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..:: 08 Feb 2003 ::..

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

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This is a big file, but worth to download. Just sit back, relax and enjoy....

After that, may I remind you that calmness and peace rule the world ;).

[Thx to Midas]

Update 09/02/2003, 21.56 GMT: Me and Midas own 107 hours of your lives. We will enjoy every second of them, perhaps a new vacation :D.

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..:: 05 Feb 2003 ::..

Soooooo addictive combo of bowling and pong. Try to get strikes & spares and when you reach the hi-score, add www.mess.be at the end of your name so we can see how our Messers score!

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1. Avoid smearing yourself in stale breadcrumbs unless absolutely necessary.

2. If threatened by a duck, climb a tree. Ducks, usually excellent climbers, refuse to share trees with anything else.

3. Carry a large automatic weapon with you whenever walking past a river or pond.

More surrealism at...

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..:: 04 Feb 2003 ::..

Ebay is crazy, this is a site that shows what kind of wacky things that have already been sold on ebay.

Update: I laughed.

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tricks with zippo's, my god there is no stopping me.

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I know Dwergs isn't such a big fan of it, but personally I think it rocks your socks. Yes you didn't misread, it was poetic to the limit :).

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Helps you create another pathetic thirteen in a dozen R&B hit single. This is not a real program, but a plea for innovation: there's more to this world than The Neptunes and Timberland!

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..:: 02 Feb 2003 ::..

Kong Karl Land are two fellow Belgians that make what I'd like to call "Nintendo 8-beats": videogame sampling music crossbreeded with electro bass. I've seen them perform live yesterday and their videoshow had a cool Robocop cut scene that's available for download on their site, along with some examples of their lunatic music.

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Wanna know which newspapers in the world report frontpage on the Columbia space shuttle disaster? Here's an overview of daily refreshed page one scans.

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