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..:: 07 Mar 2003 ::..

Since most mess users are from europe or northern america, we have decided to launch a campaign in asia. If you want to see the commercial broadcasted over there now a days, just click the link

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..:: 06 Mar 2003 ::..

Frustrated by Alex?

Well, put down that rotten tomato and come on over to the only site that brings you 24-hour non-stop eye-poking service! Use the menu at the left to navigate to any of our delightful eye-poking games!

ALEX'S AUTOPOKE (easy) is a great place to start off, plus there's bonus statistics of how often Alex gets poked!

ALEX'S JAVAPOKE (moderate) is the next step up in difficulty. You'll soon master this game of skill.

Try ALEX'S POKE PRO v. 1.Cheese (difficult). It's a fast and furious game of action and intrigue.

But for a real challenge...

The all-new ALEX'S POKE PLUS is finally here, and it's sure to blow your mind!

I especially enjoyed the Alex's Autopoke ;).

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Bush follows the almighty.... and Blair follows...?
Bushism, it exists!! Better yet, have fun with the Bush wordifier and Bushify away :D.

Update: I have just noticed that you can actually achieve something with "the curse of enron".

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Direct access to George W. Bush's Hotmail Inbox, stuffed with e-mails from his old pals.

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..:: 04 Mar 2003 ::..

If you have always known that it was an angel emoticon..... then good for you ;)!

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..:: 03 Mar 2003 ::..

I found this @ .be Dwergs ;).

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..:: 02 Mar 2003 ::..

Everybody does it: eat. Even celebrities, although some more elegant than others.

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Originally, the game was made to link ANY actor/actress to Kevin Bacon within 6 steps, but this version works with ANY movie or tv actor/actress. I reckon it would even work with anyone in the world if there was a huge database that listed every single person's friends & collegues.

Post the weirdest connections in the comments!

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