Take a look at their gallery here..

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There are some fun games and best of all it looks pretty sweet.

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..:: 19 May 2002 ::..

This is Liliana and she's cool as hell. Not only did she mention Mess with MSN Messenger in a Dutch TV-magazine, she's also got a kick-ass site together with her boyfriend Tony (a site with Aphrodite as background music doesn't need much more to kick serious ass, but this one really does). They met eachother online, decided to meet in real life and they have been together ever since. Ahhh, it really exists: computer love.

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